Products : Materials
Fluorosilicone Coating

The MED-6655 fluorosilicone dispersion from NuSil (Carpinteria, CA) is comprised of 60% solids with a medium durometer. Because it is a room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) material, it is suitable for spraying and dip-coating processes, as well as sealing and bonding applications. It may be used in place of a standard...

Products : Motion Control
Medical-Grade Foot Control

STEUTE Meditech (Ridgefield, CT) has introduced the Medical-Grade Series RF-MED full-perimeter actuation foot control for medical equipment. It is all aluminum,

CE-compliant, and features a mechanical life rating in excess of one million operations. The RF-MED is suitable for X-ray equipment, ultrasonic systems,...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Aseptic Pumphead

The model 114 aseptic dental irrigation pumphead from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (Wilmington, MA) features an automatic tube stretch for error-free loading and four rollers to reduce pulsation and deliver up to 300 mL/min of continuous fluid flow. It also offers a secure, fully enclosed spring-loaded operation for long tube life....

Features : Medical
Medical Device Testing: Start With a Strategy and Plan

Most medical device manufacturers must first receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can market a medical device. Device manufacturers must demonstrate that their device is safe and effective for the intended application. The tests that must be performed...

Features : Software
Using Finite Element Analysis to Improve Intraocular Lenses

Medical device design presents specific challenges for finite element analysis (FEA) engineers, who are tasked with simulating the mechanical behavior of medical devices or their components under a variety of conditions. These simulations help designers optimize the device and/or its...

Features : Software
CFD Modeling and Visualization Aid Stent Research

Once considered a medical miracle, today’s coronary stent installations are now viewed as low-risk and commonplace procedures. In the U.S. alone, more than one million patients with heart disease receive stent implants every year.

Features : Electronics & Computers
Scheduling Accessory Assists Patients with Cognitive Disorders

Neuropsychology is the study of how the brain relates to behavior, emotion, and cognition. Clinical neuropsychologists evaluate the behavioral effects of neurological and developmental disorders stemming from brain injury, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and...

Features : Medical
Multispectral Imaging Broadens Cellular Analysis

How does life begin and evolve? Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? What is the future of life on Earth and beyond?

Features : Photonics/Optics
Space Telescope Optics Aids Design of Eye-Saving Light Bulb

Throughout its existence, NASA has made many amazing discoveries in the field of optics that have led to improved eye care and eyewear applications on Earth. Innovations such as laser eye-tracking for LASIK vision-correction procedures, eye trackers that enable people with severe...

Features : Medical
Lockable Knee Brace Speeds Rehabilitation

Marshall Space Flight Center develops key transportation and propulsion technologies for the Space Agency. The Center manages propulsion hardware and technologies of the space shuttle, develops the next generation of space transportation and propulsion systems, oversees science and hardware development...

Features : Software
Web-Based Programs Assess Cognitive Fitness

Astronauts, pilots, air traffic controllers, truck drivers, shift workers, and mountain climbers have something in common: All are at risk for impaired cognitive abilities due to stress or sleep deprivation. Whether in space or on Earth, stress and sleep loss can cause a reduction in certain cognitive...

Products : Motion Control
Safety Valves

Bimba Manufacturing (Monee, IL) has introduced the Pneumatic Isolation Valve (PIV) Series to its line of air preparation products. The series is available in nine sizes, ranging from 0.25" to 1.5". They feature a lock out — tag out style and meet OSHA and ANSI/PMMI standards that require a lockout valve installed on all...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Humidity Sensor

The SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor from Sensirion (Westlake Village, CA) is encapsulated in a 3 × 3 × 1.1 mm DFN 3-0 package. Over-molding provides protection against harsh environments. It is fully calibrated and provides an I2C digital interface. Analog output modes are available upon request....

Products : Materials
Lubricious Coatings

Bayer MaterialScience (Pittsburgh, PA) offers Baymedix™ CL 100, a lubricious surface treatment for medical devices that gives a durable coating. The coating has demonstrated low coefficients of wet friction, 0.02-0.03, on prototype devices. Directly grafting the treatment onto the surface of the medical device achieves a...

Products : Medical
Transdermal Adhesives

NuSil Technology (Carpinteria, CA) has introduced two transdermal adhesives. The DDR-1370 is a one-part, non-curing, traditional pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) dispersed in ethyl acetate. It has a typical viscosity of 1,450 cP, and once coated onto a substrate, can be die cut into various shapes. It offers high cohesive...

Products : Materials
F-Treated FKM Elastomers

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (Minneapolis, MN) offers F-treated FKM elastomers for custom-designed seals located in medical devices such as endoscopes. The F-treat process provides a low coefficient of friction surface that will not dissipate with wear. The treatment provides surgeons with more sensitivity and “feel”...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Breakaway Connectors

ITT Interconnect Solutions (Santa Ana, CA) offers the Nemesis Series and MKJ Series breakaway connectors that incorporate a simple push/pull mating mechanism to engage and disengage the connector systems. The coupling mechanism utilizes a canted spring design, which allows for quick disconnect and ratings of more than 5,000...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Single-Use Connectors

Colder Products Company (St. Paul, MN) offers AseptiQuik™ connectors with a "click, pull, twist" design: an audible click confirms the initial connection, pull tabs allow simultaneous membrane removal, and a twist of the integrated lock ring provides secure final assembly. Connection can be made without the need for...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda (San Diego, CA) has introduced the NVM175 series of medically approved AC-DC power supplies. Combining 4.5 kVac reinforced input to output isolation with dual input fusing and an output-to-ground isolation of 1500 Vac, the NVM175 meets UL/EN/IEC60601-1 and is suitable for use in BF (Body Floating) type medical...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Solenoid Valves

Sensortechnics (Walpole, MA) offers the Ten-X Series of 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves available with integrated "Hit and Hold" drive electronics to reduce power consumption and heat generation using pulse width modulation. The valves offer high flow rates of 8 lpm at 6 psi and 22 lpm a t30 psi through a 0.060" orifice. The...

Products : Materials
Cure-Indicating Adhesive

DYMAX (Torrington, CT) offers DYMAX MD® 1200 series adhesives for rapid bonding of a variety of substrates found in medical devices. These adhesives are bright blue in their uncured state, making them easy to see on a variety of substrates, in deep wells, or when sandwiched between two layers of materials. The blue...

RFID Cabinet

The new RFID-Enabled Cabinet from Terso Solutions (Madison, WI) is suitable for operating room supply centers and catheterization labs. It has 25 cubic feet of storage space and measures 36" wide, 26" deep, and 80" tall. To access the cabinet, the user presents an electronic access control card to a cabinet-mounted scanner and...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Sensor Connector

Hirose Electric (Simi Valley, CA) offers a sensor connector for users of blood glucose monitoring devices and strips. It increases mating cycles to more than 10,000. The connector incorporates an automated ejection mechanism for the blood sensor, which allows a more hygienic approach to strip removal. Users push a button to...

Products : Motion Control
Rotary Encoder

The MSR 40 modular steel tape rotary encoder from RSF Elektronik (Tarsdorf, Austria) is now available in North America through the HEIDENHAIN Corporation (Schaumburg, IL). The encoder is suitable for measurement applications with diameters of 6 in (150 mm) to 6 ft (~2 m). The steel tape of the MSR 40 utilizes the proven...

Features : Medical
Implants and Prosthetic Devices: Helping the Body Reach its Full Potential

Medical technology is currently capable of treating such physical hardships as loss of limb, eyelid paralysis, and chronic osteoarthritis – but researchers are continually finding ways to improve upon the effectiveness of these and other implanted and prosthetic device...

Features : Robotics, Automation & Control
Going the Distance: Surgical Robotics and Remote Medical Care in the Battlefield

Providing medical care from afar using robotic technology is a fascinating concept that could save more lives in the battlefield. The technology still has a way to go, but it is starting to make its way into reality. One thing researchers are discovering is that...

Features : Medical
Image-Capture Devices Extend Medicine’s Reach

In spring 2008, Dr. Scott Dulchavsky diagnosed high-altitude pulmonary edema in a climber over 20,000 feet up the slope of Mount Everest. Dulchavsky made the diagnosis from his office in Detroit, half a world away. The story behind this long-distance medical achievement begins with a seemingly...

Features : Medical
Polymer Coats Leads on Implantable Medical Device

Langley Research Center’s Soluble Imide (LaRC-SI) was discovered by accident. While researching resins and adhesives for advanced composites for high-speed aircraft, Robert Bryant, a Langley engineer, noticed that one of the polymers he was working with did not behave as predicted. After...

Features : Medical
Medical Devices Assess, Treat Balance Disorders

You may have heard the phrase “as difficult as walking and chewing gum” as a joking way of referring to something that is not difficult at all. Just walking, however, is not all that simple – physiologically speaking. Even standing upright is an undertaking requiring the complex cooperation...

Features : Medical
Electrolyte Concentrates Treat Dehydration

For astronauts returning to Earth, adjusting to full gravity can be just as demanding as any of the challenges they faced in space. While readjusting to Earth’s gravitational pull, astronauts can experience difficulties moving and balancing, headaches, nausea, and even fainting spells.

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