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Rapid prototyping and tooling technologies are essential to the medical device design cycle. Explore the medical innovations that impact applications in 3D printing, laser etching, and rapid prototyping.

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White Papers: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Injection Molding Principles

Optimizing custom part designs for injection molding requires a thorough understanding of the process and outcomes. In this ebook, you'll learn about common molding resins, special molding terms you should know,...

See how A.I.-based machine learning supports orthopedic revision surgeries.
Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Medical Design Briefs Product Focus: Disposables
Pressure transducers, check valves, connectors, and more.

Cadence, Inc. has been awarded a bronze medal for sustainability from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings. Cadence’s rating is derived from EcoVadis’...

A new research effort aims to improve manufacturing of rapidly deployed structures in order to address future shortages of medical care and quarantine facilities. This...

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition
New Institute Will Advance AI for Materials Science

A National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will help lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary institute that encourages the use of artificial intelligence-enabled materials discovery,...

A new technology could accelerate uptake and development of on-chip diagnostic techniques in parts of the world where rapid diagnoses are desperately needed to improve public...

3D Systems is expanding its development efforts focused on regenerative medicine and bioprinting solutions. This decision was driven by progress made in collaboration with United...

White Papers: Medical
Control Under Pressure

Biomedical and life science applications depend on precise, repeatable liquid handling. Pressure-controlled liquid dispensing systems provide a simple, quick and cost-effective way to dose nanoliter- to...

R&D: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Platform Monitors Gut Microbiome
Scientists are developing a platform that can monitor and model the real-time processing of gut microbiome serotonin activity.
See how ultrasonic welding technology is being widely used in nonwoven PPE production.
White Papers: Medical
Laser Restructuring Enhances Electrode Performance and Durability

A new surface modification process enhances the properties of the metal alloys used for implantable medical electrodes. Called laser restructuring, this patented process...

Supplements: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Medical Design Briefs: 2020 Technology Leaders
Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2020.
New sensors and high-performance microwiring are extending the performance of active myoelectric prosthetics.
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
R&D: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Contact Lenses for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Use
By collecting tears, the lenses effectively measure pH and levels of biomarkers.
The two materials are interlocked as closely as links in a chain.
R&D: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Easier Printing of Circuitry on Wearable Fabrics
The breakthrough involves inkjet printing and materials with a crystal structure discovered nearly two centuries ago.
A novel 3D printed prosthetic arm is more comfortable, flexible, and cheaper than a conventional prosthesis.
New biodegradable stents treat radiation esophagitis.
Changing the shape of the blade will expand the possibilities of using the laser in medicine.
Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The Importance of Rapid Innovation Amid COVID-19

The advent of COVID-19 has added a layer of complexity to product development. Agility is more important than ever as it has made it critical to get products to market quickly. While...

Spectrum Plastics Group, a specialty medical packaging, component, and contract manufacturer, has closed on the acquisition of PeelMaster Medical Packaging Corporation...

Using 3D printers, scientists have created synthetic soft surfaces with tongue-like textures.
Magnetic angle sensors, heat-staking platforms, regulatory software, and more.
Inspection, measurement, and documentation are critical elements.

The medical device industry’s accreditation program, MedAccred ® , is continuing to grow and more and more major device makers are now on the list of...

For the first time, the winners of the Create the Future Design Contest will be announced live! Join us for this special one-hour presentation as we honor our 2020 Grand Prize...

SMT Assembly Services

Z-Axis, Phelps, NY, has launched a new product introduction (NPI) line for surface mount technology (SMT) printed circuit board (PCB) assembly at its contract...

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Dan Sanchez on How to Improve Extruded Components

Improving extruded components requires careful attention to a number of factors, including dimensional tolerance, material selection, and processing. Trelleborg’s Dan Sanchez provides detailed insights into each of these considerations to help you advance your device innovations while reducing costs and speeding time to market.

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