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See how metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and biomaterials are supporting applications in medical device manufacturing.

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Material ensures that performance of new engineered materials — made from corn, algae, mushrooms, and other natural sources — compares to existing materials.
Researchers have developed a soft and nonirritating microfluidic sensor for the real-time measurement of lactate concentration in sweat.

Researchers have developed a novel nanofiber production technique called centrifugal multispinning that will open the door for the safe and cost-effective mass production...

Mactac®, a LINTEC Company, has acquired Duramark Products Inc., previously known as Ritrama USA. The acquisition consists of the company’s Minneapolis, MN, and Moore,...

The patch can be folded around surgical tools.
Embedded antennas, fume hoods, computing nodes, and more.
The membrane wicks water away from the skin.
EPFL researchers have developed a new type of retinal implant for people who have become blind due to the loss of photoreceptor cells in their retinas.
The materials change shape over time in response to stimuli.
Learn the basics of heat shrink tubing and its use in medical device manufacturing.
Researchers have demonstrated that a family of self-sterilizing polymers are effective at inactivating coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19.
Nowak has been in Statistical Process Control for 30 years.
Imagine a world where, instead of a physical warehouse full of actual products, you have an entire digital warehouse of design files.
New polymer promises localized pain control for critical first four days.
Curable adhesives, thermoelectric coolers, DC power supplies, and more.
The materials are suitable for use in soft tissue repair or flexible bioelectronics.
Ponti was part of a team that scaled the production of SARS rapid antigen tests to detect and diagnose COVID-19 infections.

A National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will help lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary institute that encourages the use of artificial intelligence-enabled materials discovery,...

R&D: Electronics & Computers
Flexible Screen-Printed Rechargeable Battery
The device can be used in flexible, stretchable electronics for wearables as well as soft robotics.
A new nanomaterial from the silk produced by the Tetranychus lintearius mite has the ability to penetrate human cells without damaging them and, therefore, has promising biomedical properties.
Features: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Adapting to Manufacturing Challenges of COVID-19
See how ultrasonic welding technology is being widely used in nonwoven PPE production.
Sealed pump systems can dramatically improve the safety and efficiency of chemical transfer.
CAD software, edge connectors, optical adhesives, and more.
Scientists have improved electrical conductivity in a polymer electrode for e-skin applications.

A patented filtration material from Senturion+ has been proven to block and inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a 98.8 percent removal efficacy rate. Scientists from...

Frequent cleaning and surface disinfection — already proven to help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) — has become even more critical due to the...

Supplements: Electronics & Computers
Medical Design Briefs: 2020 Technology Leaders
Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2020.
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
Senior Director Asmita Khanolkar tell us what she sees for the medical materials industry, in a post-COVID world.

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