Products : Medical
Hercules Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments, Houston, TX, introduces its latest 32-bit dual-core lockstep Hercules™ RM57Lx and TMS570LCx microcontrollers (MCUs) for developers’ functional safety applications, including motors, drives, and medical equipment. These floating-point devices provide the largest available on-chip flash and RAM in...

Products : Medical
OmniCure UV LED Curing Systems

Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, announces its new OmniCure® AC8 Series of high power, large area UV LED curing systems, which deliver a robust, high output (>8W/cm2), air-cooled solution for curing of inks, adhesives, and coatings. With optimized optical...

Products : Medical
MB250NT One Part Cyanoacrylate

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, NJ, introduces MB250NT, a single-component ethyl cyanoacrylate that cures rapidly depending upon atmospheric humidity. It can be used for a variety of applications ranging from repair to high speed production for disposable/reusable medical devices and passes ISO 10993-5 testing...

From the Editor : Medical
From the Editor: October 2014

One of the largest design contests dollar-wise to improve healthcare in the US is focused on creating a medical diagnostic device inspired by Star Trek®. The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is a $10 million multi-year global competition to stimulate innovation and integration of precision diagnostic...

Features : Materials
Novel Polymer Technology Bids Farewell to Tri-layer

Modern medicine has come a long way from the reed catheters of ancient Syria or the metal tubes of Benjamin Franklin’s time. As doctors discover more and more ways to utilize minimally invasive procedures, the demand for lower profile catheters with increasingly greater applications rises....

Features : Tubing & Extrusion
Reservoir Seals, Tubing, and LSR Make the Difference for Medical Devices

Medical science has made great strides in advancing the care and treatment of people around the globe. Thermoplastic and elastomeric materials have been an essential part in making different medical procedures and solutions safer and more cost effective. From test fit...

Features : FDA/Regulatory
Safety, Compliance, and Regulation: The Gateway for Laser-Based Products into the Marketplace

Many medical devices, both existing and new designs, are laser-based. For some time, lasers have been designed into medical devices from diagnostic, imaging, and therapeutic systems, to invasive treatment designs like those for cauterization, surgical...

Features : Medical
Liquid Silicone Rubber Finds Many Uses in Medical Applications

Material performance can be important in any application, but in medical equipment and devices, with lives and health at stake, it can be absolutely critical. A particular challenge in medical applications is that many components may have to be tough enough to withstand challenges...

Features : Medical
Detecting Deadly Lung Cancer by Scent

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lung cancer is the leading cause of death in the US and the second most common cancer among men and women. The National Cancer Institute reports that lung and bronchus cancer causes more deaths in the US than the next...

Features : Wearables
Protecting Wearable Technology in the Medical Market

How well do we really know ourselves? Consider that the typical modern automobile provides far more real-time feedback on its operating status than we know about the health of our own bodies. My personal vehicle is loaded with sensors and indicators that monitor and report on everything from...

Features : Wearables
Powering the Drive toward Smarter Wearables for Healthcare
Powering the Drive toward Smarter Wearables for Healthcare

Wearable devices continue to fuel a fast-growing drive toward more comprehensive services in health and fitness. Propelling this growth, the combination of market need and...

Powering the Drive toward Smarter Wearables for Healthcare
Products : Medical
Medical Power Supply

Globtek, Inc., Northvale, NJ, announces its GTM41133-90VV-x.x-T3 Medical Power Supply is available with the following specifications: Desktop/External; Regulated Switchmode AC-DC; Input Rating: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, IEC 60320/C14 AC Inlet Connector; Output Rating: 90 Watts, 12-24V in 0.1V increments. Approvals include: CE,...

Products : Medical
Custom Molded LSR Thin Walled Diaphragms

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Minneapolis, MN, custom designs and injection molds liquid silicone rubber (LSR) thin walled diaphragms for demanding medical device applications. Advantages of these diaphragms include heat resistance to +180°C and good flexibility down to -45°C. They also provide good...

Products : Medical
Barbed Luer Connectors

Qosina, Edgewood, NY, offers an extensive selection of Barbed Male and Female Luer Connectors in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Barbed sizes include 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Select from a variety of material including Nylon, Polypropylene, K-Resin, PVC, ABS, Polycarbonate;...

Products : Medical
Flexible Color Digital Materials

Stratasys Ltd., Minneapolis, MN, has extended its range of flexible and rigid material options for the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multimaterial 3D Printer. Hundreds of new rubber-like color materials and many rigid ones combined with existing options, allow virtually unlimited combinations of flexible, rigid, and...

Products : Medical
dermaFLEX Adhesives

FLEXcon, Spencer, MA, launched the company’s dermaFLEX™ line of adhesives that meet the ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards for skin contact applications. FLEXcon’s dermaFLEX skin contact adhesives are non-cytotoxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating, and can be used for a variety of applications, including...

Products : Medical
FlexiForce Enhanced Stability Sensor

Tekscan, Inc., Boston, MA, announces its latest sensor offering: the FlexiForce® Enhanced Stability Series 301 (ESS301). The ESS301 sensor is made from Tekscan’s new Enhanced Stability Series pressure sensitive ink that allows for the same high quality performance as other standard FlexiForce...

Products : Medical
Increased Panel Sizes for CT Systems

JG&A Metrology Center, Detroit, MI, introduces an increase to their flat panel sizes for Computed Tomography (CT) systems. Cone beam systems utilize the latest flat panel technology and are cost effective when scanning parts up to 14"/350mm in diameter. With increased LDA sizes, the CT systems offer...

Products : Medical
PRODUCT OF THE MONTH - MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller

maxon precision motors, Fall River, MA, launches the MAXPOS 50/5 motion controller. This compact EtherCAT Slave ensures reliability and durability even under harsh conditions.

Products : Medical
Dual-Phase Synchronous Boost Regulator

Linear Technology Corporation, Milpitas, CA, announces the LTC3124, a dual-phase, 3MHz, current-mode, synchronous boost DC/DC converter with output disconnect and inrush current limiting. Dual-phase operation significantly reduces peak inductor and capacitor ripple currents, minimizing component size while...

Products : Medical
UV15-42C UV Curable System

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, NJ, introduces UV15-42C, a one-part UV curable system for bonding, sealing, and coating applications. This smooth paste can be applied vertically without sagging. As an optically clear compound, it is often used in the fiber optic, optical, electronic, aerospace, and specialty OEM...

Products : Test & Measurement
PC-DMIS 2014 Measurement Software

Hexagon Metrology, North Kingstown, RI, launched PC-DMIS 2014, a major release of its popular measurement software used for to collect, evaluate, manage, and present manufacturing data. PC-DMIS 2014 introduces tools and technologies to help measurement devices perform better, increase the effectiveness of...

Products : Medical
Precision Ball-Screw Stage

Aerotech, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, introduces the MPS75SLE, a compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, which features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability, and positioning resolution capability to 25 nm. Ideal applications include optics positioning, z-axis positioning...

Products : Medical
Insulated Spring Pins

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., Oyster Bay, NY, introduces a line of discrete, insulated spring-loaded pins. There are seven different heights of SMT spring pins to choose from assembled into a durable, high temperature Nylon 46 insulator sleeve. The 807 series is the first produced by Mill-Max dedicated to be a single position...

Products : Medical
Small Plastic Non-Spill Couplings

CPC – Colder Products Company, St. Paul, MN, expanded its NS1 Series of quick disconnect couplings to include 1/4-28 male straight thread terminations, making it simple to retrofit existing systems. The smallest plastic nonspill quick disconnect coupling on the market today, the NS1 provides a secure, reliable...

Products : Medical
MEDIFIX Adhesive Solutions

Scapa Healthcare, Windsor, CT, offers a portfolio of materials, adhesives, conversion, printing, and packaging to support wearable device attachment to the skin. The combination of MEDIFIX® materials and converting, in conjunction with a global design and manufacturing footprint, enables efficient custom...

Products : Medical
Reflective Optical Encoders

Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, announces a new series of 3-channel reflective optical encoder devices, the AEDR-87xx, to address a wide range of challenges in motion control. The devices are ideal for use in low-power miniaturized motion control systems such as stepper motors, electrical actuators, piezoelectric...

Products : Medical
TM-3010-24 Series Medical PCs

Teguar, Charlotte, NC, announces the TM- 3010-24F and TM-3010-24 computers made specifically for medical electronic needs. A 4KV isolation card option allows for extra sensitive and life-dependent medical equipment to work in conjunction with these medical-grade computers. Features include up to six USB ports, two...

Products : Medical

Elcam Medical, Hackensack, NJ, announces that its Safe2Rotator is a rotator with a spin-lock feature that provides rotational flexibility to the distal part of the stopcock set. Available for standard bore products, the Safe2 Rotator provides an extra layer of protection against accidental disconnection of medical tubing, including...

Products : Medical
Kyron MAX Composites

Piper Plastics, Chandler, AZ, announces that its new Kyron® MAX polymer series provides the highest strength line of injection moldable thermoplastic composites available. Its tensile strength is higher than steel, while its weight is nearly 75% lighter than steel.

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