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Learn about the design and testing of mechanical components in medical devices, including MEMS pressure sensors, connectors, wires, and cables.

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White Papers: Design
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A Faster Route to Custom-Design Molecular Diagnostic Instruments

This whitepaper delves into developing molecular diagnostics instruments, emphasizing the advantages of collaboration with experienced OEMs using platforms like Cavro® Omni...

Products: Tubing & Extrusion
See the products in the Product Showcase, including Omnetics’ Nano-D connectors, Cadence's complex medical devices, Formacoat's medical device coating application, the Lee Company’s Full Isolation Dual Seal Precision Dispense Pump, Ulbrich’s Braid Wire Accelerator® Program, and much more.
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Features: Medical
The goal of Virtual Incision is to offer a way for facilities to add systems and improve their efficiency without disrupting their existing infrastructure. To do this, the company designed and manufactured MIRA, the world’s first miniaturized RAS platform that aims to be easily transported and set up in any operating room.
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Products: Photonics/Optics
Video Spotlight on Products and Services
See which products and services the video spotlight is on, including a static testing system from Instron, the SIGMA Laser Stent and Tube Cutting System, medical micro molding services from AccuMold, sterilization solutions and lab testing and advisory services from Sotera Health, electric linear actuators from Thomson, nitinol components from Confluent Medical, and Interpower's power cords.
Products: Medical
See the new products and services, including Seminex' high-power multichip module, a new technology from Renishaw that enables users of RenAM 500 series metal additive manufacturing systems to reduce build times by up to 50 percent, and Applied Motion Products' servo series engineered for high machine performance.
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Briefs: Medical
This article highlights the steps designers should take when specifying their motor and motion system for use in surgical robot applications.
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Products: Electronics & Computers
See the Product of the Month: Bosch Sensortec's two new MEMS accelerometers, the BMA530 and BMA580. Read on to learn more.
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Products: Test & Measurement
See the new products and services, including Instron's precision specimen loader, Lumedel's fiberoptic collimating lenses, Fume hoods from HEMCO, a lithium coin cell holder for maximizing PC board capacity from Keystone Electronics, and more.
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Products: Materials
See the new products and services, including precision injection molding from Medbio; Covestro's Makrolon 3638 polycarbonate; laser processing systems from Amada Weld Tech; biocompatible adhesives, sealants, and potting materials from EpoxySet; brushless ECX speed motors from maxon; and more.
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White Papers: Medical
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Understanding Standard Conditions In Flow Measurement

Gas flow measurement is usually expressed in volumetric units such as cubic feet, cubic liters, or cubic centimeters per time. Since gases are compressible fluids, the total mass...

Products: Motion Control
See the product focus this month, which is on motors and motion control, including Bison's enhanced washdown gearmotor line, Nippon Pulse's direct-drive AC servo motors, Portescap's brushless DC motors, and a new line of servomotors from Siemens.
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Quiz: Tubing & Extrusion
From injury prevention to player performance monitoring, cutting-edge medical technologies such as wearable devices, advanced imaging, and data analytics have become integral components in the realm of hockey. Take this quiz to learn more about the impact of medical technology on the sport and the players.
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Features: Design
Selecting suitable bearings for medical devices is crucial in ensuring their reliability and performance. Factors such as material choice, lubrication, precision and noise levels, and protection from contamination should be carefully considered to meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare industry.
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Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
See the new products and services, including Dillon Manufacturing's claw jaws, mesh-morphing technology from RBF Morph, an eQMS from Sierra Labs, Qosina's stopcock manifold, Surface Solutions Group's sustainable coating, Zuken's design platform, and more.
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Ask the Expert

Ralph Bright on the Power of Power Cords
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Understanding power system components and how to connect them correctly is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and designing successful electrical products for worldwide markets. Interpower’s Ralph Bright defines these requirements and explains how to know which cord to select for your application.

Inside Story

Inside Story: Selecting and Implementing Automation Solutions
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To find out more about selecting and implementing automation solutions, MDB recently spoke with Dave McMorrow, Technical Director, MMT Automation and Michael Wall, Technical Director, Somex Automation, an MMT company.