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Smaller Current Sense Resistors

The CSRF series from Stackpole Electronics, Inc. (Raleigh, NC) is a foil on ceramic carrier technology that can achieve lower resistance values than thick film technology and offers excellent TCR of as low as 50 ppm. The CSRF0805 is rated at 0.5 watts and is available in resistance values from 10 milliohms up to...

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September Industry News Wrap-Up

Here is a compilation of changes in leadership, expansions, mergers, and acquisitions that have taken place in the medical device industry during the second half of September. If you have news to be included in this section, please send it to the editor, Beth Sisk, at

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FDA Compiles FAQ List for Device Listing Changes

The FDA has compiled a list of FAQs provided to assist medical device establishments with understanding the new requirements and responsibilities for registration and listing that become effective today, October 1, 2012.

The information includes a list of changes to medical device listing...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Reshoring Initiative Celebrates First Anniversary

The Reshoring Initiative, whose ongoing mission is to broadcast the benefits of reshoring or bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, celebrated its first year of incorporation, as well as the achievement of significant national attention and support of its efforts. The number of...

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Real-Time MRI Catheterization Shows Promise

An experimental MRI method may be safer and just as swift as standard X-ray procedures in guiding surgical interventions in the heart. The finding, from a small clinical study by scientists at NIH’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), suggests that MRI might one day offer a...

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Larger Thigh Size Can Cause Hip Implant Failure

Biomechanical engineers at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, determined that thigh size in obese people is a reason their hip implants are more likely to fail. In a study, the team simulated hip dislocations as they occur in humans and determined that increased thigh girth creates hip instability...

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Diagnosing Ear Infections with an iPhone

Any parent who’s had to deal with a screaming child with a painful ear infection knows that getting a quick diagnosis and medication if needed is the key to regaining a happy home. What if they were able to skip taking the upset child to the doctor for that diagnosis?

That is the question posed...

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Making Ultrasound Affordable & Accessible

What if every pregnant woman in the world had access to ultrasound technology to examine the health and development of their unborn child? That’s what engineers at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, wondered.

They have developed a portable and easy-to-use ultra-low cost scanner that...

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Taking the Ouch Out of Injections

Millions of injections are given annually, from annual flu shots to childhood immunizations. However, while hypodermic needles deliver controlled, precise injections, the pain they deliver continues to make them unpopular among recipients, especially children.

Now, a new laser-based system, being...

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Predicting Memory Storage

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, believe that it’s possible to predict how well people can remember information by monitoring their brain activity while they study.

A team in Sandia’s cognitive systems group monitored test subjects with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors while...

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September Mid-Month Industry Report

It's mid-September and there have been many new leadership changes, expansions, and mergers. To see what's happened in the industry in the past two weeks, see below.

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New Process for Flexible Electronics

An associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, has developed a silicon-on-insulator (SOI)–complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) process for fabricating flexible electronics. As reported in Applied Physics Letters, the technology may some day be...

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Federal Lab-Developed Tech Now Easier to Find

Did you know that you can use federal laboratory-developed technologies to grow your business? The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer has created a free, online “One-Stop Shop” to quickly find the right opportunity for you — no matter which federal lab it comes...

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Mini Wirelessly Powered Cardiac Implant

A team of engineers at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, has demonstrated that a tiny, implantable cardiac device can get its power from radio waves transmitted from a small power device on the surface of the body. The implanted device could fit on the head of pin.

In their paper, published in the...

News : Motion Control
Self-Charging Power Cell Converts & Stores Energy

Scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, have invented a self-charging power cell that directly converts mechanical energy to chemical energy, storing the power until it is released as electrical current. By eliminating the need to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy for...

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Smart Sutures Can Detect Infections

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has created coated sutures with sensors that could monitor wounds and speed up healing. The electronic sutures, which contain ultra-thin silicon sensors integrated on polymer or silk strips, can be threaded through needles and, in animal tests,...

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Stem Cell Powered Othopedic Implant

Scientists at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, have found a way to use the regenerative power of stem cells to improve orthopedic implant surgery. They are collaborating with surgeons at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital to develop a new type of orthopedic implant that could be stronger and more...

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Reporting Adverse Events in Pre-Market Device Trials

Medical device makers should report all adverse events in pre-market clinical trials, including serious health threats, unanticipated serious effects, as well as any deficiencies that might lead to a serious adverse event, states the Global Harmonization Task Force’s (GHTF) final guidance on...

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Heat-Extraction Glove Improves Performance

Biologists at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, pursuing a model for studying heat dissipation, have created a glove that can rapidly cool down athletes’ core temperatures and dramatically improve exercise recovery and performance.

A version of the heat-extraction glove is currently nearing...

Briefs : Packaging & Sterilization
Pre-Validated Medical Packaging Solution
Pre-Validated Medical Packaging Solution

Due to the complex requirements of the medical device industry, the internal resources of device OEMs are drawn primarily to the device R&D and regulatory arenas. However, once the device R&D...

Pre-Validated Medical Packaging Solution
Briefs : Materials
Silk Microneedles Deliver Controlled-Release Drugs Painlessly

Bioengineers have developed a new silk-based microneedle system able to deliver precise amounts of drugs over time and without need for refrigeration. The tiny needles can be fabricated under normal temperature and pressure and from water, so they can be loaded with sensitive...

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Portable Intravenous Fluid Production Device for Ground Use

There are several medical conditions that require intravenous (IV) fluids. Limitations of mass, volume, storage space, shelf-life, transportation, and local resources can restrict the availability of such important fluids. These limitations are expected in long-duration space...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Development of a Low-Cost, Portable Biosensor for Blood Protein Detection

Current blood testing procedures are expensive and time consuming, and the equipment required is often bulky and difficult to transport. A new low-cost, portable technique has been developed to quickly and reliably detect specific proteins in a sample of human blood. The...

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Non-Invasive Instrument for Skin Cancer Screening
Non-Invasive Instrument for Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in humans, with annual rates continuing to climb from their current estimate of just over three million new cases each year. Although all skin...

Non-Invasive Instrument for Skin Cancer Screening
Features : Packaging & Sterilization
Sterilization with Nitrogen Dioxide Gas: A New Tool for Designers and Manufacturers

Noxilizer has developed a room temperature sterilization process for medical devices that is based on nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas. Currently, industrial sterilizers and contract sterilization services using NO2 gas are being offered to medical device...

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Hypothermia Emergency Vest for Cardiac Arrest Patients

Scientists from the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim have developed textile cooling pads to be used to prevent neurological damage after successful resuscitation in cardiac arrest patients. The system does not require electric power, making it ideal for first aid in case of cardiac...

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Hyperpolarized Metabolic Imaging Visualizes ‘Real-Time’ Disease Progress

Most major diseases are somehow linked to metabolic alterations. But being able to see the changes as they occur and to see if a treatment is working in ‘real time’ is now nearer at hand thanks to Hyperpolarized Metabolic Imaging. This technology has created new...

Features : Imaging
New Digital Interface Technology Will Transform Automated Slide Scanning Systems

For decades now, the medical industry has been automating to improve throughput, yield, and performance of medical devices. Slide scanning, for example, has been automated to reduce the time required to process each sample and collect test data. Today, slide...

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Advances in Polycarbonate Color Compensation Technology to Withstand Sterilization by Irradiation Methods
Advances in Polycarbonate Color Compensation Technology to Withstand Sterilization by Irradiation Methods

Single- and multiple-use medical devices typically require sterilization prior to their use in order to provide for patient safety....

Advances in Polycarbonate Color Compensation Technology to Withstand Sterilization by Irradiation Methods
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Project Aims to Improve upon Silicone Rubber Speech Valve

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) (Cleveland, OH) worked with the UK-based University of Hull to develop a new valve used to restore vocal function for patients with throat cancer. The new tracheo-esophageal fistula speech valve uses Zyranox™ bio-compatible yttria partially-stabilized...

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