The ECX SPEED 8 motors now come with pin connection for a space-saving design. (Credit: maxon)

Maxon released several new motors at MD&M West, including a series suitable for surgical robots and implants and a line of frameless DT motors with internal rotor technology. The ECX SPEED 8 motors with pin connection also come with pin connection for a space-saving design.

The new connection variant can now be configured in the online shop for all ECX SPEED 8 motors. Pin connections are made for installation of drives in compact devices or systems where the available space is limited, or easy cleaning is required. Typically, the pin variant is used in medical technology, such as in surgical robots, hand prosthetics, and implants.

The EC frameless DT motors are BLDC motor kits with internal-rotor technology allow a high level of integration into a medical application. The rotor and stator are delivered separately, without bearings or motor shaft, and are connected only during assembly. The compact motor series offers minimal rotor inertia, excellent heat dissipation, and simple integration. MD&M West Booth 3241