Products : Medical
Spot-Curing System

Dymax, Torrington, CT, has introduced a new smaller LED spot-curing system with unique curing flexibility. The BlueWave® MX-150™ system can be used as a benchtop unit or integrated into an automated system, and its LED emitters are available in 365, 385, or 405 nm wavelengths. The system is designed to offer higher, more...

Features : Medical
3D Textile Engineering

Secant Medical, Telford, PA, has developed 3D textile engineering technology by integrating traditional textile engineering with advanced biomaterials. By combining the spatial resolution capability with advanced bioresorbable polymers, the company uses its proprietary bioelastomer Regenerez® to assist in enhancing the...

Products : Medical
Rotary Indexing Ring

Weiss North America, Willoughby, OH, offers indexing rings, which feature a flat design and are suitable for ring-style chassis systems that can accommodate as many as 24 stations for assembly processes. The TR1100 indexing rings can have a central opening as large as 1750 mm. The dial ring has a minimum outside diameter of...

Products : Medical
PTFE C-Ring Seal

Bal Seal Engineering, Foothill Ranch, CA, has expanded its line of sealing products to include the spring-energized PTFE “C-ring” seal. This seal, which can be retrofit into grooves originally designed for elastomeric O-rings, offers improved performance and service life in hardware with large tolerance variations. The...

Products : Medical
Rapid Overmolding

Proto Labs, Maple Plain, MN, has expanded the company’s rapid injection molding offerings with an overmolding service. The new capability can produce from 25 to 10,000+ custom overmolded parts in 15 days or less. The company says the introduction of rapid overmolding gives designers and developers another option for making...

Products : Materials
High-Performance Materials

EpoxySet, Lincoln, RI, has released the the SetWORX™ line of high-performance materials, which were developed to be nonhazardous for shipping, thus reducing costs associated with hazardous materials. Most of the materials in the SetWORX line contain no BPA, tin, or phthalates. Examples included the SetWORX USEAL...

Products : Medical
VOC-Free Solvents

A line of solvent blends from Kyzen, Nashville, TN, is designed to replace AK225, nPB, TCE, and other undesirable solvents. The “clean and green” chemistries include Metalnox M6920, Metalnox M6922, and Metalnox M6900. Classified as a non-VOC chemistry, Metalnox M6920 is nonflammable and has a global warming potential of 1....

Products : Medical
Fanless Embedded System

American Portwell Technology, Fremont, CA, has released the RICH-33B0-8171, a fanless embedded system. The rugged and compact design of the embedded system offers low power consumption, making it ideal for medical applications. The RICH- 33B0-8171 is equipped with the Portwell WADE-8171 Mini-ITX board. Based on the...

Products : Medical
Noncontact Magnetic Sensors

Steute Wireless, Ridgefield, CT, offers wireless, noncontact magnetic sensors. In the presence of their actuating magnet, the sensors send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmable receivers that accept up to 10 discrete telegrams per channel. The sensors are powered by a long-life,...

Products : Medical
Sigma-Delta A/D Converters

Analog Devices, Norwood, MA, has introduced a series of 24-bit simultaneous sampling sigma-delta A/D converters for wide-bandwidth, high-density healthcare equipment. The AD7768 series includes a power scalable modulator and digital filter on each channel to enable the synchronized, precise measurement of both ac and...

News : Nanotechnology
Gold Nanowires Could Be Used for Biomedical Procedures

A novel device may prove beneficial during electrode and organ transplant procedures. The device uses gold nanowires to manipulate and sense characteristics of individual cells in medical procedures. The gold nanowires are less than 100 nm in diameter, about 1,000 times smaller than a human...

News : Medical
3D-Printed Heart-on-a-Chip Paves Way for Customizable Devices

Built by a fully automated, digital manufacturing procedure, a 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip can be quickly fabricated and customized, allowing researchers to easily collect reliable data. The new approach to manufacturing may one day allow researchers to rapidly design organs-on-chips,...

News : Medical
Biocompatible Fibers Could Serve as Long-Lasting Implant

Researchers have developed a biocompatible and highly stretchable optical fiber made from hydrogel. The bendable fiber may one day be implanted in the body to deliver therapeutic pulses of light or light up at the first sign of disease.

News : AR/AI
HoloLens Goggles Bring Augmented Reality to Brain Surgery

Surgeons and engineers are working to make emergency neurosurgical procedures safer with the help the HoloLens, a new pair of augmented reality (AR) goggles from Microsoft. The HoloLens adds to, or “augments,” existing reality by projecting virtual, 3D images onto real-world...

News : Medical
Contact Lens Senses Glucose

A new contact lens technology from the University of Houston samples glucose levels in tears.

News : Medical
4D Imaging Captures Patients' Risk of Stroke

Atrial fibrillation, the most common form of cardiac arrhythmia, affects 33.5 million people worldwide. The slow, sluggish blood flow caused by atrial fibrillation can lead to blood clots, which then travel to the brain and initiate stroke. The risk of blockage or hemorrhage of a blood vessel,...

News : Medical
Researchers Develop 'Strength Test' for Platelets

By squeezing two protein dots together, biomedical engineers from Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a microfluidic testing ground for platelet strength. The health assessment supports the diagnosis of blood clotting disorders.

News : Medical
Mobile Device Detects Irregular Heartbeat

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a mobile app and thumb-size device that detects an irregular heartbeat known as arrhythmia. The technology, suitable for pre- and post-surgery monitoring of heart patients, register an individual's electrocardiogram (ECG) signal whenever arrhythmia...

News : Medical
4D Imaging Method Reveals Fetal Brain Activity

A new approach from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, images functional activity in the brains of individual fetuses. The technique allows a better look at how functional networks within the brain develop.

News : Medical
Artificial Blood Vessels Support Patients with Heart Defects

Biomedical engineers from the University of Minnesota have created artificial blood vessels. If confirmed in humans, the grafts, bioengineered in the lab and tested in young lambs, could prevent repeated surgeries for children with congenital heart defects.

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
Neural Interface Allows Brain to Experience Touch through Robotic Arm

A neural interface connected to a robotic arm allows an individual to experience the sensation of touch directly in the brain. By enabling two-way communication between brain and machine — outgoing signals for movement and inbound signals for sensation — the technology...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
New Material Could Pave the Way for New Biological Sensors

Organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) are designed to measure signals created by electrical impulses in the body, such as heartbeats or brainwaves. However, they are currently only able to measure certain signals. Researchers have created a material that measures signals in a way...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Biomedical Sensor Could Transform Wearable Health Devices

A new sensor hub integrated as a system-on-chip (SoC) is designed for a broad range of wearable health devices and applications. The SoC combines an unprecedented number of biomedical analog interfaces into a single chip: onboard digital signal processing, high-fidelity operation, and...

News : Materials
3D Printable Biomaterial Creates Customized Bones

A 3D printable ink produces a synthetic bone implant that rapidly induces bone regeneration and growth. This hyperelastic “bone” material, the shape of which can be easily customized, one day could be especially useful for the treatment of bone defects in children.

Features : Connectivity
Emerging Technologies: Challenge or Opportunity for the Medical Device Industry?
Emerging Technologies: Challenge or Opportunity for the Medical Device Industry?

Visiongain predicts the global medical devices market will reach $398 billion in 2017.1 To win share in this growing market, device companies need to...

Emerging Technologies: Challenge or Opportunity for the Medical Device Industry?
News : Medical
Transparent Skull Implant Could Replace Craniotomy

Researchers from several US and Mexican institutions are developing a transparent skull implant that will allow doctors to deliver laser-based treatments to the brain on demand and on a recurring basis without the need for surgeons to open up the skull, a highly invasive procedure called a...

News : Medical
New “4D” MRI Technique Identifies Stroke Risk

A new imaging technique has been developed that can help predict who is most at risk for stroke. This breakthrough could lead to better treatment and outcomes for patients with atrial fibrillation. The cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging test can detect the blood’s velocity through the...

News : Medical
Visible-Light-Based Imaging for Medical Devices

MIT researchers have developed a technique for recovering visual information from light that has scattered because of interactions with the environment — such as passing through human tissue. The technique could lead to medical imaging systems that use visible light, which carries much more...

Briefs : Connectivity
Implanted Devices Can Talk Through Wi-Fi
Implanted Devices Can Talk Through Wi-Fi

University of Washington (UW) engineers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday...

Implanted Devices Can Talk Through Wi-Fi
Briefs : Energy
Tiny Solar Cells Deliver Big Power
Tiny Solar Cells Deliver Big Power

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created microscale solar cells that could power a multitude of personal devices, including wearable medical sensors, smartwatches, and autofocusing...

Tiny Solar Cells Deliver Big Power

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