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Automated Robotic Device Makes Blood Testing Faster

Researchers have created an automated blood drawing and testing device that provides rapid results, potentially improving the workflow in hospitals and other health-related institutions to...

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Amputees Lend a Hand to Neural Interfacing Research

Michael “Shawn” Findley, a 44-year-old amputee with a wiring harness emerging from his upper left arm, is working with a UT Southwestern team to help change the way robotic hand...

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Improving Power Requirements of Surgical Robots

The UK National Health Service (NHS) recently invited companies to tender for a contract to provide £300 million (~$429.12 million) worth of surgical robots to surgeries across the UK. With it...

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Answering Your Questions: Are Assistive Robotics Safe for Patients?
Robotics are increasingly find a role in patient rehabilitation. But are the technologies safe?
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Malleable ‘Electronic Skin’ Self-Healable, Recyclable

CU Boulder researchers have developed a new type of malleable, self-healing and fully recyclable “electronic skin” that has applications ranging from robotics and prosthetic...

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Cartesian Handling Systems - a Technical Comparison With Conventional Robots

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. Conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are...

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Personalizing Wearable Devices

When it comes to soft, assistive devices — like the exosuit being designed by the Harvard Biodesign Lab — the wearer and the robot need to be in sync. But every human moves a bit differently and tailoring...

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Rehabilitation Robotics and Prosthetics: Trends and Intellectual Property Considerations

Beyond an ability to merely act, today's medical robotics are increasingly able to sense and “think,” providing for an ever-growing list of...

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Flexible Materials, Sensors Combine to Make Realistic Robotic Small Intestine

Researchers are developing an artificial, robotic small intestine for use in medical laboratories. The idea of a robotic small intestine may seem strange, as...

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Wearables Robotics Lab: Moving Toward Robotic Suits

The next generation of wearable robots will have lightweight parts, can be put on like a suit, and will not require additional support from crutches, according to researchers. The new types...

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Surgical Robotics Market to Grow an Impressive 17 Percent by 2022

The surgical robotics market will experience an impressive 17 percent CAGR, from US $3.4 billion in 2016 to US $8.8 billion in 2022. According to market research firm Yole...

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3D Systems and Stryker Partner to Advance Personalized Surgery

3D Systems and Stryker have announced an exclusive distribution partnership for VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) and anatomical models for the craniomaxillofacial specialty. According to the companies, the partnership will drive the availability of personalized surgical...

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Next-Gen Flexible Robots Move and Heal Like Humans

Researchers have developed a new class of soft, electrically activated devices capable of mimicking the expansion and contraction of natural muscles. These devices, which can be constructed...

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Therapy Robots a Step Closer to Reality

In tests, a swarm of robots measuring a few millionths of a meter long — about the size of a blood cell — were guided magnetically to sites in the stomach of rats. The robots were manufactured by...

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Artificial Muscles Give Soft Robots Superpowers

The field of soft robotics has made leaps and bounds over the last decade as researchers worldwide have experimented with different materials and designs to allow once rigid, jerky machines to...

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From the Editor: Are Medical Robotics About to Change the Face of Healthcare?

The integration of robotics into medical devices has seen explosive growth in recent years with new applications in areas such as prosthetics and rehabilitation, surgical, and even drug-delivery devices. A new report predicts that the medical robotics market will...

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Making Automation and Robotics Accessible to Small Manufacturers

The AMRC Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) has opened a new facility designed to enable smaller companies to more easily conduct research into machining and assembly technologies on a new ‘reconfigurable factory’ research cell.

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Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Outperforms Current Methods

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have developed a soft gripping system that uses differential air pressure and a gecko-inspired...

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Using Robots in Patient Rehabilitation

Researchers have begun to discover preferences in human-robot interactions and the need to personalize those encounters to fit both the human’s preferences and the designated task. The researchers tested user preferences when interacting with a robot on a joint movement task as a first step toward...

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Center Demonstrates Decentralized, Digital Factory

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have established a joint digital factory demo in the Smart...

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Biopsy Robot Can Be Used in an MRI Scanner

A biopsy robot made from 3D printed plastic can be used in an MRI scanner. The advantage of plastic is that the robot can carry out a biopsy (removing a piece of tissue) during a breast cancer scan...

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Smaller, Smarter, Softer Robotic Arm for Endoscopic Surgery

Researchers have developed a hybrid rigid-soft robotic arm for endoscopes with integrated sensing, flexibility, and multiple degrees of freedom. This arm — built using a manufacturing paradigm based on pop-up fabrication and soft lithography — lies flat on an endoscope until it...

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High-Precision Surgical Robot Embeds Cochlear Implant

A team of surgeons and engineers from Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern, Switzerland, have developed a...

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Open Core Engineering: New Freedom for Machine Automation Programming

The increasing sophistication and complexity of medical devices is compounded by strict regulatory requirements that demand systems that can produce consistent, repeatable results. Automation has been key to achieving these goals while maximizing output and minimizing...

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Soft Robot Offers New Treatment Option for Heart Failure

Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital researchers have developed a customizable soft robot that fits around a heart and helps it beat, potentially opening new treatment...

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Fixating on Innovation: A Revolution in Spinal Fusion Surgery

When a person suffers from degenerative disc disease, spine trauma, or cancer of the spine, the result is decreased stability that can produce pain — often severe — during normal activities. Surgeons will first attempt conservative measures such as cortisone injections and...

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Improving Outcomes: 3D Printed Models for Simulating Surgery

The Department of Neurological Surgery at St. Louis University has partnered with the university's School of Engineering to begin quantifying how advanced manufacturing practices such as 3D printing can enhance the training as well as the surgical practice for neurosurgeons. The...

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Skin-Graft System Improves Healing of Chronic Wounds

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than six million cases of chronic wounds cost $20 billion each year in the United States. Diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, surgical site wounds, and traumatic injuries to high-risk patients account for most wounds that do not heal. Data from...

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Mari: Precision Technology for Successful Surgery

Besides radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the standard procedure for treating brain tumors includes the surgical removal of all or some of the growth. This surgery calls for precision and perfection — both from the surgeon and the instruments, because knowledge and skill alone do not determine the...

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Optical Waveguides Help Robotic Hand Feel

Most robots achieve grasping and tactile sensing through motorized means, which can be excessively bulky and rigid. A group of researchers has devised a way for a soft robot to feel its surroundings internally, in much the same way humans do. The group has published a paper describing how stretchable...


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