Advances in materials and manufacturing are leading to better implants, prosthetics, and devices. Browse innovative developments in materials and manufacturing that significantly impact medical device design and production.

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The Benefits of Tungsten Cable

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Eric Dietsch on the Benefits of Nitinol Wire

In collaboration with the Fort Wayne Metals Engineering team, Eric Dietsch focuses on supporting customers with material recommendations, product development, and education. Eric is available to help you and your company with any Nitinol-related questions or needs that you may have.

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New sensors and high-performance microwiring are extending the performance of active myoelectric prosthetics.
Senior Director Asmita Khanolkar tell us what she sees for the medical materials industry, in a post-COVID world.
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
A novel 3D printed prosthetic arm is more comfortable, flexible, and cheaper than a conventional prosthesis.
Changing the shape of the blade will expand the possibilities of using the laser in medicine.
By collecting tears, the lenses effectively measure pH and levels of biomarkers.
R&D: Robotics, Automation & Control
Metal and Plastic Microrobots Interlock
The two materials are interlocked as closely as links in a chain.
A new biomaterial significantly reduces scar formation after wounding, leading to more effective skin healing.
R&D: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Easier Printing of Circuitry on Wearable Fabrics
The breakthrough involves inkjet printing and materials with a crystal structure discovered nearly two centuries ago.
Technology Leaders: Tubing & Extrusion
Exploring Medical Applications of Ultra-Fine Nitinol Wire
Nitinol also has a unique ability to adapt to extraordinary strains and is compatible with the human body.
Global Innovations: Manufacturing & Prototyping
3D Printed Bioink-Loaded Stents Treat Inflammation
New biodegradable stents treat radiation esophagitis.
Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The Importance of Rapid Innovation Amid COVID-19

The advent of COVID-19 has added a layer of complexity to product development. Agility is more important than ever as it has made it critical to get products to market quickly. While...

The medical industry as-a-whole has galvanized its entire workforce toward developing a cure and relief for the ongoing COVID-19...

Spectrum Plastics Group, a specialty medical packaging, component, and contract manufacturer, has closed on the acquisition of PeelMaster Medical Packaging Corporation...

As sensors become more complex and specialized, they require a protective coating.
Winners will be announced in Medical Design Briefs and online.
Magnetic angle sensors, heat-staking platforms, regulatory software, and more.
Inspection, measurement, and documentation are critical elements.
Using 3D printers, scientists have created synthetic soft surfaces with tongue-like textures.
A biodegradable, transparent, flexible and fast-acting thermo-therapy patch from plant leaves is compatible with flexible electronic applications.
Researchers have developed a biomaterial that significantly reduces scar formation after wounding.
Smart dressings made of silk and nanodiamonds effectively sensed wound temperature.

The medical device industry’s accreditation program, MedAccred ® , is continuing to grow and more and more major device makers are now on the list of...

For the first time, the winners of the Create the Future Design Contest will be announced live! Join us for this special one-hour presentation as we honor our 2020 Grand Prize...

A new device inspired by an octopus’s sucker rapidly transfers delicate tissue or electronic sheets to the patient, overcoming a key barrier to clinical...

In the universe of wear resistant thin films, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings have emerged as the ideal solution for demanding physical applications
SMT Assembly Services

Z-Axis, Phelps, NY, has launched a new product introduction (NPI) line for surface mount technology (SMT) printed circuit board (PCB) assembly at its contract...

Flea-sized, hollow blocks can be filled with materials that improve healing.
Engineers have developed a new framework that makes elastomer design a modular process, allowing for the mixing and matching of different metals with a single polymer.

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