Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Configuring Complex Part Designs for Prosthetic Devices

ToughWare Prosthetics, an engineering and design group dedicated to developing innovative new assistive technologies, helps satisfy the global need for prosthetic devices that are inexpensive, designed to enable intense physical activity, labor, self-reliance, and are easy to maintain. The...

Features : Materials
Bacterial Resistant Polymers Identified

Scientists at the University of Nottingham, in the UK, have discovered a new class of polymers that they say are resistant to bacterial attachment. These new materials could lead to a significant reduction in hospital-acquired infections and medical device failures.

Features : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Exoskeletons Provide Hope for Those with Paraplegia

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, somewhere between 236,000 to 327,000 people in the US are living with serious spinal cord injuries. About 155,000 have paraplegia. Until now, being able to stand and walk again has been only been a dream for people paralyzed below...

Features : Medical
Advantages of Laser Micromachining for Balloons and Catheters

Drug-eluting balloon (DEB) and drug delivery catheter (DDC) based treatments are increasingly being offered and used for the treatment of coronary, peripheral, neurovascular, and ENT applications. European markets have already seen a larger acceptance of these therapy choices ahead of...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
EMS Capabilities for Medical Devices

Suntron Corporation (Phoenix, AZ), a leader in integrated electronics manufacturing systems (EMS) and embedded computing solutions, will showcase its capabilities for the medical industry in Booth #126 at BIOMEDevice San Jose. Suntron provides FDA class I - III box build, printed circuit board assembly, large...

Products : Medical
Series 1336 and 1741 CXR Brushed Motors

MICROMO (Clearwater, FL) has expanded its range of brushed motors with the addition of two new CXR series graphite commutated motors. The new drives offer high-power density with 4 or 8 mNm continuous output torque and an extremely flat gradient of the n/M curve. Featuring compact dimensions of 13 mm or 17...

Products : Motion Control
Configurable CAD Models for DC Brush Motors

PITTMAN Motors, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control (Harleysville, PA), introduced configurable DC motor 3D model downloads. The 3D model system is an online system that allows an engineer to fully configure a DC brush motor with a wide variety of optional components such as planetary and...

Products : Motion Control
Slotless Frameless Direct Drive Motors

Applimotion, Inc., (Loomis, CA) introduces new models of its UTS Slotless frameless direct drive motors expanding covering sizes from 12 mm diameter to 300 mm diameter. The slotless motor product line is optimum for smooth motion when imaging or positioning at sub-micron levels due to the zero cogging and...

Products : Test & Measurement
Temperature Profiling Success Stories

Datapaq (Santa Cruz, CA), the world's leading supplier of temperature profiling systems, announces the digital publication Application Success Stories, an online anthology of end-user case studies describing the successful usage of Datapaq in-process temperature profiling products and systems in a broad...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Adjustable Mounting Shaft Collars

A line of adjustable mounting shaft collars that can be customized for securing sprockets, pulleys, lever arms, and other drive components is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. (Wilmington, MA). Accu-Mount™ Collars are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, in 11 sizes from 1/2" to 2" I.D....

Products : Medical
One-Trip Temperature Data Logger

Lemos International Co., Inc., (Barrington, RI) offers the compact and easy-to-use disposable PicoLite USB data logger, which provides a simple solution for temperature monitoring through out mass transportation cold chain processes. The PicoLite features a built-in temperature sensor, activation button, bi-color...

Products : Medical
PwrBlade Power Distribution Connector

FCI USA, LLC (Etters, PA) has developed the PwrBlade Series connector, which incorporates a modular design that enables easy upgrades to medical equipment. It also simplifies equipment designs by satisfying both power and data requirements in one connector, reducing the number of connectors required in the...

Products : Medical
Miniature Micropump for Air, Gas, and Fluids

Servoflo Corporation (Lexington, MA) announcees the MP-6 Series of micropumps. Based on piezoelectric diaphragm pump technology, the MP-6 micropump delivers air, gas, or liquid for low flow applications in a wide variety of industries. The MP-6 is extremely small in size, measuring 30 mm × 15 mm ×...

Products : Medical
Solenoid Pump for Greater Design Flexibility

The Lee Company (Westbrook, CT) offers a new LPL2 Inert Solenoid Pump featuring a revolutionary port head design that allows tubing connections and manifold mounting, and enables the designer to test the fluidic system using connections to soft 1/16" tubing. Once the system design has been finalized,...

Products : Medical
Integrated Wireless Data Transmission System

Mahr Federal Inc., (Provi dence, RI) has added a new Mar Connect Integrated Wireless data transmission system to its family of MarCator Digital Indicators at prices that compete with typical wired systems. New low power data transmission technology allows the transmitter to be built into the digital...

Products : Medical
High Endurance 12GS Brush DC Motors

Portescap (West Chester, PA) introduces 12GS motors to their Athlonix™ platform of high-power density brush dc motors. The 12GS motors deliver spectacular speed-to-torque performance in a compact lighter weight package with output power up to 1.2 watts, and feature an energy efficient coreless design. They...

Products : Medical
Metalworking Fluids for Medical Tools

High precision, high quality medical machining products require fluids from Cimcool Fluid Technology LLC, (Cincinnati, OH), designed in conjunction with medical suppliers to meet the technical challenges of the industry’s metalworking applications. Like all CIMCOOL fluids, these meet stringent quality,...

Products : Medical
Software Suite for 3D Part Processing

To meet the needs of manufacturers processing 3D components on abrasive waterjet machines, OMAX Corporation released the latest version of its Intelli- MAX Software Suite. The new Intelli-MAX 18 provides programming power and solutions together with functions and features that deliver increased...

Products : Medical
Hospital Grade V-Lock Cordsets

Schurter Inc., (Santa Rosa, CA) expanded its range of V-Lock power cords to include two types designed to ensure patient safety in critical medical and dental applications and that meet UL 817 testing. The solid pin construction and extra-safe wiring are visible through the plug’s transparent material. The cord...

Features : Materials
Creating a Healthier Future

The 10th annual “Create the Future” Design Contest, attracted more than 950 innovative product ideas from engineers and students in 65 countries. The Medical category itself received 92 outstanding entries from 21 countries.

Features : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Grand Prize Winner

The Sensordrone, an invention that dramatically extends the sensing capabilities of smartphones and tablets, came out of the Consumer Products category, but could well have been entered in almost all of the categories because of its versatility. The keyfob- sized device includes sensors that enable consumers to run a variety...

Features : Medical
Medical Category Winner

The Medical winner was simply named Prosthetic Leg Connector. Its simplistic name belies the amount of thought and care that went into the creation of a device to replace the traditional silicone rubber “sock” that is pulled very snugly over a residual limb before attaching an artificial leg.

Features : Electronics & Computers
Honorable Mentions

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the best way to prevent the two million annual cases of hospital-acquired infections is by increasing hand hygiene among staff members. Yet the average US hospital has a 40% compliance rate with guidelines.

Features : Electronics & Computers
Most Popular Entries

Current navigational aids for the visually impaired include global positioning systems (GPS) and other devices using expensive or complex sensing systems that require setup, calibration, and adjustment. These sensors mount on a cane or directly on the person, forcing the user to put the system on, boot it up, and make sure...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Wireless Power Solutions for Medical Technology

In today’s medical technology field, having a reliable and stable power source is a critical requirement for safe operation. Wireless power provides a unique advantage in that a device can now be completely sealed, thus allowing a device to be safe, robust, and simpler to maintain. And with...

Features : Materials
Multilayer Construction Offers Functionality and Versatility

The medical area has long required specialized materials be utilized to treat patients, and the processes of drug delivery and fluid handling are no exception. Hospitals across the globe make use of large volumes of tubing and medical bags every day for the transmission of blood,...

Features : Lighting
High Power LED Chip Array Packaging

The last few years have seen the development of larger, higher power, higher luminescence light-emitting diode (LED) chips. Prior to this, LEDs were typically 0.020" x 0.020", came in various colors and were used primarily as optical indicators. This new breed of LEDs come in various colors, including white...

Features : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Seal Improves Life of Implantable Pump, and of Patient

When engineers at a Swiss medical device company began designing an implantable low-flow pump to treat the condition known as ascites, or peritoneal cavity fluid, they knew they were on the verge of a therapeutic breakthrough. But protecting their pump’s inner workings from exposure to...

Features : Materials
Benefits of LED Cured Adhesives in Medical Applications

Selecting an adhesive is often a difficult task because it involves give and take between the end-use and manufacturing requirements. When it comes to bonding applications in the medical industry, the challenge is even greater because of strict specifications and safety constraints. A...

Features : Medical
Therapeutic Laser Systems Improve Quality of Life and Save in Healthcare

Global population aging is unprecedented: the global population of children under age five is expected to fall by 49 million by midcentury, while the number of people over age 60 will grow by 1.2 billion, according to the United Nations. An aging population brings with it...

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