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Embedded antennas, fume hoods, computing nodes, and more.
Products: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Product Focus: Laser Machining/Marking 2021
Laser systems, engraving machines, flux-core wires, and more.
Stainless steel tubing is a primary support feature of single-use handheld surgical devices.
Learn the basics of heat shrink tubing and its use in medical device manufacturing.
EPFL researchers have developed a new type of retinal implant for people who have become blind due to the loss of photoreceptor cells in their retinas.
A recent report from Evaluate Vantage looks back at 2020 and reviews the short-term and long-term effects the pandemic had on the industry.
Anim won back-to-back recognition when the Professional Organization of Woman of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R) named her 2019 Engineer of the Year.
Nowak has been in Statistical Process Control for 30 years.
Imagine a world where, instead of a physical warehouse full of actual products, you have an entire digital warehouse of design files.
The growing digitalization of healthcare systems is increasing the complexity of the tasks connected devices must fulfill — particularly the handling of highly sensitive data.
Mobility tech also provides help to those with physical or cognitive challenges.
Features: Wearables
Can a Wearable Stop a Pandemic?
The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new period of growth for wearables.
More than ever, women are making a huge impact in medical science and engineering.
Chen unexpectedly discovered that certain proteins detect DNA.
Levy-Schreier managed a cybersecurity department that employed some of Israel’s best software engineers.
Mulherin helped to bring the CellSearch circulating tumor cell instruments and kits to the market.
Zhao's team looks to find the presence of both COVID-19 antigens and antibodies in lateral flow or PCR tests.
Ponti was part of a team that scaled the production of SARS rapid antigen tests to detect and diagnose COVID-19 infections.
Rueda and her team developed face shields and N95 respirators to support the need for PPE in hospitals.
Abernethy's most rewarding moments have always been in the day-to-day care of cancer patients.
Bryant shares some patient success stories and reflects on her career in the medical-device industry.
Hearing loss affects over 48 million people. This fact drives Oliver forward.
Products: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Medical Design Briefs Product Focus: Disposables
Pressure transducers, check valves, connectors, and more.
Curable adhesives, thermoelectric coolers, DC power supplies, and more.
Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Product of the Month: March 2021 Medical Design Briefs
A new range of high-precision, low-profile medical sensors is available from TDK Corporation.
Wearable sensors would be placed near the tear duct or mouth to collect biofluid samples.
R&D: Electronics & Computers
Device Creates 3D Images of Skin

A research team has developed a portable device that produces high-resolution 3D images of human skin within 10 minutes. The team says the portable skin mapping (imaging) device could be used to assess...

Researchers have demonstrated that a family of self-sterilizing polymers are effective at inactivating coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19.

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John Chandler on Achieving Quality Motion Control

FAULHABER MICROMO brings together the highest quality motion technologies and value-added services, together with global engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing, to deliver top quality micro motion solutions. With 34 years’ experience, John Chandler injects a key engineering perspective into all new projects and enjoys working closely with OEM customers to bring exciting new technologies to market.

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