Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Metal Microtubing

RepExact (Gastonia, NC) offers thin-wall metal microtubing for medical applications, including specialty tubes, stents, and instrumentation. Materials offered include stainless, titanium, nitinol, and other common and precious metals. Tubing diameters range from 0.02" to 0.98" with wall thicknesses from 0.0006" to 0.079".

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Push-Pull Connector

The REDEL 1P connector from LEMO USA (Rohnert Park, CA) is lightweight, and EtO and gamma sterilizable. It is available in 2 to 14 contacts in a variety of colors for easy identification. It features golden contacts and an outershell in PSU.

Products : Motion Control
Pump Module

IDEX Health & Science (Oak Harbor, WA) has introduced a controlled delivery module (CDM) that provides precise liquid flow control through feedback from an integrated flow sensor. It can be integrated into an equipment manufacturer’s instrument. It has been applied to applications ranging from mass spectrometry calibration to in...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Stepper Motors

Johnson Electric (Vandalia, OH) offers Saia® UAL Series linear stepper motors that deliver constant positioning force of up to 30 N over the full travel distance of up to 15 mm, at speeds up to 4.16 mm/sec at 200 Hz. The motors feature a removable bayonet-style flange for easy mounting and a compact 20 × 30 mm footprint...

Products : Medical
Digital Computer Microscope

The speckFINDER HD from Dazor (St. Louis, MO) is a digital computer microscope designed with a flat panel digital display for training, instructing, or supervising. With three USB outputs and a video output, users can output files to a Flash drive or project live images to an overhead screen. The high-resolution,...

Products : Motion Control
Vortex Mixers

Vortex mixers from Jeio Tech (Woburn, MA) feature three kinds of mode operation by two-mode key (touch, continuous, and high-continuous) and a BLDC motor. They have a wide ad justable speed range up to 3,000 rpm, measure 6.06 × 8.27 × 3.27" without attachments, and weigh 7.72 pounds. The touch switch offers real-time mixing and...

Features : Medical
Cold Laser and LED Therapy Provide Non-Invasive Treatment Options

The use of low-level lasers for the therapeutic treatment of disease is growing. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) covers a number of techniques, including biostimulation, cold laser therapy, and photodynamic therapy. LLLT uses lowlevel lasers (less than 500 mW) or lightemitting...

Features : Medical
Next-Generation Heart Valve Stent Implants for Children

Using the latest advances in cardiac imaging and computer modeling, researchers at UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London, UK, are developing a new generation of implants for children with faulty heart valves, potentially removing...

Features : Medical
Circulation-Enhancing Device Improves CPR

The downward push of Earth’s gravity naturally causes blood to settle in the lower areas of the human body, and occasionally, with a quick movement — such as standing up from a chair — the body is not able to adjust fast enough to deliver an adequate supply of blood to the upper parts of the body...

Features : Medical
In-Line Filtration Improves Hygiene and Reduces Expense

Water is highly prized in the unforgiving realm of space travel and habitation. Ample water reserves for drinking, food preparation, and bathing would take up an inordinate amount of storage space and infrastructure, which is always at a premium on a vessel or station. Water rationing and...

Products : Medical
Fever Detection Instruments

Fever Alert™ products from Wahl Instruments (Asheville, NC) include handheld infrared thermometers, handheld thermal imaging cameras, and high-resolution thermal imaging systems. The products automatically detect the hottest temperature on a subject, detecting critical temperature differences in real time. They give...

Products : Motion Control
Dispensing Valve

The Model 455 dispensing valve from Tridak, a DYMAX Company (Torrington, CT), is a pneumatically operated, two-way pinch valve that features micrometer control over the flow rate, ensuring that materials are dispensed repeatedly and accurately. The valve has an over-stroke adjustment, positive shutoff, and disposable inert...

Products : Medical
Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

Eriez (Erie, PA) offers Eriez® E-Z Tec® pharmaceutical metal detectors for detecting and removing minute pieces of ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. The system’s gravity-fed design accommodates space-restricted areas within tablet and encapsulation rooms. The detectors feature quick-start...

Products : Medical
Silicone Gels

Momentive Performance Materials (Albany, NY) offers a family of silicone gels for medical device manufacturing that features dampening properties, shock absorbency, long-term compressibility, and high oxygen and moisture permeability. The gels are hypoallergenic, breathable, repositionable, soft, and biocompatible. Potential...

Products : Materials
Custom Compounds for Medical Devices

Clariant Masterbatches Division (Lewiston, ME) offers customized compounds and a range of color masterbatches formulated for PEEK (polyetheretherketone) resins for use in disposable, multiple-use, and re-sterilizable medical devices. The compounded grades are available in large and small quantities, and can...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Foot Switch

Linemaster Switch Corp. (Woodstock, CT) has introduced the Linear Aquiline foot switch in either plastic or metal for numerous analog and digital applications. The linear pedal is watertight to an IP68 degree of protection for easy cleanup. The switch can be used for equipment such as dental scalers, bone shavers, and electronic...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Medical Equipment Connectorss

ITT Interconnect Solutions (Santa Ana, CA) has an nounced the QLC ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors for portable medical equipment that feature a 260-position pin count. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum shell, the connectors feature a quick-disconnect latch for easy mating and unmating, as well as EMI and...

Products : Medical
Cardiac Monitoring Necklace

IMEC International (Leuven, Belgium) offers an electrocardiogram (ECG) necklace that enables long-term monitoring of cardiac performance, and allows patients to remain mobile and continue their daily routines while under observation. It features a proprietary analog readout ASIC and uses a low-power...

Products : Motion Control
Bur Grinder

The GrindSmart® Nano5 from Rollomatic (Mundelein, IL) is a 5- axis tool grinder designed for the manufacturing of dental, dental-laboratory, and medical tools and burs in carbide, stainless steel, steel, or two-piece construction. The system features BurCalc® software and Fanuc160i control with a PC and 15" screen. An integrated...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Multi-Beam Laser Systems

Potomac Photonics (Lanham, MD) has released the BioFAB 1000MB multibeam and 500 MB laser systems. The 1000 MB can house up to six lasers or a combination of lasers and mechanical devices; the 500 MB holds three lasers or mechanical devices. The systems can machine materials such as polymers, metals, ceramics, glass, and...

Products : Medical
Cardiopulmonary Testing System

The Shape-HF™ system from Shape Medical Systems (St. Paul, MN) provides measurable patient response during exercise that mimics the patient’s normal daily activity level. It measures changes in breathing efficiency as cardiac resynchronization therapy settings are adjusted, allowing doctors to assess the...

Products : Medical
Sanitary Gauge

The M93X.25 sanitary gauge from WIKA Instrument Corp. (Lawrenceville, GA) is an external, flush diaphragm with a Tri-Clamp® connection. It requires hydraulic fluid to transmit pressure to the instrument. The unit is autoclavable when a polysulfone window is specified. Features include 1500 psi maximum pressure range, ambient...

Products : Medical
Catheter Fault Detector

ASG Medical Systems (West Palm Beach, FL) offers the Accu-Test high-voltage catheter fault detector with a center pick feeder and sort bins. The machine automatically feeds materials into the tester and automatically sorts good from bad parts into separate bins. The system detects any exposed wire caused by missing,...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pressure Sensors

Merit Sensor (South Jordan, UT) offers the BP Series pressure sensors for disposable medical applications that is compliant with AAMI BP22 specifications for blood pressure monitoring. The sensors use a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge in a design that anodically bonds glass to a chemically etched silicon diaphragm. The sensors...

Products : Materials
Polymer Filler

Foster Corp. (Putnam, CT) has introduced Foster Bismuth Sub carbonate, a radiopaque polymer enhancement for the medical device industry. The filter is added to polymers to make catheters and other medical devices visible under fluoroscopy or x-ray imaging. The filler affects the degree of contrast and the sharpness of the image by...

Products : Medical
Fever-Detecting Infrared Camera

Xenics (Leuven, Belgium) has introduced the Raven-384 uncooled microbolometer infrared camera that measures, from a safe distance in real time, differences in body temperature at an accuracy to 0.2 ºC, pinpointing suspicious fevers. The camera provides a secure and unobtrusive countermeasure to the uncontrolled...

Features : Software
NASA-Developed Software Improves Diagnostic Imaging

Developed by Dr. James Tilton, a computer engineer with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (Greenbelt, MD), Hierarchical Segmentation (HSEG) software allows for advanced image analysis. Dr. Tilton first began developing...

Features : Medical
Automated Anesthesia System Performs with Programming Software

When conducting a surgical procedure, doctors typically administer anesthetics to block all sensation for the patient, including pain and distress. Based on the type of procedure, patients can receive a local, spinal, or general anesthetic. When using local or spinal techniques, only...

Features : Medical
Splitting Hairs Measuring Thin Medical Wire

Ultra-fine shaped wire, frequently one-tenth the thickness of a typical human hair, is the basis of critical components in many medical instruments. Minute defects in such wire can lead to life-threatening complications in microsurgery. With life literally hanging by a thread, this micro-thin wire must...

Features : Medical
Photorefraction System Screens for Vision Disorders

Space optics technology in the 1980s has been adapted to help children see more clearly. Collaborating with research ophthalmologists and optometrists, scientists Joe Kerr and the late John Richardson of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, adapted optics technology for eye...

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