Features: Robotics, Automation & Control
3D Rehearsal Platform Aids Complex Neurosurgeries

For a patient experiencing a brain aneurysm, every second in the operating room counts in quickly and successfully clipping the aneurysm to stop blood flow and prevent permanent damage....

The recent publication by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Guidance for Industry Pyrogen and Endotoxins Testing: Questions and Answers, dated June of 2012, the Department of...

The medical device industry is a highly competitive arena, and earning market recognition depends on the ability to keep innovating. To remain competitive, medical device...

Applications: Electronics & Computers
Passive Thermal Management Options for EMS Devices

High-frequency pulsed electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) devices are more powerful and effective than ever before. These devices are finding applications in many areas, including as...

Applications: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Move to Rapid Prototyping Cut Costs by Millions

Instrumentation Laboratory, Bedford, MA, is a worldwide manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic instruments, related reagents, and controls for use in hospitals and independent clinical...

GF AgieCharmilles, Lincolnshire, IL, introduces its new high-speed MIKRON HSM 200U LP milling machine. Available in 3- and 5-axis versions, the MIKRON HSM 200U LP (linear performance) brings speed,...

Products: Materials
Tubing Products and Processing

Judson A. Smith Co., Boyertown, PA, a leading manufacturer of precision, custom tubular parts and machined components in most materials, specializes in fabricating tubular parts and assemblies used in a wide...

Products: Medical
Duo 400 Parts Washer

MecWash Systems, Aurora, OH, introduces the Duo 400, a compact, fully automatic, and selfcontained aqueous cleaning system that meets the highest “visually clean and dry” cleanliness and inspection standards. This...

Products: Electronics & Computers
Chroma Sync Hipot Tester

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., Foothill Ranch, CA, a leading provider of electrical power test equipment and systems, announces its new 19020 Series Multichannel Hipot tester, which allows one unit to perform 10...

Products: Electronics & Computers
VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, WA, introduces its new VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer, which is small, lightweight, simple to use, and provides quick results. Featuring an intuitive fourbutton control panel, auto-orienting color...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Fusion Laser Products

Epilog Laser, Golden, CO, has added the Fusion and FiberMark Fusion to its product line with upgraded motion control system for increased engraving and cutting speed and vector edges. The Epilog Laser Fusion is a CO2...

Products: Medical
Front End Power Supplies

TDK Corp., San Diego, CA, expands its Lambda HFE1600 range of 1.6kW high-density, front end power supplies with the addition of a 32V model. The HFE1600-32 operates from a universal 85 to 265Vac input. In addition to...

Products: Imaging
Werth EasyScope

Werth, Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, introduces a low cost machine with a high-end image processor optical system that evaluates all pixels in the field of view, which enables filtering and image enhancement that goes beyond the...

Omnetics Connector Corp., Minneapolis, MN, offers a new Polarized Nano connector line, the PZN series of ultra-miniature connectors using military style pin and socket designs to provide uninterrupted electrical...

Products: Photonics/Optics
Femtosecond Laser JenLas D2.fs

JENOPTIK I Lasers & Material Processing, Jena, Germany, has improved the laser parameters of its JenLas® D2.fs. The pulse repetition rate has been increased to more than 500 kilohertz and the output power by...

News: Medical
March Month-End Industry News

Here is the latest batch of news from the medical products community. Please click the link for more.

News: Medical
Seeking Space Research Postdoctoral Fellow Applications

The application period for the National Space Biomedical Research Institute's (NSBRI) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is now open. The two-year fellowships are available in any US laboratory carrying out space-related biomedical or biotechnological research.

Applicants are required...

News: Medical
Tiny Laboratory Implanted Under the Skin

A team of scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, have developed a tiny implantable device that can analyze the concentration of up to five proteins and organic acids in the blood simultaneously, and then transmit the...

News: Medical
FDA Drafts Guidance to Label Non-Latex Accurately

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued draft recommendations to medical product manufacturers for providing consumers with more accurate information about products not made with natural rubber latex (NRL), which can cause sensitivity or allergy in users.

News: Medical
Fine-Tuning Cochlear Implants

Longtime cochlear implant users are reporting dramatic improvements in their hearing, thanks to new image-guided programming methods developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Using a patent-pending nonsurgical process, audiologists can fine-tune and customize cochlear implant programming,...

News: Medical
Brain Data Released to Scientific Community

The Human Connectome Project, a five-year project to link brain connectivity to human behavior, has released a set of high-quality imaging and behavioral data to the scientific community. The project has two major goals: to collect vast amounts of data using advanced brain imaging methods on a large...

News: Imaging
Material Improves Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound technology could soon be improved to produce high-quality, high-resolution images, thanks to the development of a new key material by a team of researchers in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, College Station.

The engineered material, known as a...

News: Medical
Making Colonoscopies Safer

Research is being conducted at the Chevy Chase Clinical Research facility in Chevy Chase, MD, on a device that can measure the amount of force applied to the colonoscope during a colonoscopy, in order to make a colonoscopy safer and less uncomfortable.

Dr. Louis Korman of Capital Digestive Care and Artann...

News: Medical
Device Determines Stroke vs. Vertigo

A bedside electronic device that measures eye movements can be used to quickly determine whether the cause of severe, continuous, disabling dizziness is a stroke or something benign, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD.

To distinguish stroke from a more benign condition,...

News: Materials
New Silicone Rubber Developed

A physicist at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, invented a new material, a type of silicone rubber that is both rigid and fluid, called a “viscoelastic” solid, that can act like a memory foam, but with stretch and bounce. He foresees that it may have applications as a packaging tape, as a shoe...

News: Medical
March Mid-Month Industry News

Here is the latest batch of news from the medical products community. Please click the link for more.

News: Medical
Bacteria Proven to Clog Devices Swiftly

A new study by researchers at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, examined how bacteria clogs medical devices, and found that the microbes join to create slimy ribbons that form tangles, trapping other bacteria, and creating a full blockage in a very short period of time. Their findings, they say, could...

News: Electronics & Computers
Medical Devices to Be Affected by RoHS Directive in 2014

In addition to the Chemicals Regulation REACH (Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances), medical devices will soon have to comply with the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive on the restriction of...

News: Medical
Researchers Develop Rechargable, Wireless Brain Sensor

A team of neuroengineers based at Brown University, Providence, RI, has developed a fully implantable and rechargeable wireless brain sensor capable of relaying real-time broadband signals from up to 100 neurons in freely moving subjects. Several copies of the novel low-power device,...

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