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In this knowledge hub of Medical Design Briefs, get the latest news about the medical sensors market, including wearables, resistors, ingestibles, and lab-on-a-chip technology.

Briefs : Medical
Flexible Organic Sensor Acts as Self-Powered Heart Monitor

Self-powered devices that can be fit directly on human skin or tissue have great potential for medical applications. They could be used as physiological sensors for the real-time...

R&D : Medical
Quantum Dots Monitor Brain Activity

Luminescent quantum dots are finding new and exciting applications in current nano-science research, including improved solar energy collectors, LEDs, and quantum computers. A recent thrust from the U.S....

Briefs : Medical
Sugar-Powered Sensor Detects, Prevents Disease

Researchers at Washington State University have developed an implantable, biofuel-powered sensor that runs on sugar and can monitor a body's biological signals to detect, prevent and diagnose...

Articles : Medical
2018 Create the Future Design Contest: Medical Category Winner


The Implantable Myoelectric Sensor (IMES) system transmits localized myoelectric signals...

INSIDER : Medical
Wearable Device Fights High Blood Pressure

A team has developed a wearable blood pressure monitor, designed to continuously monitor his blood pressure at home. The Tactile Blood Pressure Imager (TBPI) is worn on the wrist, over the radial...

Briefs : Medical
Addressing Challenges in Personalized Medicine

Modern medicine has been able to drastically improve the quality of life of the global population. Diseases such as polio, syphilis, tuberculosis, or the plague have been almost eradicated and...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Integrated Sensor Could Monitor Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Implantation of a stent-like flow diverter can offer one option for less-invasive treatment of brain aneurysms — bulges in blood vessels — but the procedure requires frequent...

Blog : Medical
Answering Your Questions: How Can Medical IoT Devices Move Beyond Simple Information Gathering?
Is there more to the "Internet of Medical Things" than just data gathering? A reader asks our experts.
INSIDER : Wearables
Wearable Ultrasound Patch Monitors Blood Pressure Deep Inside Body

A new wearable ultrasound patch that non-invasively monitors blood pressure in arteries deep beneath the skin could help people detect cardiovascular problems earlier on and...

INSIDER : Medical
Test Kit Enables Quick, Accurate, and Inexpensive Disease Screening

A portable, easy-to-use device provides quick and accurate screening of diseases. The versatile technology platform called enVision (enzyme-assisted nanocomplexes for visual...

INSIDER : Medical
Compact Fiber Laser May Enable Wearable Tech and Better Endoscopes

By creating a new twist on fiber optic sensors, researchers have developed a smart, flexible photoacoustic imaging technique that may have potential applications in wearable...

INSIDER : Medical
Device Harvests Energy from Low-Frequency Vibrations

A wearable energy-harvesting device could generate energy from the swing of an arm while walking or jogging. The device, about the size of a wristwatch, produces enough power to run a...

INSIDER : Medical
Cloaking Nano-Sensors for Optics and Biomedicine

A new metamaterial will improve the accuracy of nano-sensors in optics and biomedicine by cloaking them from external radiation. The aim of the project is to model and then prototype a...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Photodetector to Improve Night Vision, Thermal Sensing

Using graphene, one of science's most versatile materials, engineers from the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have invented a new type of photodetector that can work with more types of light than its current state-of-the-art counterparts. The device also has superior sensing and imaging...

Briefs : Medical
Biosensor Chip Detects Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Wirelessly and with Higher Sensitivity

A team led by the University of California San Diego has developed a chip that can detect a type of genetic mutation known as a single nucleotide...

Features : Electronics & Computers
Using LCP-Based Flexible Substrates for Medical Smart Sensor Applications

Medical devices require sensors that are miniaturized, highly reliable and integrated, cost-effective, hermetic, and biocompatible. By combining thin film technology...

Briefs : Medical
Wireless Pressure-Sensing Eye Implant Could Help Prevent Blindness

Researchers at Caltech have developed an implantable pressure sensor that can reside in the human eye for years at a time while wirelessly sending data about the eye’s...

News : Medical
Early Detection of Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers are developing early detection technology for Type 1 diabetes that can accurately predict whether a child is at risk of the chronic disease. The researchers hope their detection kit could one...

Features : Medical
Designing a System to Obtain Electrodermal Activity for Wearables

In recent years, activity trackers and other wearable electronic devices have gained popularity due to users’ desire to monitor, measure, and track using various real-time...

Briefs : Wearables
New Patch Boosts Brightness in Medical Diagnostic Tests

Fluorescence-based biosensing and bioimaging technologies are widely used in research and clinical settings to detect and image various biological species of interest. While...

INSIDER : Medical
Pill-Sized Sensor Detects Gases in the Gut

New trials of a breakthrough swallowable sensor have revealed the device is 3,000 times more accurate than current technology used to diagnose many gut disorders. The findings show the revolutionary...

INSIDER : Wearables
Wristband Monitors Cells in Bloodstream

A smart wristband with a wireless connection to smartphones will enable a new wave of personal health and environmental monitoring devices. The technology, which could be added to watches and other...

INSIDER : Medical
Flexible, Tailor-Made Mammogram Machines

Researchers have created a device that conforms to the subject that could be possible for breast cancer screenings to be carried out by adapting the x-ray detector arrays to the specification of...

INSIDER : Medical
Breath Test Detects Early-Stage Parkinson’s

Researchers have tested a sensor to detect early-stage Parkinson’s disease from the breath of patients. The device it has potential as a small, portable system to screen at-risk individuals...

INSIDER : Medical
Stressed Out? This Wearable Can Tell

A stretchy patch, applied directly to the skin, wicks up sweat and assesses how much cortisol — the stress hormone — a person is producing. To see cortisol levels, all a user needs to do is sweat...

Briefs : Materials
Low-Cost Plastic Sensors Could Monitor a Range of Health Conditions

An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide range of health...

Features : Medical
Miniaturized Wireless Medical Wearables

Traditionally, small chip antennas used in RF-enabled medical devices have required a designated ground “keep out” area to minimize interference from other components and ensure the ideal radiation...

Briefs : Medical
Bringing a Human Touch to Modern Prosthetics

Amputees often experience the sensation of a “phantom limb”—a feeling that a missing body part is still there. That sensory illusion is closer to becoming a reality thanks to a team of...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Soft Contacts Monitor Glucose, Deliver Medication

Researchers have developed soft contact lenses that not only correct vision but also can monitor glucose and medical conditions and be used for ocular pain relief or drug delivery. The team...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Product of the Month: August 2018 Medical Design Briefs

High-Definition Sensor

OmniVision Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, has released the latest member of its high definition (HD) medical image sensor family. The OH01A employs the...


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