Briefs : Medical
Synthetic Hydrogels Deliver Cells to Repair Intestinal Injuries
Synthetic Hydrogels Deliver Cells to Repair Intestinal Injuries

By combining engineered polymeric materials known as hydrogels with complex intestinal tissue known as organoids— made from human pluripotent stem cells — researchers have...

Synthetic Hydrogels Deliver Cells to Repair Intestinal Injuries
Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Flexible Batteries Make Dental Aids ‘Smart’
Flexible Batteries Make Dental Aids ‘Smart’

Smart 3D printed braces that incorporate nontoxic batteries and lights could reduce the time and costs involved in realigning and straightening teeth.

Flexible Batteries Make Dental Aids ‘Smart’
Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Micro-Optomechanical Pressure Sensor Advances Pressure Monitoring in Biomedical Applications
Micro-Optomechanical Pressure Sensor Advances Pressure Monitoring in Biomedical Applications

A new type of pressure sensor is based on micro-optomechanical systems (MOMS) technology. Developed by imec, a research and innovation hub focusing...

Micro-Optomechanical Pressure Sensor Advances Pressure Monitoring in Biomedical Applications
Briefs : Materials
Super-Elastic Surgical Glue Sticks and Seals in Vivo
Super-Elastic Surgical Glue Sticks and Seals in Vivo

To repair ruptured or pierced organs and tissues, surgeons commonly use staples, sutures and wires to bring and hold the wound edges together so that they can heal. However, these...

Super-Elastic Surgical Glue Sticks and Seals in Vivo
Features : Medical
Using Artificial intelligence to Evaluate Brain Maturity of Preterm Infants
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
Products : Medical
New Products and Services: December 2017 Medical Design Briefs

Silicone Extrusion Equipment

Rosendahl, Pischelsdorf, Austria, offers a line of silicone extrusion equipment designed to provide high flexibility and low scrap rates. The RN-Z sili-cone extrusion line can perform 24/7 at high speeds. Lines are available for conductor cross...

News : Medical
Combining Machine and Nanoparticles for Better Transplant Outcomes

By combining the use of drug-carrying nanoparticles with an organ-preserving machine, researchers have developed a procedure that could help improve long-term outcomes for transplant recipients.

News : Medical
Light-Triggered Nanopill Could Transform Medicine

Plasmonic nanovesicles can navigate the bloodstream, and, when hit with a quick pulse of laser light, change shape to release their contents. It can then exit the body, leaving only the desired package.

News : Medical
Mapping Brain Activity Improves Prosthetic Design

Researchers have demonstrated how brain activity is used to identify different terrains — level ground and stairs, for example — a key step in developing prosthetics that allow the user’s prosthesis to automatically adjust to changing ground conditions in real time.

News : Medical
Surgical Sealant Derived from Human Protein Seals Without Sutures

A newly engineered material could become the first suture-less sealant for wound closure. In laboratory tests of the material, known as a MeTro sealant, the team demonstrated complete sealing of severely leaking lung tissue, as well as evidence that the material could help promote...

News : Medical
Soft Robotic Solution Aids in Surgery for One-Sided Heart Failure

Soft robotic actuators have recently emerged as an attractive alternative to more rigid components that have conventionally been used in biomedical devices. However, researchers recognized that many pediatric heart patients have more one-sided congenital heart conditions.

News : Medical
Chip-Based Sensors Offer Incredible Sensitivity

An optical whispering gallery mode resonator can spin light around the circumference of a tiny sphere millions of times, creating an ultrasensitive microchip-based sensor for multiple applications. Engineers have developed an innovative way to grow on-chip glass microspherical shells with...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Proto Labs Reaches Agreement to Acquire RAPID, Expands Services with Sheet Metal Fabrication

Proto Labs has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held company Rapid Manufacturing Group. Rapid is a New Hampshire-based custom parts supplier specializing in quick-turn sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining. With the...

INSIDER : Medical
Device Can Diagnose Diseases Based on Eyelid Motion

Researchers have developed a device that can diagnose diseases by means of an eyelid motion monitor. Glasses fitted with a hardware and software system monitor and interpret eyelid movements.

INSIDER : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Skin-Like Microfluidic System Could Change the Future of Wearables

A soft, flexible microfluidic system is the next generation of bio-integrated wearable technology. The Lab on the Skin device couples perfectly with the skin to capture and analyze the chemistry of sweat — yet is as thin and flexible as a temporary tattoo. The Lab reports on...

INSIDER : Medical
Kevlar-Based Artificial Cartilage Mimics the Magic of the Real Thing

The unparalleled liquid strength of cartilage, which is about 80 percent water, withstands some of the toughest forces on our bodies. Synthetic materials couldn’t match it — until the development of Kevlartilage.

INSIDER : Medical
Microfiber Sensor for Health Monitoring, Diagnosis

A soft, flexible, and stretchable microfiber sensor has been developed for real-time healthcare monitoring and diagnosis. The novel sensor is highly sensitive and ultra-thin with a diameter of a strand of human hair. It is also simple and cost-effective to mass produce.

INSIDER : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Improving Early-Stage Detection of Brain Injury in Athletes

Researchers have found a method of identifying biological markers in small amounts of blood that they believe could be used to detect diseases, infections, and medical conditions at early stages, including early detection of traumatic brain injury in athletes.

INSIDER : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Improving Quality in Laser-Aided Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing techniques have great potential to improve productivity and energy efficiency during part fabrication. Even small defects in fabricated parts can have a large impact on performance and safety, which is why manufacturers need to be on the lookout for several types of...

INSIDER : Medical
3D Printing Gets a Turbo Boost

A major drawback to 3D printing — the slow pace of the work — could be alleviated through a software algorithm developed at the University of Michigan. The algorithm allows printers to deliver high-quality results at speeds up to two times faster than those in common use, with no added hardware costs.

INSIDER : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Making Automation and Robotics Accessible to Small Manufacturers

The AMRC Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) has opened a new facility designed to enable smaller companies to more easily conduct research into machining and assembly technologies on a new ‘reconfigurable factory’ research cell.

INSIDER : Connectivity
Medical Devices Part of Healthy U.S. Manufacturing

In the past two decades, output growth in U.S. manufacturing has declined, but the largest firms have managed to thrive, notes a new report form McKinsey & Company. The tech sector, however, including medical device manufacturing, has posted rapid growth in value added since the 1990s.

News : Medical
Soft Sensor Could Bring New Tactile Tech

A new type of soft and stretchable sensor could find uses in applications ranging from athletics and health monitoring to prosthetics and virtual reality. The technology, called iSoft, is capable of sensing in real-time, or without delay, and can perform “multimodal” sensing, or sensing a variety of...

News : Medical
Stronger Silk Offers Biomedical Applications

Engineers have found they can make a material that is more than twice as stiff as its natural counterpart and can be shaped into complex structures such as meshes and lattices.

News : Medical
New Keystone Facility Expands Capabilities and Service Levels

Keystone Electronics, which manufactures electronic interconnect components and hardware, recently moved its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations to a new facility that the company says is designed to greatly improve efficiencies and productivity. Located in New Hyde...

News : Test & Measurement
Sterigenics International Changes Name to Sotera Health

Sterigenics International has changed its parent company name to Sotera Health. Its three operating companies — Nelson Labs™, Nordion®, and Sterigenics® — will continue to maintain their current names. The new parent company name signals a more integrated and...

INSIDER : Medical
A $10 Microchip Turns 2D Ultrasound Machines to 3D Imaging Devices

Technology that keeps track of how your smartphone is oriented can now give $50,000 ultrasound machines many of the 3D imaging abilities of their $250,000 counterparts — for the cost of a $10 microchip.

INSIDER : Medical
Plastic Nanoparticles Inspired by Nature Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery

Scientists have developed a way to control the shape of polymer molecules so that they self-assemble into nonspherical nanoparticles — an advance that could improve the delivery of toxic drugs to tumors.

INSIDER : Medical
Spider Silk Improves Hearing Aid Microphones

New research shows that fine fibers like spider silk actually improve the quality of microphones for hearing aids. The microphone improves the directional sensing across a wide variety of frequencies that are often too quiet for microphones to pick up on. For someone with a hearing aid, that means...

INSIDER : Medical
Jellyfish-Inspired Electronic Skin Glows When It Gets Hurt

Electronic-skin technologies for prosthetics and robots can detect the slightest touch or breeze. But oddly, the sensors that make this possible do not respond effectively to a harmful blow. Now researchers report the development of a jellyfish-inspired electronic skin that glows when...

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