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Steady-State Lasing Could Lead to More Accurate Medical Testing

Scientists have discovered that laser-induced graphene (LIG) is a highly effective antifouling material and, when electrified, bacteria zapper. LIG is a spongy version of graphene, the single-atom layer of carbon atoms. The researchers have since suggested uses for the material in...

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Dual-modality imaging could guide cancer surgery

Researchers in The Netherlands have demonstrated that combining SPECT/CT and fluorescence imaging could help surgeons differentiate tumor tissue from normal tissue. Their study focused on colorectal cancer (CRC) that metastasized beyond the primary tumor. CRC is the second most common cancer in...

News : Medical
Brain Imaging Links Alzheimer's Decline to Tau Protein

A buildup of plaque and dysfunctional proteins in the brain are hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. While much Alzheimer's research has focused on accumulation of the protein amyloid beta,...

News : Medical
Paving the way for practical super-resolution imaging

The concept of a perfect lens that can produce immaculate and flawless images has been the Holy Grail of lens makers for centuries. In 1873, German physicist and optical scientist Ernst Abbe discovered the diffraction limit of the microscope. In other words, he discovered that conventional...

News : Medical
Optical imaging technology catches DNA ‘blinking’

Many of the secrets of cancer and other diseases can be found in the cell's nucleus. But getting to that level – to see and investigate the important genetic material housed there – requires creative thinking and extremely powerful imaging techniques.

News : Medical
Tiny Optical Probes Target Neurons Deep in the Brain

Researchers have developed a new type of optical brain probe based on nanotechnology and the same optical communication technology that is used to carry Internet data around the globe. The new ultrathin silicon-based probes have been used to send light deep into the brains of animals to...

News : Connectivity
Wireless Device Monitors Stomach Motility

A first-of-its-kind portable wireless device can monitor stomach motility to enable physicians to measure and ultimately better understand slow wave activity. It will help doctors treat the potentially debilitating condition known as gastroparesis, which results when stomach muscle contractions function...

News : Medical
Personalized Exoskeleton Prevents Falls, Promotes Balance

Wearable machines that enhance your movement and endurance no longer belong to the realm of science fiction. They are being developed today in the laboratory, and in this controlled setting, already prevent the elderly from falling.

News : Medical
Smaller, Softer, Better Brain Implants

Many diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, can be treated with electrical stimulation from an electrode implanted in the brain. Researchers have now demonstrated that making these electrodes much smaller can essentially eliminate scarring, potentially allowing the devices to remain in the brain for...

News : Medical
INSIDE STORY: Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

For more than 50 years, Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. (Orangeburg, SC) has been a major supplier of custom polymer components for use in medical products. The company has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality membranes and electrospun products, as well as extruded components for use...

News : Medical
Fabricating Devices in the Fourth Dimension

Scientists use the term 4D printing to refer to the simple production of objects that can transform their shape at different times. Researchers have now taken this approach a major step further by developing a construction principle that can produce load-bearing and predictable structures.

News : Medical
New Nanofabrication Method Combines Speed and Precision

Combining speed with incredible precision, a team of researchers has developed a way to print a nanoscale imaging probe onto the tip of a glass fiber as thin as a human hair, accelerating the production of the promising new device from several per month to several per day.

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
3D Printing Breakthrough Could Alter the Design of Lasers

Scientists have demonstrated the synthesis of transparent glass through 3D printing, a development that could ultimately lead to altering the design and structure of lasers and other devices that incorporate optics. The technique enables glass structures and composition gradients...

News : Medical
Wearable Windows into Breast Tumors

A device allows doctors to peer through the skin into breast cancer tumors and see their response to chemotherapy. Its readouts are instantaneous, and preliminary studies offer hope that the technology may someday provide doctors with information that currently eludes them: an immediate alert when drugs...

INSIDER : Connectivity
Wireless Power Could Enable Ingestible Electronics

Researchers have devised a way to wirelessly power small electronic devices that can linger in the digestive tract indefinitely after being swallowed. Such devices could be used to sense...

News : Medical
Permanent Device Tax Repeal Is ‘Highest Priority’

Incoming AdvaMed chairman Nadim Yared will continue AdvaMed’s drive to ensure a permanent repeal of the medical device excise tax, calling it his “highest priority” heading into his term as chairman. Yared, who is president and CEO of CVRx, spoke at a press conference in April.

Features : Medical
Polycarbonates Play Pivotal Role in Growing Disposable Medical Device Market

The definition of a disposable device can vary. At one end of the spectrum are completely disposable, single-use devices that are designed for use on one patient during a single procedure. These items are packaged sterile by the manufacturer, and remain sterile until...

Features : Medical
12 Techniques For Better Fluid Dispensing Control

In any manufacturing environment, including life science manufacturing, it is difficult to evaluate a process that cannot be quantified and measured. But today's precision dispensing technologies provide many ways for medical OEMs to achieve accurate, repeatable, and measureable results.

Features : Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Developments Drive the Future of BIOPHOTONICS

The global biophotonics market is estimated to reach $91.31 billion by 2024, according to a report by Grand View Research, San Francisco, CA. The developments in optical technologies, increasing investigations by researchers, and mounting demand for early diagnosis are anticipated to...

Products : Medical
New Products and Services: May 2017 Medical Design Briefs

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Titanium Components

Tech-Etch Plymouth, MA, supplies thin component parts made from titanium for use in medical devices. Titanium is a versatile material because of its low weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Because it is inert and completely...

Applications : Manufacturing & Prototyping
On-Demand Injection Molding: 3D Printed Assistive Devices for the Blind

Helping blind people gain a sense of vision — and doing so through their tongues — sounds like pure science fiction. It's now a reality, however, thanks to the BrainPort V100 — a wearable medical device that enables users to process visual images with their tongues....

Briefs : Nanotechnology
Portable Nanofiber Device Offers Precise Control for Fabricating 3D Tissue

There are many ways to make nanofibers. These versatile materials — whose target applications include everything from tissue engineering to bulletproof vests —...

Briefs : Medical
Complex Nanoparticle Crystal Could Deliver Therapeutics

The most complex crystal designed and built from nanoparticles has been reported by researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan. The work demonstrates that...

Briefs : Imaging
Nanoparticle Technology Enhances Effectiveness of Radiotherapy

The nanoscale is creating a massive paradigm shift. Referring to structures of between 1 and 100 nm, the nanoscale is marked as the point where the properties of a material...

Briefs : Robotics, Automation & Control
High-Precision Surgical Robot Embeds Cochlear Implant

A team of surgeons and engineers from Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern, Switzerland, have developed a...

Technology Leaders : Medical
Maximizing Power in Wearable Heart Monitors

Measuring multiple parameters, accurate readings, and having a long battery lifetime: these are the most critical parameters for a wearable device that monitors cardiovascular health. Wearable devices that were initially meant for sports and wellness purposes are now being designed for medical...

Technology Leaders : Materials
Top 10 Tips for Developing Implantable Medical Textiles

Medical device engineers are increasingly gravitating toward biomedical textiles to aid in implant performance, including cardiovascular applications such as structural heart implants or stent grafts. These textiles, which can be used to enable a broad range of functions such as occlusion,...

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