Products : Electronics & Computers
SMT Key Switches

C&K Components (Newton, MA) has designed the K12S series of robust, IP67-sealed SMT key switches for harsh environment applications. The switches are available with LED illumination or double action and detect versions. The series is RoHS-compliant and halogen- free. Users have the flexibility to tailor force values, actuation...

Cable Labels

CILS International (Burlington, MA) offers 8/9000 ‘wrap around’ labels that can be computer printed to add variable data (barcodes, serial numbers, etc.) from a standard PC and laser or thermal transfer printer. They come with a self-adhesive clear over-laminate to safeguard the printed data. They can be made to any size or...

Products : Software
Part Inspection Software Module

DISCUS Software Company (Columbus, OH) has released the DISCUS 5.0, an update that further streamlines first article inspection and process planning for quality engineers. The release includes a new product, DISCUS CMM, a revamped DISCUS OCR product, and enhanced tools and functionality. The software module allows...

Products : Motion Control
Brushless DC Motor

Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River, MA) offers a newly designed EC16 brushless DC servo gearmotor that offers a 60° winding pattern, NdFeB high-performance magnet, and higher power output. The EC 16 is available in five winding types as well as with hall sensors or sensorless. Four high-power motors are available: 30 Watt or...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (Minneapolis, MN) offers custom injection molded liquid silicone rubber for thinwalled diaphragms suitable for healthcare related applications from dispensing and fluid filtration systems to purification systems. Liquid silicone rubber has good heat resistance to 180 °C and good...

Products : Medical
Vapor Degreasing Solvents

MicroCare Medical (New Britain, CT) will showcase a vapor degreasing process and its offering of precision cleaners. The low viscosity and surface tension ratings of the precision cleaners, combined with their volatility, allow them to clean effectively and penetrate small areas that other cleaners, such as water-based...

Products : Medical
Quartz Crystal

The CC7A-T1A MHz quartz crystal from Micro Crystal (Grenchen, Switzerland) is designed for implantable medical and medical telemetry applications. The precision timing crystal has a package height of 0.90 mm and a foot print of 3.2 × 1.5 mm. It offers a temperature range of –40 to +85/+125 °C, and a highthermal stability (down...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
RF Plastics Welding

Genesis Plastics Welding (Indianapolis, IN) specializes in radio frequency (RF) plastics welding of thermoplastic products and components for industries including medical. The proprietary heat sealing technology allows RF plastics welding of polyethylene, polypropylene, and many low-loss polymers in film, foam, and fabric...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Automated Mandrel Straightener

Machine Solutions (Flagstaff, AZ) offers the MS700S Automated Mandrel Straightener, which recycles bent or bowed mandrels through an automated straightening process. It is designed to reduce assembly material costs. The Mandrel Straightener utilizes a pick and place handling system capable of picking a single...

Products : Imaging
X-Ray/CT System

North Star Imaging (Rogers, MN) has introduced the X25 X-ray/ Computed Tomography (CT) system, which is shielded for up to 160kV and designed to integrate with a number of X-ray tubes and flat panel detectors for various applications. It features an anti-vibration cabinet design and is capable of achieving submicron resolution on...

Products : Medical
High-Pressure Valve

B. Braun OEM Division of B. Braun Medical (Bethlehem, PA) now offers a high-pressure normally closed back check valve that handles 400 psi for both forward and backward pressure. Designed for intermittent injection of fluids while preventing backflow, this oneway valve opens when 1.5–5 psi of pressure is applied. It is...

Products : Materials
Fluorosilicone Grease

The MED-6731 silicone grease compound from NuSil (Carpinteria, CA) can be used in applications that require a solvent-resistant grease and may be used as a high-vacuum grease around glass, ceramic, and ground glass joints. A fluorosilicone fluid may be used for applications in which a dimethylpolysiloxane grease has...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Design & Development

Via Biomedical (Maple Grove, MN) offers SPECTRAL medical balloons fabricated for medical applications using a series of proprietary processes and custom equipment. The balloons are robust, clear, and durable. Other services include R&D, product development, project management, and design control and manufacturing.

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Assembly Services

Vesta (Franklin, WI) utilizes advanced capabilities, including encapsulation, bonding, reinforcing and robotics, to assemble finished medical devices. The company has also introduced a Quick Turn thermoplastic extrusion program for designers and engineers with short lead times. Typical Quick Turn lead times in commonly...

Applications : Medical
Static Analysis Helps FDA Investigate Infusion Pump Defects

Recalls for medical devices are at an all-time high, and defective software is one of the top causes. FDA data indicate that one in every three medical devices that makes use of software for its operation has been recalled due to failure in the software itself.

Applications : Medical
Reverse-Engineering Addresses Performance Failures in Laser Flow Cytometers

When it comes to critical, life-saving care for animals, veterinarians rely on accurate, timely blood analysis to help them make treatment decisions. Thanks to new developments in medical equipment and software, physicians no longer have to wait three to five days for...

Applications : Medical
Molding Technology Pays Off for Medical Manufacturer

Medical device manufacturers that collect and analyze patient data are developing innovative ways to integrate electronics and wireless technology into their products. These innovations often present new design and production challenges. That was the case for American TeleCare Inc. (Eden...

Briefs : Medical
Benefits of a Fully Digital Comparator for Inspection of Orthopedic Implants

Manufacturers of orthopedic implants take great care to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. One way they do this is by performing numerous inspection operations at various stages throughout the manufacturing process. These have great value —...

Briefs : Medical
Tryptophan Fluorescence of Ocular Lens Protein for Early Diagnosis of Cataracts

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide; they affect more than 20 million people and result in ~1.3 million operations annually in the United States. Current methods of cataract detection are based on subjective observation of lens opacity by Rayleigh...

Briefs : Medical
Versatile, Ceramic, Metering Pumps for Medical Applications

From R&D in the laboratory to production process control, from disposable component assembly to OEM diagnostic instrumentation, a broad array of medical and medical support applications rely on precise dispensing or metering of fluids. But just as diverse as the applications are the...

Mission Accomplished : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pioneering a New Class of MEMS Heart Monitoring Devices

CardioMEMS (Atlanta, GA), a graduate of Georgia Tech's ATDC startup accelerator, is pioneering a new class of heart monitoring devices, based on a sensor that measures intracardiac pressure in people who suffer from congestive heart failure. The company completed a successful clinical trial...

Mission Accomplished : Software
Real Time Location System Tracks Blood Coolers, Saves Blood

Human blood is a precious resource. Because stored blood has a very limited shelf life, keeping every available unit of it suitable for medical use is a crucial function at hospitals and other health care facilities — especially during supply shortages such as those currently being...

News : Medical
Medical Design Briefs Welcomes Two New Members

Tech Briefs Media Group, publisher of Medical Design Briefs (MDB), has added two top sales professionals to their team, Helene Beck and Desiree Stygar, formerly associated with UBM Canon.

Features : Materials
Customized Adhesives Help Advance Drug Delivery Devices

The recognized benefits of the transdermal patch as a viable drug delivery system are driving the development of new forms of transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS). These products can deliver larger compounds such as proteins and small peptides through the stratum corneum. As new...

Features : Medical
Medical Device Packaging Validation Testing 101

Package validation testing has always been an important aspect of many medical device development processes. Today, it isn’t just new packaging that manufacturers need to worry about — economic and environmental conditions are also driving manufacturers to revalidate their packaging.

Features : Materials
Get an Early Start on a Successful Packaging Solution

The packaging system is a crucial component to getting a medical device to market on time. Time constraints with new projects can affect the packaging system and may prohibit a proper design. The earlier a manufacturer starts thinking about the packaging of the medical device or system, the...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Differential Pressure Sensors

Sensortechnics (Walpole, MA) offers LBA differential pressure sensors based on thermal mass flow measurement of air or gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the silicon sensor chip. The LBA series offers pressure ranges from 25 Pa (0.1 inH2O) Full Scale in addition to the existing 250 Pa and...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Shock Accelerometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems (San Juan Capistrano, CA) has introduced the Endevco® model 7270AM6, a rugged high-g piezoresistive shock accelerometer with frequency response capabilities down to DC or steady state, designed to support a variety of extreme testing requirements. The built-in mechanical filter consists of an aluminum...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Chip Resistors

TT electronics PLC (Surrey, UK) has introduced chip resistors that are optimized for use with conductive adhesives and suitable for applications like medical MRI scanners where non-magnetic components must be used. The GCR series glueable chip resistors are available in several variants, with EIA chip sizes down to 0805 and...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Desktop Power Supplies

The PPWAD200 Series from Power Partners (Hudson, MA) provides 200 Watts of desktop power in a 7.42" × 4.1" × 2.36" package. The series features a no load standby power of ≤0.5W and average efficiency of ≥87%. The power supplies have a 90-264VAC input and include seven single output models ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC....

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