A new nuclear imaging technique may help identify women at increased risk of heart damage due to their cancer treatment. The new imaging test uses...

Briefs : Robotics, Automation & Control
Biopsy Robot Can Be Used in an MRI Scanner

A biopsy robot made from 3D printed plastic can be used in an MRI scanner. The advantage of plastic is that the robot can carry out a biopsy (removing a piece of tissue) during a breast cancer scan...

Researchers have developed a terahertz imaging approach that, for the first time, can acquire micron-scale resolution images while retaining computational approaches...

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Toolholder Fit, Concentricity Key in High-Speed Machining

Machinists know that when it comes to precision machining, the importance of a toolholder cannot be overstated. The quality of the toolholder plays an even greater role when precision...

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have established a joint digital factory demo in the Smart...

Global Innovations : Medical
Polymeric System Uses Glucose to Deliver Drugs to the Brain
University College London
London, UK

A new drug-delivery system that autonomously navigates the body using its own glucose molecules has been developed and tested by a UCL-led team of scientists.

News : Medical
New Reference Material Ensures Validity of Test Results

A new reference material is primarily intended for use in calibrating procedures and devices for the determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human serum. It can also be used for value-assignment of in-house calibrator solutions and control materials.

News : Medical
Simple, Discreet Device Opens Obstructed Nostrils

A Johns Hopkins student team has devised a simple, discreet device to open obstructed nostrils, a common problem that can cause snoring and other sleep disruptions, as well as exercising difficulties.

News : Medical
Researchers Developing Softer, Smaller Hearing Aid

Cochlear implants (CIs) are becoming the main way to solve a number of hearing difficulties. Doctors insert hard rubber hearing devices into a patient’s ear, turning the device to obtain the correct position. Even with the best medical precision, inner ear structures are sometimes torn. At...

News : Medical
Smartphone Device Performs Optical Spectroscopy

Researchers have demonstrated that mobile devices incorporating their sensor can provide accurate measurements of optical absorption spectra of colored liquids or the optically scattered spectra of solid objects. In other words, a mobile device incorporating the lab-in-a-smartphone “science...

News : Medical
Researchers Design Soft, Flexible Origami-Inspired Robot

Researchers have turned origami into a patent-pending soft robot that may one day be used in surgery. The researchers have moved from paper robots to 3D-printed models that bend, contract, extend and twist. This novel mechanism is called TWISTER (TWISted TowEr Robot).

News : Software
Computational Model Designs Building Blocks for Synthetic Muscle

In order to develop synthetic muscles for applications in regenerative medicine or robotics, scientists must understand which combination of myosin produces each desired action. This would require a labor-intensive process of nanoscale trial and error that could take years in the...

White Papers : Medical
Innovate Therapeutic & Drug Delivery Devices for Home Use

Medical device design engineers face a noble yet challenging task: to design minimally-invasive treatment technologies that help patients live a normal life.

News : Medical
Paper-Based TB Test Could Boost Diagnoses in Developing Countries

Diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) early can allow patients to receive the medicine they need and also help prevent the disease from spreading. But in resource-limited areas, equipment requirements and long wait times for results are obstacles to diagnosis and treatment. To tackle this...

News : Medical
Miniature Microchip Technology Could Be Used to Track Smart Pills

A prototype miniature medical device could ultimately be used in “smart pills” to diagnose and treat diseases. A key to the new technology — and what makes it unique among other microscale medical devices — is that its location can be precisely identified within the body,...

News : Medical
Better, Cheaper Bio-Ink Could Be Used to Create Artificial Organs

A new bio-ink may support a more efficient and inexpensive fabrication of human tissues and organs. Using techniques like 3D printing, scientists are creating bio-material products that function alongside living cells. These products are made using a number of biomaterials...

News : Medical
Artificial ‘Skin’ Gives Robotic Hand a Sense of Touch

A team of researchers has reported a breakthrough in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand to sense the difference between hot and cold, while also offering advantages for a wide range of biomedical devices.

News : Medical
Heraeus Medical Components Acquires Biotectix Assets

Heraeus Medical Components, a global business unit of Heraeus Holding GmbH, has entered into a purchase agreement for the acquisition of Biotectix. The acquisition will enable Heraeus Medical Components to offer the Biotectix conductive polymer materials to enhance the performance of sensing...

News : Medical
Conformal Metasurface Coating Eliminates Crosstalk

A team of electrical engineers have developed a way to simultaneously control diverse optical properties of dielectric waveguides by using a two-layer coating, each layer with a near zero thickness and weight.

New AI Algorithm Monitors Sleep with Radio Waves

To make it easier to diagnose and study sleep problems, engineers have created a device to monitor sleep stages without sensors attached to the body. Their device instead uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the radio signals around the person and translate those...

News : Medical
High-Frequency Chip Offers More Bandwidth for Imaging

A novel, high-frequency electronic chip is potentially capable of transmitting tens of gigabits of data per second. The chip was designed using a phased array antenna system, which funnels the energy from multiple sources into a single beam that can be narrowly steered and directed to a...

News : Medical
‘Origami’ Organs May Regenerate Tissue

Scientists and engineers have invented a range of bioactive “tissue papers” made of materials derived from organs that are thin and flexible enough to even fold into an origami bird. The new biomaterials can potentially be used to support natural hormone production in young cancer patients and to...

News : Medical
Muscle-like Device Lifts 165 Times its Weight

Imagine repeatedly lifting 165 times your weight without breaking a sweat — a feat normally reserved for heroes like Spider-Man. Engineers have discovered a simple, economical way to make a nano-sized device that can match the friendly neighborhood Avenger, on a much smaller scale. Their creation...

News : Medical
Three Companies Merge to Form Innovatus Imaging

Innovatus Imaging Corp., a newly created holding company formed by private equity firm Resilience Capital Partners and other co-investors, has acquired three medical device service and manufacturing companies, Pittsburgh-based Multi Vendor Service (MVS), Tulsa-based Wetsco, and Denver-based MD...

R&D : Medical
Self-Learning Device Could Increase Patient Safety

A technology being developed could provide an affordable, smart, self-learning device that, when placed into existing MRI machines, could allow medical professionals to monitor patients more effectively and safely, by performing concurrent medical imaging and recording for diagnostic...

R&D : Medical
Nontoxic Adhesive Could Lead to New Surgical Glue

A nontoxic glue modeled after adhesive proteins produced by mussels and other creatures has been found to outperform commercially available products, pointing toward potential surgical glues to replace sutures and staples.

R&D : Medical
Quick Test Detects Sepsis in Single Drop of Blood

A new portable device can quickly find markers of deadly, unpredictable sepsis infection from a single drop of blood. A team of researchers completed a clinical study of the device, which is the first to provide rapid, point-of-care measurement of the immune system’s response, without any need...

R&D : Medical
New, More Accurate Tool Helps Surgeons Find Liver Tumors

Surgeons can swab a patient’s exposed liver lightly on the surface with a special stylus, capturing the shape of the organ during surgery, and a computer can match that image with the CT scan on a screen. This GPS-like ability is far better than guessing where the tumor and vessels are...

R&D : Medical
NanoVelcro Microchips Could Noninvasively Diagnose Prenatal Conditions

A new class of nanoVelcro microchips were prepared with a nano-imprinting fabrication process, which made them more reproducible and faster to make than the previous chips. The device provides sensitive results via a blood test, which is less invasive than currently used...

R&D : Medical
Ultrathin Device Harvests Electricity from Human Motion

A new, ultrathin energy harvesting system has the potential to harvest electricity from human motion. Based on battery technology and made from layers of black phosphorus that are only a few atoms thick, the new device generates small amounts of electricity when it is bent or pressed even...

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