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Get an introduction to embedded systems development. See how computer hardware and software is being used in a variety of medical applications, including patient health monitoring.

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The membrane wicks water away from the skin.
The growing digitalization of healthcare systems is increasing the complexity of the tasks connected devices must fulfill — particularly the handling of highly sensitive data.
Bryant shares some patient success stories and reflects on her career in the medical-device industry.
Curable adhesives, thermoelectric coolers, DC power supplies, and more.
Specialized computational algorithms provide for highly efficient DNA sequence analysis.
Batteries must meet high power capacity, small physical size, and reliability requirements.
The materials are suitable for use in soft tissue repair or flexible bioelectronics.
R&D: Photonics/Optics
Device Creates 3D Images of Skin

A research team has developed a portable device that produces high-resolution 3D images of human skin within 10 minutes. The team says the portable skin mapping (imaging) device could be used to assess...

"The health system of the future will be consumer-centric, wellness-oriented, care everywhere, and digitally connected,” says one expert.
CAD software, edge connectors, optical adhesives, and more.
Products: Electronics & Computers
February 2021, Product Focus: Power Supplies
Hospital-grade plugs, configurable platforms, solid-state relays, and more.
The system harvests energy from human breathing and motion.
Detector can identify radioactive isotopes with high resolution.
Miniaturized, front-end IPDs are specifically designed to seamlessly connect.
The device can be used in flexible, stretchable electronics for wearables as well as soft robotics.
Scientists have improved electrical conductivity in a polymer electrode for e-skin applications.
Supplements: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Medical Design Briefs: 2020 Technology Leaders
Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2020.
New sensors and high-performance microwiring are extending the performance of active myoelectric prosthetics.
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
The breakthrough involves inkjet printing and materials with a crystal structure discovered nearly two centuries ago.
Features: Packaging & Sterilization
2020 Product Buyer's Guide
In our 2020 Product Buyer's Guide, you'll find a list of manufacturers in more than a dozen medical-device areas.
Learn about the semiconductor products and capabilities on the market today ideally suited for healthcare devices.
An industry expert offers tips for overload protection of defibrillators and ultrasound machines used in critical cardiac care.
It is essential to incorporate PCBA cleaning into the planning and production of wearables.
R&D: Electronics & Computers
Plant-Based Thermotherapy Patch
A biodegradable, transparent, flexible and fast-acting thermo-therapy patch from plant leaves is compatible with flexible electronic applications.

For the first time, the winners of the Create the Future Design Contest will be announced live! Join us for this special one-hour presentation as we honor our 2020 Grand Prize...

A wound-healing patch; a blood-pressure monitor; an implantable wireless pacing system; and a wearable glucose sensor are this year's "Create the Future" nominees.
EMS providers, contract manufacturers (CMs), and printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators are the strongest link in the supply chain critical for building medical electronics equipment, including ventilators
Sleep-tracking sensors, stepper motors, electromechanical actuators, and more.

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