Global Innovations : Medical
Virtual Reality in Medicine: New Opportunities for Diagnostics and Surgical Planning
University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Before an operation, surgeons have to obtain the most precise image possible of the anatomical structures of the part of the body undergoing surgery. University of Basel researchers have now...

Features : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Advanced Tactile Sensors Drive the Next Generation of Blood Pressure Devices

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the number one risk factor for premature death worldwide, affecting 70 million American adults (one out of three). Day-to-day blood pressure measurement is the best way to monitor and mitigate the risks of hypertension.

Features : Medical
Draw-Tower Gratings in Multicore Fiber: A Paradigm Shift in Curvature Sensing

Fiber-optic curvature sensing has great potential for a number of medical and industrial applications because alternative solutions are practically nonexistent, at least for similar small sizes. FBGS has shown the feasibility of performing curvature sensing using a...

Features : Connectivity
Lasers: The Perfect Tool for Industry 4.0

With the advent of Industry 4.0, digital manufacturing promises speed, directness, and flexibility — so it needs a tool that meets those demands. Fortunately, the right technology has been evolving and is poised to step into that role. Laser systems have long played an integral part in the evolution of...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Plastic Welding Technologies for Medical Device Design and Assembly

The structures of most medical devices are far too complex to mold as a single piece. Therefore, it is necessary to assemble their components into a finished product. While this may be done with mechanical fasteners or adhesives, plastic welding may offer significant advantages....

Features : Connectivity
Open Core Engineering: New Freedom for Machine Automation Programming

The increasing sophistication and complexity of medical devices is compounded by strict regulatory requirements that demand systems that can produce consistent, repeatable results. Automation has been key to achieving these goals while maximizing output and minimizing...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Additive Manufacturing Revolutionizes Medical Device Production

For years, the medical device industry has been leading the adoption of additive manufacturing. With the evolution of high-precision printers that span a large offering of performance resins, thermoplastics, and metals, the small size and high customization requirements of today's...

Technology Leaders : Medical
Plasma-Applied Silicone Coatings for the Next Generation of Medical Devices

For many medical device manufacturers, the application of proprietary coatings and surface treatments can play a critical role in differentiating their products as they develop new devices and reimagine the next generation of their existing products. For products such as...

Multipurpose functionality has become an expectation in the modern lifestyle. A washing machine is no longer just a washing machine but rather a computerized appliance that...

Products : Medical
New Products: April 2017 Medical Design Briefs

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH — Introducer Sheath

Freudenberg Medical, Jeffersonville, IN, has launched a new introducer sheath for medical device companies looking to accelerate time to market with a unique white label device. The FlexSeal® introducer sheath is designed for companies looking to...

Products : Medical
New Products & Services: April 2017 Medical Manufacturing & Fabrication

Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System

Amada Miyachi America, Monrovia, CA, has added a new pulsed fiber laser welding system to its LMF series of lasers. The 70-W LMF70-HP is ideal for welding small components and thin metals up to 0.01-in. (0.25 mm) thick. It is...

Samples : Medical
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New Customized Medical Extrusions from Zeus

Tie Layer — Improved Catheter Construction

Zeus' new Tie Layer improves liner-to-jacket bond strength for a stronger and more consistently performing catheter. With bond strength...

Features : Medical
Maintaining Quality and Efficiency of Extrusion Tooling

Today's machining tolerances are held extremely close on multilumen and multi-layer medical tubing through the use of state-of-the-art production equipment and processes. Any misalignment of the tools may be exaggerated in the final product output.

Applying fluid dynamic principles to extrusion tooling design benefits any medical device company involved with continuous extrusion. Benefits include improved product tolerances, reduced...

Features : Design
Fixating on Innovation: A Revolution in Spinal Fusion Surgery

When a person suffers from degenerative disc disease, spine trauma, or cancer of the spine, the result is decreased stability that can produce pain — often severe — during normal activities. Surgeons will first attempt conservative measures such as cortisone injections and...

Features : Medical
Connector Technology: Miniaturization in Medical Devices

Connectors are getting smaller and denser. The question is, how small can connectors go? To answer this question, it is important to remember that the applications that use connectors demand a number of performance and reliability requirements, particularly in medical devices.

Features : Medical
MES as a Single Source of Truth: Achieving Regulatory Compliance at Sparton

A couple of years ago, contract manufacturer Sparton Corporation faced increasing demand for high-quality, highly complex products that were delivered as quickly as possible. The multisite contract manufacturer serves highly regulated end markets, including the medical...

Global Innovations : Medical
Device Combines Ultrasound and Photoacoustics to Improve Imaging
University of Twente Enschede,
The Netherlands

In collaboration with various companies, scientists at the University of Twente's MIRA biomedical research institute have recently developed a prototype for a handheld device that combines ultrasound...

Products : Medical
New Products: March 2017 Medical Design Briefs

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH — High-Strength Alloy

Foster, Putnam, CT, has introduced compounds for medical device components that require high strength, yet cannot use metals or traditional reinforced plastics. The Nanomed MAX® compounds, based on an alloy of meta-xylene diamine polyamide (MX...

Features : Medical
Medical Device Tax: Goodbye and Good Riddance

When the controversial medical device excise tax was introduced more than seven years ago as part of the Affordable Care Act, industry criticized it as a “jobs killer” and predicted that such a tax would essentially wipe out investment in R&D.

Features : Medical
High-Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes for Medical Diagnostics

Detection of a single photon is a requirement for many research and medical applications, such as fluorescence imaging, single molecule imaging, and luminescence applications. The sensitivity required for single photon detection has traditionally been provided by a photon...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Ultrafast Lasers for Medical Manufacturing

Ultrafast or ultrashort pulse lasers offer unique material processing possibilities, because the laser’s pulse duration is less than the target material’s conduction time. Essentially this means that cold machining of parts is possible — with material being removed by sublimation. This...

Features : FDA/Regulatory
Quality Assurance: Risk Mitigation for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Safety and reliability are the key concerns when determining the right power source for a medical device. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are often considered for their higher energy density, lighter weight, longer cycle life, superior capacity retention, and ability to withstand a...

Features : Medical
Medical Plastics: Meeting Today’s Changing Requirements

Today’s medical device designers and OEMs are challenged to meet a wide, and sometimes conflicting, range of requirements. These targets stem not only from regulatory restrictions, but are equally likely to arise based on market perceptions, pressures to contain costs, and the changing...

Features : Medical
Advanced Sealing Technology Enables the Next Generation of Insulin Delivery Devices

Diabetes is not only one of the most common chronic diseases, it is also complex and difficult to treat. Insulin is often administered between meals to keep blood sugar within target range and at mealtimes based on the number of carbohydrates to be ingested. A...

Features : Medical
Project Management: Four Trends to Follow in 2017

We are living through an era of profound change. Technology is affecting this change in ways unthinkable only a decade ago and none more so than in the medical device industry. A tour of life sciences conferences over the past year revealed a number of technological advances that are now driving...

Global Innovations : Medical
3D Printed Lens Enhances Images in New Ultrasound Device
Nanyang Technological University

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, have developed an ultrasound device that produces sharper images through the use of 3D printed lenses. With clearer images, doctors and...

Products : Medical
New Products: February 2017 Medical Design Briefs


Excelitas Technologies, Waltham, MA, has expanded its OmniCure® product line with a higher power UV LED curing system for fiber optic coatings. The new OmniCure AC8225-F+ features a custom optical design that provides optical performance...

Features : Tubing & Extrusion
Silicone Pump Segments for Medication and Feeding Pumps

They are vitally important, make therapy possible, and they have become an integral part in hospitals or home-care settings: medication and feeding pumps supply patients with essential medication and nutrition. It is not only the right electronic and mechanical components that are crucial...

Features : Connectivity
Building an Integrated Home Health Monitoring System

Among the challenges faced by the healthcare sector is a population that is growing older. The elderly population is expected to grow significantly over the next 20 years. Having an independent lifestyle is highly desired by elderly people, but independence for older adults often comes with...

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Bump or Tapered Tubing

Microspec has extruded bump tubing since 1990 and is recognized as an industry leader in multi-lumen bump extrusions. Bump extrusion technology has enabled designers to shrink distal dimensions while maximizing the functionality at the proximal end. Microspec led the industry with its development and introduction of micro multi-lumen bump extrusions.

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