Products : Materials
MED Resins

Arkema (Philadelphia, PA) offers Pebax® MED resins for medical device applications, including devices exposed short-term to bodily fluids (

Products : Photonics/Optics
Bright Lens

Universe Kogaku America (Oyster Bay, NY) offers the EL 1025B, a 25-mm CCTV lens with an F/0.95 aperture in a one-inch format. It features adjustable focus and iris for low-light applications. The 16-mm (1 in.) lens format offers high image quality. It fea- tures an aperture range of .95 to 16.

Products : Medical
GigE Camera With Medical Enclosure

Allied Vision Technologies (Burnaby, Canada) offers the Prosilica GS Gigabit Ethernet camera with an optional medical housing. This periscope-style digital camera with GigE Vision interface is available in resolutions ranging from VGA (0.3 Megapixel) to 5 Megapixel. The alternative casing in white is designed...

Products : Electronics & Computers
External AC/DC Power Supplies

The AFM series of external AC/DC power supply units from XP Power (Sunnyvale, CA) is designed for portable medical equipment applications. The AFM range is rated up to

120 watts and provides a +12, +15, +18, +24, or +48 VDC output. The units comply with the UL60601-1/EN60601-1 medical safety standards. The...

Products : Materials
Light-Curing Adhesive

DYMAX (Torrington, CT) offers the UltraRed™ 1120-M-UR tack-free, LED-curable, plastic bonding medical device adhesive formulated for on-demand cure with the BlueWave® LED Prime UVA spot-curing lamp. Ultra-Red fluoresces bright red under low-intensity “black” light (365 nm), contrasting with plastics that naturally...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
Express Testing Makes for More Effective Vet Visit

NASA-developed technologies have found new uses in a variety of medical-related applications. Here we highlight some of those spinoff innovations that had their roots in NASA.

From “man’s best friend” to the exotic mammals and reptiles that grace the grounds of a zoo, recent...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
Keeping Hearts Pumping

NASA-developed technologies have found new uses in a variety of medical-related applications. Here we highlight some of those spinoff innovations that had their roots in NASA.

An estimated one million people worldwide have heart conditions that would benefit from a heart transplant. However, the number of donor...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
'Mindshift' Biofeedback Gaming Technology

NASA-developed technologies have found new uses in a variety of medical-related applications. Here we highlight some of those spinoff innovations that had their roots in NASA.

The gamer's quest is for reality, but there are limits when an animated, armored man is shooting at a banshee flying at...

Features : Medical
Technical Innovations Pave the Way for Advanced OCT Imaging Applications

Over the last several years, the technology that enables optical coherence tomography (OCT) has significantly improved. When it first debuted, OCT was a natural fit for ophthalmologists to utilize the near-infrared light-based technology to create high-resolution images of...

Features : Electronics & Computers
The Ins and Outs of Connectors in Medical Equipment

Medical equipment manufacturers are placing greater emphasis on higher resolution imaging, viewing, and displays in diagnostic equipment. As a result, EMI and RFI requirements are critical considerations when designing X-ray machines and ultrasound equipment. In addition to resolution...

Features : Medical
Ultrasonic Echo Probe With Measurement of Contact Pressure Distribution

This ultrasonic echo apparatus can measure tissue inside living bodies, non-invasively. The developed probe has a film-like piezoelectric sensor installed on the contact surface of an ordinary medical ultrasonic probe, and it can measure the contact pressure distribution...

Products : Imaging
3D Scanning and Inspection System

CGI Inspection (Eden Prairie, MN) offers the Pearl-700 Desktop 3D scanning and inspection system with Spec.Check software to establish cross-sections through the 3D point cloud. It is suitable for first article inspection of small complex parts with internal features that cannot be seen or measured using...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Custom Molded Parts

Xcentric Mold & Engineering (Chesterfield, MI) offers custom molded parts for medical products using all-electric machines that use 80% less energy than hydraulic oil machines. Press sizes range from 50 ton to 400 ton clamping forces and shot sizes from .1 ounce to 34 ounces.

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Tuohy Borst Adapter

Qosina (Edgewood, NY) and Merit Medical Systems have introduced a tuohy borst adapter that accepts up to 9 French and incorporates a tri-cut silicone valve technology that provides a leak-proof seal. With a polycarbonate body and cap, it takes just three turns to seal, and features a wide cap design that has a stop mechanism...

Products : Connectivity
RF Wireless Foot Control

Linemaster (Woodstock, CT) offers an RF wireless foot control with up to 5 digital and 3 analog switch functions with additional switch functions available upon request. The RF technology utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 Standard and operates in the worldwide ISM 2.4-GHz frequency band. The communication scheme does not require...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Luer-Activated Stopcocks

Halkey-Roberts (Saint Petersburg, FL) offers 4-way swabable luer-activated stopcocks (available in a lever or T-handle configuration) that provide the safety of a closed system with a leak-free aseptic swabable port. The needle-free access port can be swabbed in order to maintain a sterile barrier. The valves are...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Power Supplies

Protek Power (Hudson, MA) offers the PMP31 Series of medical desktop power supplies that provide 30 watts of power in a compact 1.96" × 4.64" × 1.26" package. The series is approved to UL60601-1, CSA22.2 No. 601.1, and EN60601-1 medical standards, and complies with EN55011/FCC/VCCI Class B radiated and conducted EMI standards....

Products : Materials
Fluorosilicone Coating

The MED-6655 fluorosilicone dispersion from NuSil (Carpinteria, CA) is comprised of 60% solids with a medium durometer. Because it is a room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) material, it is suitable for spraying and dip-coating processes, as well as sealing and bonding applications. It may be used in place of a standard...

Products : Motion Control
Medical-Grade Foot Control

STEUTE Meditech (Ridgefield, CT) has introduced the Medical-Grade Series RF-MED full-perimeter actuation foot control for medical equipment. It is all aluminum,

CE-compliant, and features a mechanical life rating in excess of one million operations. The RF-MED is suitable for X-ray equipment, ultrasonic systems,...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Aseptic Pumphead

The model 114 aseptic dental irrigation pumphead from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (Wilmington, MA) features an automatic tube stretch for error-free loading and four rollers to reduce pulsation and deliver up to 300 mL/min of continuous fluid flow. It also offers a secure, fully enclosed spring-loaded operation for long tube life....

Mission Accomplished : Medical
Tiny Technology With a Big Heart

When undergoing medical treatment, physicians frequently determine that a patient's vital signs — such as blood pressure and heart rate — need to be closely monitored. For most patients today, this means a variety of wires and sensors will be attached to their bodies. But thanks to technology developed at...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
Monitoring Outpatient Care

Each year, health care costs for managing chronically ill patients increase as the life expectancy of Americans continues to grow. To handle this situation, many hospitals, doctors’ practices, and home-care providers are turning to disease management, a system of coordinated health care interventions and...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
NASA's Image Enhancement Technology Brings Diagnostic Testing to New Level

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has given the world amazing images of the distant stars, planets, and galaxies. The cutting-edge imaging technology that enhances the Hubble images also extends its benefits to life here on Earth. This imaging technology is now helping...

Mission Accomplished : Materials
‘Contact’ in Space Leads to New Lenses

While gravity has its advantages in keeping us balanced and grounded here on Earth, scientists often find that they are at a disadvantage when trying to conduct research under its powerful, pulling influence. In these instances, the scientists prefer performing their studies in the weightless atmosphere...

Mission Accomplished : Medical
A New Frontier for Cardiac Monitoring

Hemodynamics is defined as the study behind the forces involved with blood circulation. Previously, monitoring these forces presented a costly and invasive procedure, but because of NASA funding and technology, cardiac patients were given a non-invasive monitor that provides accurate data about their...

Features : Medical
Medical Device Testing: Start With a Strategy and Plan

Most medical device manufacturers must first receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can market a medical device. Device manufacturers must demonstrate that their device is safe and effective for the intended application. The tests that must be performed...

Products : Motion Control
Safety Valves

Bimba Manufacturing (Monee, IL) has introduced the Pneumatic Isolation Valve (PIV) Series to its line of air preparation products. The series is available in nine sizes, ranging from 0.25" to 1.5". They feature a lock out — tag out style and meet OSHA and ANSI/PMMI standards that require a lockout valve installed on all...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Humidity Sensor

The SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor from Sensirion (Westlake Village, CA) is encapsulated in a 3 × 3 × 1.1 mm DFN 3-0 package. Over-molding provides protection against harsh environments. It is fully calibrated and provides an I2C digital interface. Analog output modes are available upon request....

Products : Materials
Lubricious Coatings

Bayer MaterialScience (Pittsburgh, PA) offers Baymedix™ CL 100, a lubricious surface treatment for medical devices that gives a durable coating. The coating has demonstrated low coefficients of wet friction, 0.02-0.03, on prototype devices. Directly grafting the treatment onto the surface of the medical device achieves a...

Products : Materials
Transdermal Adhesives

NuSil Technology (Carpinteria, CA) has introduced two transdermal adhesives. The DDR-1370 is a one-part, non-curing, traditional pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) dispersed in ethyl acetate. It has a typical viscosity of 1,450 cP, and once coated onto a substrate, can be die cut into various shapes. It offers high cohesive...

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