August 2011

News: Medical
First, Do No Hacking

Just like any other device that relies on a wireless connection, medical devices like insulin pumps and implants may be vulnerable to attack. In cases like these, a breach in security is not just an annoyance or financial liability — it may be a matter of life or death. Recently, at the Black Hat Technical Security...

News: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Flexing the Power of Skin-Mounted Electronics

Engineers are taking important steps toward a future in which skin-mounted electronics could monitor individuals in a natural environment and even offer the potential for human-computer interfacing — all with the flexibility and comfort of a temporary tattoo.

Researchers at the University of...

News: Medical
DIY Dialysis

Last June, Analog Devices wrote an article in Medical Design Briefs about the increasing need to engineer devices that provide healthcare in the home. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlights one technology that fits into this trend: a small purse-sized device, developed by Awak Technologies of Singapore, that would...

News: Wearables
Wrist-Mounted Device for the Visually Impaired

The Tacit, a haptic sonar glove that helps a visually impaired person navigate complex environments, has been released as a public prototype. The invention uses ultrasonic sensors to sense objects from about 1 inch to 10 feet away, and translates that information into pressure on the user's...

News: Medical
Ultrasound's Benefits Get Down to Earth

If you’re familiar with our Mission Accomplished section, you may already know about the many ways that NASA-funded research has translated to medical applications right here on Earth. The National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) is involved with many of these projects, including some that...

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