R&D: Electronics & Computers
An ultra-thin wireless device grows to the surface of bone and could someday help physicians monitor bone health and healing over long periods.
Global Innovations: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Quantum sensors for the brain may soon identify brain diseases like dementia, ALS, and Parkinson’s.
Products: Motion Control
Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

Designed for closed loop servo operation, a series of open aperture voice coil stages from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, include a standard integral quadrature...

Briefs: Medical
The ventilators are simpler and cheaper to make than those currently available.
Products: Materials
Dymax has introduced light-curable adhesives for the evolving medical device wearables market.
Tech Talks: Medical
How to Improve Device Service Lifetime Through Advanced Material Science

In the early stages of design, engineers have the challenging task of finding which material will lead to the best working solution. This 10-minute Tech Talk examines how to accelerate and extend the service life of medical devices without compromising on the cost...

Supplements: Manufacturing & Prototyping
In our winter edition of the MDB Resource Guide, learn about new cleaning requirements and find the right company to match your medical-design needs.
Features: Design
Senior scientist Paula McDaniel tells MDB how to find and prevent material failures.
White Papers: Medical
3D Printing: Biotec Making Products Better, Faster and More Affordably

From its inception, Biotec has used traditional methods like CNC Machining and Injection Molding to manufacture its products. Approximately five years ago, the company...

On-Demand Webinars: Medical

Self-adhesive liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) that bond to many plastics and metals without a primer or physical pretreatment are particularly advantageous for...


A new form of CRISPR technology that takes advantage of a compact RNA-editing protein could lead to improved diagnostic tests for COVID-19.

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition

A wearable device detects and reverses an opioid overdose. The device, worn on the stomach like an insulin pump, senses when a person stops breathing and moving, and injects...

INSIDER: Medical

A non-invasive exhaled breath screening system for COVID-19 (TestBreathNow-TBN) analyzes breath samples using breath-borne VOC biomarkers. The sampling process is completely...

INSIDER: Medical

A device detects viruses like COVID-19 in the body as fast as and more accurately than current, commonly used rapid detection tests. The optical sensor uses nanotechnology to accurately...

Blog: Design

Growing older can bring both joy and hardship into our lives. Tasks that were once easy may become difficult as we age. However, with state-of-the-art technologies, the golden...

White Papers: Medical
Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Design

The medical device industry is shifting toward country-specific regulatory demands, in-country manufacturing and supply chains, and improved affordability of health care. This shift requires a...

Products: Regulations/Standards
Linear stepper stages, tubing, Bluetooth modules, and more.
Features: Packaging & Sterilization
Cleaning is a critical aspect of medical device design that is often overlooked during initial planning.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Light-based methods open many opportunities for medical applications.
Features: Regulations/Standards
A robust, optimized mechanical testing program is essential to successful quality control testing.
Features: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Learn some of the essential areas of plasma treatment in the medical device industry.
R&D: Photonics/Optics
Researchers have proposed a solution to both clearly visualize and accurately assess the brain via photoacoustic imaging.
R&D: Photonics/Optics
The team designed an implant with LED emitters.
From the Editor: Connectivity
The connected healthcare market is growing at a robust rate, according to a report from Verified Market Research.
R&D: Sensors/Data Acquisition
A diagnostic nanoparticle can reveal the presence of cancerous proteins.
R&D: Sensors/Data Acquisition

A prototype of a new biosensor helps detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. The development of this biosensor falls within the field known as liquid biopsy, which helps detect the...

R&D: Materials
The new coatings were inspired by the natural world.
Products: Materials
Winners will be announced in Medical Design Briefs and here on MedicalDesignBriefs.com.

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