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Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Jenica Kolhoff, Nitinol, Applications Engineer
Kolhoff has established herself as a subject-matter expert for Nitinol, a material that’s still considered exotic by many due to its unique shape memory and superelastic properties.
Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Kristin Edgerton, Lead Project Engineer


Kristin has worked at The Lee Company for 11 years. She is a Lead Project Engineer for the Scientific Products Group with a product focus on miniature precision dispense pumps and inert valves for use in medical/scientific instrumentation. As a...

Features : Design
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Mahsa Nakhjiri, Senior Director of Technical Product Management, Flex
Nakhjiri is a veteran in creating emerging technologies and loves dealing with their ambiguities and challenges.
Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Yolita Wildman Nugent, Director, Advanced Soft Systems Integration, Flex
As the founder of the Soft Systems program at Flex, Yolita brings electronics, smart textiles and computation together to create new products, digital experiences and functionalities through fibers and textiles.
Features : Design
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Winnie Yu, PhD, Senior Director of Medical Innovation, Flex - Health Solutions
Yu is passionate about helping customers realize their vision for new products.
Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Katie Farley, Kim Jackson, Sue Marchant, Patricia Santos-Serrao & Erin Wright; MasterControl
These leaders are driving innovation and the next generation of MasterControl solutions.
Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Sarah Charette, Product Manager
Sarah has been with The Lee Company for 9 years and is Product Manager of the Control Valve Group.
Features : Medical
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Dawn F. Massa Stancavish, Chief Innovation Officer & COO
As Chief Innovation Officer, Stancavish brings her keen knowledge of MASSA’s capabilities to new customers and markets.
Features : Design
Leading Women in Engineering & Science: Dr. Annette Teng, CEO; Lisa Wen, Process Engineer
Dr. Teng has worked for Promex for over 6 years and is currently the CTO.
Many manufacturers still struggle to digitize the “last mile” of their factory floor.
The digital revolution under way in medtech manufacturing will continue to transform the industry into a more connected, efficient, and agile ecosystem.
See what led Accardi to the medical device industry.
Booth offers advice to other women looking to work in biomedical engineering and science.
"The transition from the design stage of an idea to the test stage is a fantastic feeling," says Guler.
Meurant shares her most rewarding accomplishment as an engineer in the medical industry.
A chemistry teacher made Tkatchouk believe that any molecule could be created by working hard in the lab.
Zahabi's passion to understand human behavior led her to a career in industrial and systems engineering.
Products : Materials
Product Focus: Materials

Biomedical Coatings

Jaro Corp., Ipswich, MA, Jaro Corp has added the capability to apply an advanced two-component polyurethane coating. Polane 8400 provides a biocompatible, chemically resistant, and...

IoT Prototyping Board

Renesas, Tokyo, Japan, has introduced a low-power prototyping board that will simplify and speed up product development for IoT endpoint equipment...

The 4040/40 formulation includes two LyoTec® stopper designs — 13 and 20 mm — with a versatile universal
New machine learning algorithms and computational models may provide insight into the mental demand placed on individuals using prosthetics.
Small magnetic objects are showing promise in the biomedical field.
Researchers have developed a technique to quickly and sensitively characterize defects in 2D materials used in sensors and electronics.
R&D : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Drug Testing with Human Body-on-Chip Systems

A team of scientists has devised a functioning comprehensive multiorgan-on-a-chip platform that enables effective in-vitro-to-in-vivo translation (IVIVT) of human drug pharmacology.

Scientists used an AI algorithm to analyze the blood and post-mortem brain samples of 1,969 patients with Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.
Researchers have developed the world’s thinnest and lightest magnetic sensor matrix sheet system

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FluoroPEELZ® – Peelable Heat Shrink

High-ratio FluoroPEELZ® helps overcome the difficulty of removing traditional heat shrink from the assembled device without damaging the shaft. Available in ratios up to 2:1, FluoroPEELZ® leaves a super-smooth surface when removed and saves inspection time and waste.

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