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Robust connectivity is integral to the accuracy and efficiency.
Infusion pump manufacturers must address challenges to support paramedics.
Removing organic contaminants and reducing bacterial and viral loads in medical device manufacturing.
Tests show that ‘magnetoelectric’ power is viable option for clinical-grade implants.
The technology is more than 30 times more sensitive than current lab-based tests.
A single opening reduces the amount of evaporation.
The patch uses fully miniaturized needles, enabling unobtrusive drug delivery.
The number of colors is not limited by the microscope’s spectral channels or exploiting spectral crosstalk.
The fibers measure subtle and complex fabric deformations.
The prototype mask, which includes an N95 filter, can be easily sterilized and worn many times.
3D interface provides cellular-level, full-body blood flow modeling to study and treat cardiovascular disease.
The technology could transform treatment options for people in the final stage of renal disease.
The insoles could prevent amputations caused by diabetic foot ulcers.
The paper-based device allows point-of-care testing in one step.
The software enables people using robotic prosthetics to walk in a more natural manner on different types of terrain.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Implantable Biosensor Operates Without Batteries
The biodegradable motion sensor paves the way for implanted nanotechnology.
Fast-acting, light-reactive genetic tools could reveal how deep brain stimulation works.
The 3D structures recreate those found in tissues.
The patch can deliver cardiac cell-derived healing factors directly to the site of heart attack injury.
Advancements have enabled marker bands to be applied more safely and consistently.
Mobile health devices can help with screening and detection.
The affordable monitoring system can easily be implemented to provide clinical-grade care in nearly any setting.
The new method could be a breakthrough treatment of myocardial infarction.
Device could help doctors remotely detect changes in patients.
The device eliminates oral mucositis, a side effect of chemo- and radiation therapy.
The stretchable fabric is embroidered with conductive threads that provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
New Imaging Technology Provides Greater Definition
The SEER method is 67 times faster than current techniques.
The new device automatically manages glucose levels and delivers needed insulin quickly.
The smart material holds promise for drugs against cancer and other serious diseases.

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