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Ralph Bright on the Power of Power Cords

Understanding power system components and how to connect them correctly is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and designing successful electrical products for worldwide markets. Interpower’s Ralph Bright defines these requirements and explains how to know which cord to select for your application.

Latest Briefs & News

Frequent cleaning and surface disinfection — already proven to help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) — has become even more critical due to the...

Smart contact lenses could soon become mainstream thanks to a new manufacturing process that has allowed researchers to develop a multifunctional ultra-thin sensor layer. The new contact...

Minalex Corporation is playing a pivotal role in shortening the time needed to process RT-PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 by supplying a component essential for the...

Greenlight Guru, a medical device quality management software (MDQMS) platform, has teamed up with Nelson Labs, a global provider of microbiology and analytical chemistry testing for...

Senior Director Asmita Khanolkar tell us what she sees for the medical materials industry, in a post-COVID world.
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
Drivers, linear actuators, micro servo drives, and more.
First Sensor devices combine two sensing elements in a single housing.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Low-Cost, Customized Prosthesis Using 3D Printing
A novel 3D printed prosthetic arm is more comfortable, flexible, and cheaper than a conventional prosthesis.
Changing the shape of the blade will expand the possibilities of using the laser in medicine.
The updated standard allows the manufacturer to assess and mitigate risks that are associated with correct use and use errors.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Ultrathin Pressure Sensor Attaches Directly to Skin
The sensor measures how fingers interact with objects.
Fluid could provide a new source of information for routine diagnostic testing.
The technologies may enable wearable health monitors to produce improved physiological information and continuous monitoring without frequent battery changes.
By collecting tears, the lenses effectively measure pH and levels of biomarkers.
R&D: Robotics, Automation & Control
Metal and Plastic Microrobots Interlock
The two materials are interlocked as closely as links in a chain.
The achievement could increase the understanding of the brain's connectivity and detect signs of traumatic brain injury, dementia, and schizophrenia.
A new biomaterial significantly reduces scar formation after wounding, leading to more effective skin healing.
The breakthrough involves inkjet printing and materials with a crystal structure discovered nearly two centuries ago.
Technology Leaders: Robotics, Automation & Control
Surgical Robotics: The Art of Saving Costs with Cables
Learn about the motion-control options that give robot makers a wider stride than their competitors.
Nitinol also has a unique ability to adapt to extraordinary strains and is compatible with the human body.
New biodegradable stents treat radiation esophagitis.
A recent survey of medical device industry leaders finds that they are shifting their perspective toward digital technologies in the wake of COVID-19.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has learned about a wide variety of medical tools and technologies used to prevent, test for, and treat the virus. From ventilators and N95 masks, to...

Tech Talks: Medical
Testing Home Healthcare Medical Devices

Treating patients with chronic conditions outside the hospital is a growing trend due to aging populations, the increase of chronic respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea or COPD, and the cost effectiveness of home healthcare treatments. Medical therapy equipment has gotten smaller and lighter,...

New deep learning algorithms that identify patterns of COVID-19 in lung images and breath sounds may help in the fight against other respiratory diseases and the growing challenge of antibiotic...

Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed new and improved probes, known as positive controls, that could make it easier to validate rapid,...

A tiny new silicon-based lab-on-chip test could pave the way for cheap handheld infectious disease testing. The chip, known as TriSilix, is performs a miniature version of...

A new artificial intelligence platform detects COVID-19 by analyzing x-ray images of the lungs. Called DeepCOVID-XR, the machine-learning algorithm outperformed a team of...

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