Manufacturing & Prototyping

Laser Cutting, Marking, Etching

See how lasers are marking, cutting, etching, and engraving today's medical devices, surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, and supplies.

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Weld monitors, fiber markers, new cleanrooms, and more
INSIDER: Manufacturing & Prototyping

A pioneering project is aiming to develop a new capability for real-time, remote ultrasonic imaging that can be used for nondestructive evaluation. The project will examine how...

Products: Imaging
Metal additive manufacturing, high-performance grease, filters, and more.
Supplements: Manufacturing & Prototyping
In our winter edition of the MDB Resource Guide, learn about new cleaning requirements and find the right company to match your medical-design needs.
Technology Leaders: Photonics/Optics
Single-use surgical instruments designed to be disposed or recycled following use offer many benefits over reusable products.
Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Reference design kits, smart textiles, thermoplastic elastomers, and more.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Flexible hones enable machining of complex parts with cross-drilled holes.
Supplements: Regulations/Standards
Our 2021 Resource Guide shows you the top manufacturers in materials, manufacturing, and a range of other medical-device categories.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Changing the shape of the blade will expand the possibilities of using the laser in medicine.
Products: Software
Corrosion-resistant marking, robot cells, medical freezers, and more.
Products: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Shaft collars, modular clean labs, hybrid motion controllers, and more.
News: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Amada Miyachi America Corp., which manufactures welding, marking, cutting, and micromachining equipment and systems, has changed its name to Amada Weld Tech. Amada Miyachi America...

Products: Medical
Micro Grinder

Glebar, Ramsey, NJ, has launched a new micro grinder. The CAM.3 can accurately grind lengths ranging from 0.005 to 0.375 diameter. The 16 in. grinding wheel is mounted on a...

Features: Medical
Through a new process, it is now possible to laser-weld two optically clear plastic parts made of a wide range of polymer materials for medical applications.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The facility will be used to perform customer test cutting and complete process development requirements.
INSIDER: Medical

Microelectronics like semiconductor devices are at the heart of the many medical technologies, and it is essential to find new ways to continue to pack more circuitry...

Technology Leaders: Electronics & Computers
Learn about 2019's stand-out manufacturers and cutting-edge applications in special metals, coatings, robotics, and more.
Products: Medical
External PSUs

XP Power, Tokyo, Japan, has released two series of external power supplies that are intended for modern medical applications, including safety approvals...

News: Medical

OKAY Industries, a contract manufacturer that engineers components and subassemblies for original equipment manufacturers in the medical device and industrial markets, has added state-of-the-art...

Products: Electronics & Computers
UV-LED Light Engines

Innovations in Optics, Woburn, MA, offers high-power, UV LED light engines. The LumiBright™ UV-LED Light Engines feature UV die arrays bonded on...

Applications: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Laser sintering technology enables medical technology designers to print plastic objects for feasibility studies within a very short time. The functional prototypes...

Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping

In today’s world of medical device manufacturing, cost pressures are very real. At the same time, cost savings can be just as real, especially when companies examine their manufacturing...

INSIDER: Manufacturing & Prototyping

A better understanding of the interaction between laser and metal could give industry more control over laser welding. Scientists at NIST have been collecting data on the most...

News: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Over the past decade, a major trend in electronics has been the development of sensors, displays, and smart devices that are seamlessly integrated onto the human body....

Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping

For many high-power RF applications, the “Q factor” of embedded capacitors is one of the most important characteristics in the design of circuits. This includes products such as cellular/telecom...

Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping

In the injectable drug-delivery industry, expectations for improved patient experiences with administration and at-home delivery of therapeutic regimens are evolving. Products that combine the...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Optical Distance Sensor

A highly accurate optical distance sensor is available from Werth Messtechnik, Giessen, Germany. The Werth Chromatic Focus Point sensor can measure...

Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Precision in surgery is paramount. Surgeons rely on a variety of handheld instruments, and they increasingly want tools that can aid in accessing hard-to-reach areas...

Briefs: Materials

The materials that go into medical devices — particularly implantable electrical devices — have to strike a unique balance of properties. Once you consider biocompatibility and all...

Ask the Expert

John Chandler on Achieving Quality Motion Control

FAULHABER MICROMO brings together the highest quality motion technologies and value-added services, together with global engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing, to deliver top quality micro motion solutions. With 34 years’ experience, John Chandler injects a key engineering perspective into all new projects and enjoys working closely with OEM customers to bring exciting new technologies to market.

Inside Story

Rapid Precision Prototyping Program Speeds Medtech Product Development

Rapid prototyping technologies play an important role in supporting new product development (NPD) by companies that are working to bring novel and innovative products to market. But in advanced industries where products often make use of multiple technologies, and where meeting a part’s exacting tolerances is essential, speed without precision is rarely enough. In such advanced manufacturing—including the medical device and surgical robotics industries — the ability to produce high-precision prototypes early in the development cycle can be critical for meeting design expectations and bringing finished products to market efficiently.