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Rapid prototyping and tooling technologies are essential to the medical device design cycle. Explore the medical innovations that impact applications in 3D printing, laser etching, and rapid prototyping.

Products : Medical
Touch Screen Peristaltic Pump

KD Scientific, Holliston, MA, introduces its new Allegro Peristaltic Pump System, the only touch screen peristaltic pump that displays flow rate, dispensed volume, and flow direction. This innovative new pumping system allows maintenance free, continuous flow pumping for various fluids, and can easily dispense in...

Products : Electronics & Computers
180 Watt AC-DC Power Supplies

XP Power, Sunnyvale, CA, announces its ECP180 series of low profile high efficiency “green power” open frame 180 Watt AC-DC power supplies. The medically approved units have an average active mode efficiency of 93%, a no load power consumption of less than 0.5 W, and occupy 46% less footprint than the standard 3...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Square Gas Discharge Tube

Littelfuse, Inc., Chicago, IL, annnounces the SE Series of Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) devices in a miniature EIA 1206 package, making it the smallest GDT device on the market. The ultra-low capacitance helps ensure high transmission speeds, and their excellent stability in multiple pulse duty cycles helps designers boost...

Products : Medical
digiVIT, Digital Inductive Displacement Sensor

Kaman Precision Products, Colorado Springs, CO, introduces the first eddy current sensor for position/displacement/ proximity sensing with a self tuning bridge, eliminating the need to connect to a PC to download a configuration file when changing sensors or doing high level calibrations. The...

Products : Motion Control
PCM4806E Encoder-Ready IDEA Drive

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Waterbury, CT, announces its latest addition to the IDEA Drive™ line of sophisticated stepper motor controllers. The RoHS-compliant PCM4806E drive allows an encoder input to the controller for closed-loop position correction capability. The drive is optimized to for accurately...

Products : Materials
EOS NickelAlloy HX

EOS, Novi, MI, is expanding its portfolio of additive manufacturing metals with NickelAlloy HX. The heatand corrosion-resistant nickel- chrome-iron-molybdenum alloy has a high degree of strength and resistance to oxidization, even at high temperatures. Parts built from NickelAlloy HX can be subsequently heat-treated in order...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
High-Precision Capillary Tubes

Goodfellow Corporation, Coraopolis, PA, introduces a new line of glass capillary tubes available with inner diameters as small as 0.005mm and in a range of materials that can be sterilized, are inert, and are suitable for precision measuring.

News : Medical
The Engineering Behind Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a method of making 3D objects by building up material, layer upon layer, using a digital design. And, the number of technologies customized and created using additive manufacturing processes is growing each year. But did you know that many of the foundational techniques for...

Products : Photonics/Optics
TruLaser Cell 3000 Laser Machine

TRUMPF Inc., Farmington, CT, introduces the TruLaser Cell 3000, a 5-axis laser machine for fine cutting and precision welding. This versatile machine offers cost-efficient laser processing of 2D or 3D components, producing high quality results on small or medium sized components. Highly precise, it is for...

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Aluminum Anodizing Technology for Reusable Medical Equipment

Aluminum outperforms other materials to become an ideal choice for manufacturing of medical instruments, equipment, and devices mainly due to its intrinsic sustainable qualities....

Features : Materials
Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Micro-Molding Project

The demand for minimally invasive procedures is growing, as patients seek to spend less time on the operating table and in the recovery room. Micro-molding has emerged as the solution for medical device manufacturers, allowing smaller devices to change an open surgery into a minimally...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Custom Direct Drive Motor Assemblies

Applimotion, Inc., Loomis, CA, offers custom direct drive motor assemblies with its popular ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO brushless frameless motor kits inside. With sizes ranging from 10 mm to 500 mm in diameter, and pancake profiles as low as 10 mm, assemblies include precision bearings, special encoders, special...

Briefs : Photonics/Optics
Plastic Optic Fiber—An Evolving Technology

Plastic Optic Fiber (POF) is an established, continually evolving technology available since the early 1980s. From the outset, it was a technology not highly visible for years. At times, it was utilized as a media product within another product, attached to a variety of opto-couplers or light sources....

Features : Materials
Polycarbonate Remains Proven and Preferred for Medical Applications

Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the engineering thermoplastic materials most commonly used and most widely tested in the medical device industry today. Its inherent strength, excellent optical clarity, high heat distortion temperature, and dimensional stability make it an ideal...

Features : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Automatic Concentricity Adjustment System for Medical Tubing

Stringent product quality and process capability requirements confront producers of precision medical tubing used in medical device applications. This includes final tubing physical properties, such as burst strength, elongation, and lubricity. Medical tubing must also be free from...

Products : Medical
Wireless Foot Controls

Steute Meditech, Inc., Ridgefield, CT, announces its medical-grade, fully-compliant, wireless foot controls. Each customized unit features proprietary technology to achieve safe, interference-free performance. Operating in the ISM 2.4 GHz band, the technology continuously monitors the integrity of the bi-directional...

Products : Materials
Flame-Retardant TPU

Lubrizol Corporation, Wickliffe, OH, launched a flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) product, ,which is the first of its kind to feature high flame properties, low halogen content, and a soft, matte or gloss finish. This TPU exhibits low smoke and low toxicity, enhancing its suitability for an array of...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Air in Line Sensors

Morgan Technical Ceramics, Fairfield, NJ, announces its range of piezo ceramic Air in Line sensors, ideal for use in medical equipment, including infusion pumps, enteral feeding pumps, and dialysis equipment. The sensors are available as either a standard or custom-manufactured model to suit specific OEM needs, and can be...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Collaborative 3D Printing Project Connects Hands Across the World

Have you heard of Robohand? No, it’s not the next sci-fi blockbuster. It’s a story of compassion, technology, and a collaboration from 10,000 miles apart between Richard Van As, a woodworker from Johannesburg, South Africa, and Ivan Owen, a theatrical prop designer from...

Features : Materials
As 3D Printing Grows, Compounders Become Production Partners

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, grew from startup roots in the mid- 1980s to a $2.2 billion business by 2012, according to industry consultants Wohlers Associates, Fort Collins, CO. While it took 20 years to reach the $1 billion plateau, the industry reached its...

Features : Medical
Balanced Filling in Thermoplastic Medical Molding

If molten plastic behaved like a simple fluid, there would be little need to worry about balanced filling during molding. The melt would fill the cavities like water, and the way the mold filled would have little or no influence on the properties of the molded parts. In reality, molten plastics...

Articles : Motion Control
Robotic Exoskeleton Vastly Improves Quality of Life

Worldwide an estimated 185 million people use a wheelchair daily. A company based in Auckland, New Zealand, has developed an innovative robotic technology that helps people with mobility...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Single-Use Tubing Connector Set

Value Plastics, Fort Collins, CO, a Nordson company, introduces RQC Series tubing—a cost-effective solution for flexible tubing connections in single-use systems featuring a user friendly interface with a large button, an optional easy-to-use locking feature, as well as a single barb open flow design to provide...

Features : Materials
Design Considerations for Selection of Skin-Contacting Adhesives

Medical device designers frequently face the need to adhere products to the skin, whether it is for a few minutes or in perpetuity. The huge array of pressure-sensitive materials available can make product selection a daunting task. This article outlines some of the most basic...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Systems and Components for Additive Manufacturing

Aerotech, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, offers a full range of additive manufacturing motion systems and components. Aerotech manufactures its own motors, drives, and motion controllers, and offers a selection of linear, rotary, lift, and Z-axis stages and goniometers with advanced drives and controls,...

Products : Materials
Permanent Marking for Fluoropolymers

Surface Solutions Group, LLC, Chicago, IL, introduces a new process to permanently mark the surface of fluoropolymer items, from fluoropolymer tubing to PTFE coated surfaces. Called VisiMark®, it can be used to mark practically any component with graduations, product codes, bar codes, color codes, arrows,...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Photo Etching Metals with Spring Characteristics

Tech-Etch, Inc., Plymouth, MA, specializes in the etching, forming, heat treating, and finishing of components made from metals with superior spring characteristics. Materials include MP35N, elgiloy, beryllium copper, stainless steels, nitinol, and phos bronze. A team of experienced product...

Products : Medical
Tri-Layer Co-Extrusion Catalog

Interface Catheter Solutions, Laguna Niguel, CA, introduces an online tri-layer co-extrusion catalog to order tubing. The catalog offers extrusion for .014" guide wire for peripheral dilatation catheters along with minimally invasive catheters with varying inner and outer diameters to accommodate a standard size...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
EW Scorpion Rapide Laser Marker

Electrox, Burlington, MA, announces its new Scorpion Rapide Yb: Fiber Laser Marker offered from 20 to 100 watts is capable of high-precision marking in most materials, and deep engraving into a variety of metals. The unit supports all common barcode and 2D code variations, and can produce automatic serial numbers,...

Features : Electronics & Computers
The Evolution of Miniaturization Within Medical Instrumentation

Recent demands from hospitals, practitioners, and even patients themselves calling for more functions and increased portability, has created a market for upgraded surgical, diagnosis, and monitoring equipment. Coupl ed with increasing medical costs, the push for shorter hospital...


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