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Ralph Bright on the Power of Power Cords

Understanding power system components and how to connect them correctly is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and designing successful electrical products for worldwide markets. Interpower’s Ralph Bright defines these requirements and explains how to know which cord to select for your application.

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Briefs: AR/AI
The device continuously measures the blood concentration of propofol.
Supplements: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Our 2021 Resource Guide shows you the top manufacturers in materials, manufacturing, and a range of other medical-device categories.
Briefs: Medical
See how immersive mixed reality has helped medtech manufacturers maintain factory output despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.
A new reinforcement learning (RL) based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm calculates the amount of insulin needed for a diabetic patient and injects it automatically.
R&D: Wearables
A smart speaker acts as a contactless monitor for both regular and irregular heartbeats
Features: AR/AI
See how A.I.-based machine learning supports orthopedic revision surgeries.
Features: Automotive
Mobility tech also provides help to those with physical or cognitive challenges.

A National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will help lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary institute that encourages the use of artificial intelligence-enabled materials discovery,...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The device paves the way for better prosthetic control.
From the Editor: FDA/Regulatory
FDA just released the agency’s first action plan addressing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
Products: AR/AI
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping
New sensors and high-performance microwiring are extending the performance of active myoelectric prosthetics.

New deep learning algorithms that identify patterns of COVID-19 in lung images and breath sounds may help in the fight against other respiratory diseases and the growing challenge of antibiotic...

INSIDER: Medical

A new artificial intelligence platform detects COVID-19 by analyzing x-ray images of the lungs. Called DeepCOVID-XR, the machine-learning algorithm outperformed a team of...

Blog: Medical

Pulmonology is a field of medicine that deals with respiratory tract diseases, and the medical imaging used by pulmonologists is predominantly chest imaging: CXR,...

News: Medical

SentiAR, a pioneer in visualization technologies for surgical applications, has received FDA 510(k) clearance of its CommandEP™ system, the first holographic...


A new lab-on-a-chip can help study tumor heterogeneity to reduce resistance to cancer therapies. The researchers combined artificial intelligence, microfluidics, and...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Corrosion-resistant marking, robot cells, medical freezers, and more.
Briefs: Medical
3D interface provides cellular-level, full-body blood flow modeling to study and treat cardiovascular disease.
Features: Medical
Major medical imaging vendors are currently ramping up their artificial intelligence (AI) activities.
Briefs: Medical
The software enables people using robotic prosthetics to walk in a more natural manner on different types of terrain.
Blog: Medical

In an effort to harness diverse streams of data to understand and respond to COVID-19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has entered into an agreement with Aetionto...

Briefs: Medical
Device could help doctors remotely detect changes in patients.
An artificial intelligence (AI) device may help identify newborns at risk for aggressive posterior retinopathy of prematurity.
R&D: Manufacturing & Prototyping
A new, inexpensive technology could save lives and money by routinely screening women for breast cancer without exposure to radiation.
Blog: Design

Academics from University College London are working with artificial intelligence (AI) firmCausaly, London, UK, to help accelerate various aspects of research...

Blog: Medical

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based system that can listen to your cough and indicate whether you have COVID-19. With the new Coughvid app, developed by five researchers at EPFL’s...

Briefs: AR/AI
AI has been used for the first time to instantly and accurately measure blood flow.
News: Design

Danish hearing aid maker Widex has developed a hearing aid that combines the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with two ultra-fast signal pathways to...