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Learn about the design and testing of mechanical components in medical devices, including MEMS pressure sensors, connectors, wires, and cables.

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Rugged Connectors

CONEC (Garner, NC) offers water-resistant D-sub series of connectors for medical equipment applications. The IP67-rated solid-body D-sub connector has a silicone O-ring panel seal for a watertight connection. Gold-plated machined contacts ensure high performance. The connector is available in standard, high-density, and...

Products : Motion Control
Servo Motors

Kollmorgen (Radford, VA) has introduced AKM™ 8 servo motors as part of the AKM motor series, which offers 8 frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations, and 112 “standard” windings. The AKM8 is available in two standard flange/shaft combinations designed to integrate with 80 to 90% of machine builder needs around the globe. The...

Products : Motion Control
Medical-Grade Foot Controls

STEUTE Meditech (Ridgefield, CT) offers “medical-grade” foot controls that meet relevant IEC 60601, MDD (93/42/EEC), UL, and CSA standards. Optional design features include custom housings/colors/icons, powder-coated consoles, rocker/pushbutton/joystick/footmouse™ actuators, analog/digital outputs, durable...

Products : Motion Control
Miniaturized Positioning Controller

Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River, MA) has introduced the EPOS2 24/2 miniaturized positioning controller for commanding and controlling in the CANopen network. USB and RS232 are available as further communication interfaces. It features a dual loop position and speed controller. In the Interpolated Position...

Products : Motion Control
Electric Motor Selection Tool

Bosch i-Business Group (Broadview, IL) has introduced a motor search tool available online for design engineers to identify motor options that best match their design specifications within the Bosch DC electric motor catalog. The company offers more than 500 different part numbers for fractional horsepower 12-24V...

Briefs : Medical
Positioning Technology for Digital Displays on Mobile Medical Equipment

As hospitals and surgical centers add more portable medical equipment, the precision and positioning of digital displays become critical to staff efficiency, comfort, and health. Dispensing quality healthcare depends on providers having easy access to the right tools and...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Orifices and Filters

Bird Precision (Waltham, MA) offers a series of laser drilled, wire-lapped ruby and sapphire orifices. Orifices and filters are packaged in a variety of stainless, brass, and plastic fittings, connectors, and inserts. With chemical and wear resistance, these products ensure dependable control of harsh liquids and...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Capsule Filter Assemblies

ZenPure® capsule filter assemblies from ZenPure (Manassas, VA) are available with a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic filter medias and pore sizes for liquid, gas, and venting applications. They can be built in a T-style or in-line configuration with nine inlet and outlet fitting connections that can be mixed...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Thin-Section Bearings

The REALI-SLIM® MMTM Metric Series of thin-section bearings from Kaydon® Bearings (Muskegon, MI) is suitable for applications that require metric envelope dimensions or thin profiles in the medical equipment industry. The bearings are offered in cross sections of 8, 13, and 20 mm, with bore diameters ranging from 20 to...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Plastic Components

Interstate Specialty Products (Sutton, MA) offers custom engineered plastic components that can be manufactured to specification in thicknesses ranging from 0.0002" to 1.0". Featuring holes from 0.010" to 0.5", with ±0.002" tolerance, and internal radii from 0.012", they can be fabricated from rubber and virtually all...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

APST tubing from the AdvantaPure division of NewAge Industries (Southampton, PA) is available from 0.030" to 1.000" I.D., and is manufactured from low-volatile-grade, platinum-cured silicone. It offers a hardness value of 50 Shore and temperature range of -100 °F to 400 °F.

Products : Motion Control
Low-Vibration Motors

Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River, MA) offers EC 22 motors equipped with preloaded ball bearings and Neodymium permanent magnets. The motors feature low vibration and low noise levels, as well as a nominal torque of up to 44 mNm. They offer efficiency of more than 90%, and a 25% reduced speed/torque gradient. The motors are...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Actuator

The SAA06 motorized SplineRailTM linear actuator from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions (Waterbury, CT) features a Kerk® precision rolled lead screw for applications in pick-and-place mechanisms and robotic assemblies in life sciences instrumentation. The SplineRail is supported by bearings and contained within a concentric aluminum...

Products : Connectivity
Wireless Foot Controls

STEUTE Meditech (Ridgefield, CT) offers medical-grade, fully compliant wireless foot controls operating in the ISM 2.4 GHz band. The short-range technology (up to 10 meters) provides continuous monitoring of the integrity of the bi-directional transmission path. A “hand-shaking” protocol ensures discrete device...

Products : Motion Control
Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

KNF Neuberger (Trenton, NJ) offers KNF N860 Series diaphragm vacuum pumps to sample, transfer, or evacuate air and gases. The structured diaphragm promotes optimized pneumatic performance and long service life. Specially engineered multi-port valves tolerate condensation without damage, perform oil-free transfer with...

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High-ratio FluoroPEELZ® helps overcome the difficulty of removing traditional heat shrink from the assembled device without damaging the shaft. Available in ratios up to 2:1, FluoroPEELZ® leaves a super-smooth surface when removed and saves inspection time and waste.

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