Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Keylock Switches

NKK Switches (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced the CKM Series of high security keylock switches for panel mount applications. The switches feature high reliability due to a vertically rotating switching mechanism, selfcleaning, sliding, and silver contacts, and epoxy-sealed solder lug terminals. Keys are available in flat or...

Products : Motion Control
3D Product Catalog

Clippard Instrument Laboratory (Cincinnati, OH) has launched an expanded 3D catalog that includes its electronic and control valve miniature pneumatic lines. Clippard Minimatics are used in control, interface, sensing, logic, and actuation functions in a broad range of applications and industries including medical equipment...

Products : Medical
Clad Composite Wire

Anomet Products (Shrewsbury, MA) offers custom manufactured clad composite wire in 0.002" to 0.060" O.D. sizes with 2% or more cladding thickness. This wire allows for the combination of one or more precious metals and a core material into a single wire with the desired OEM properties. For example, a radiopaque wire can...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Rail Platform

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions (Waterbury, CT) has introduced the Kerk® RGS/RGW linear rail platform, now including a 180° folded-over motorized design that allows for a small footprint linear actuator system. The folded-over linear rail contains stepper motor, belt, and pully, precision lead screw, bearing supports, and...

Products : Medical
Data Acquisition System

Astro-Med (West Warwick, RI) has introduced the Dash® MX, a lightweight and compact portable data acquisition system designed and engineered for capturing high frequency data and transient signals as well as long term trending. The standard version records up to 8 channels of isolated voltage inputs to an internal 320...

Products : Medical
Light Cure Adhesive Monitoring System

Henkel (Dusseldorf, Germany) has developed the LOCTITE AssureCure system, designed to detect, measure, analyze, record, and provide a degree of cure metric relative to the transition of specially formulated adhesives from a liquid to a solid (Cured). The system includes new adhesive technology, fiber optic...

Features : Medical
Blood Flow Imaging: The Move From Qualitative to Quantitative Measurement

In 1985, Kasai, Namekawa, Koyana, and Omoto published a paper titled “Real-Time Two-Dimensional Blood Flow Imaging Using an Autocorrelation Technique” that changed the world of ultrasound imaging forever [1]. Considered impossible before, color flow mapping...

Features : Medical
The Power of Touch: How Projected Capacitive Touch Panels Enhance Medical Devices

The increasing popularity of smart phones and interactive netbooks are influencing other industries to incorporate a touch interface in their devices. Products that previously used keypads are being upgraded with touch panels to give products a leading-edge look...

Features : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Comparative Analysis of Switch Technologies for Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and devices must be designed with rigorous standards to function in environments where patient safety and product reliability are critical. Today, there is great demand for innovative, feature-rich, and affordable electronic equipment to be used in diagnostic...

Features : Photonics/Optics
Developing a Miniaturized Laser Diode Solution for the Medical Market

According to Pantec Biosolutions AG (Liechtenstein, Europe), the global aesthetic market, which includes skin rejuvenation, is expected to grow from a $4.4 billion market in 2010 to a $7.5 billion market in 2015. Meanwhile, the market for transdermal drug delivery is growing...

Features : Medical
Technique Developed for Space Research Helps Drive Early Detection of Cataracts on Earth

A compact fiber-optic probe initially developed for the space program has now proven valuable for patients in the clinic as the first non-invasive early detection device for cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

Features : Software
Open Surgical Simulation Platform Trains Trauma Surgeons and Surgical Residents

While surgeon and surgical educator Howard Champion was conducting research and training for improving U.S. military combat care, he noticed the need for the development of a simulation-based platform for training surgeons in open surgery. Hoping to address this...

Products : Motion Control
Variable Frequency Drive System

The Eazy Series Variable Frequency Drive system from Amtech Drives (Atlanta, GA) is designed to precisely manage the electrical current for ultra high-speed motors and spindles. It utilizes a proprietary PWM sinusoidal waveform and provides control and protection to AC induction motors in the 40 to 1875 horsepower...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Light-Reflecting Ceramic

Accuratus (Phillipsburg, NJ) offers light-reflecting ceramic that maximizes light uniformity and intensity in high-energy laser systems, LED-based therapies, and intense pulsed light sources. The total reflectance exceeds 90 percent from 450 nm to 2.5 microns, covering the visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

Products : Photonics/Optics
Ultrafast Laser

Amplitude Systemes (Bordeaux, France) offers the s-Pulse HP ultrafast laser, designed to process medical devices such as stents, percutaneous valves, catheters, and electrodes. It can cut cobalt-chrome and Nitinol stents as well as polymer stents with no heat effects, without changing material properties. The shape-memory...

Products : Medical
Film-On-Paper Product

Argotec (Greenfield, MA) has introduced ArgoMedPLUS 18411, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film-on-paper product that provides a controlled release between the paper carrier and the TPU film. It can be extruded in film thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 mils (20 to 30 microns), in widths up to 60 inches (1.52 meters),...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Multilayer Varistor

AVX Corporation (Greenville, SC) offers the Transguard® 0201 miniature multilayer varistor, designed for small handheld devices and embedded components such as hearing aids and camera modules. It presents a 16VDC device with a 20pf maximum capacitance in an 0201 case size. The series features multiple strike capability and...

Products : Motion Control
Multi-Axis Control Motherboard

The EPOS2 36/2 motherboard from Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River, MA) gives the designer either a standalone multi-axis motor controller or one that can be integrated into the final product as a sub board. Starting with 11 nodes connected together via CAN-Open, the unique snap apart construction allows for quick...

Products : Materials
TPE Resin

Foster Corporation (Putnam, CT) has introduced the NanoMed™ EX compounds with greater stiffness and without reduction in elongation, compared to the Pebax 7233 MED. The compounds are designed to bridge the gap between the Pebax TPE resin and nylon 11 in flexural modulus, a key property for cardiovascular and neurovascular catheters....

Products : Photonics/Optics
Custom Submillimeter Optics

Bern Optics (Westfield, MA) offers custom optical elements with dimensions as small as 0.20 mm. They can be custom engineered, ground, and polished to micron tolerances in a variety of configurations including lenses, prisms, axicons, filters, windows, domes, and mirrors, as well as special components with...

Thermal Barrier

Concept Group (West Berlin, NJ) has developed the Insulon® Shaped-Vacuum Thermal Barrier, suitable for delivering vacuum insulation at small scales. Applications that need to overcome cooling or heating challenges in smaller packages — for instance, to deliver thermal insulation to extremely cold cryosurgical probes used to...

Products : Materials
Film Coater

Nordson ASYMTEK (Carlsbad, CA) has introduced the Select Coat® SC- 280, a film coater for automated, selective, and precision application of conformal coating materials. The film coater applies conformal coating material in a controlled, uniform film rather than an atomized spray. Material is directed under low pressure through the...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Magnetic Reed Switches

Standex Electronics (Cincinnati, OH) offers a range of microminiature magnetic reed switches suitable for hearing aids, pill cams, bone shavers, and other surgical and medical devices. Custom components are also available for incorporation of upstream and downstream components like connectors, wiring harnesses, and...

Products : Medical
Disposable Webbed EEG Electrodes

Rhythmlink International (Columbia, SC) has launched a hybrid of two of its current products: the Disposable Webbed EEG Electrode, which combines the Disposable EEG Cup and the Spider™ EEG Electrode. It is available in four different lengths and 10 different color leadwires per pouch.

Products : Software
Floating-Point Microcontroller

Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) offers the SM320F28 335-HT Delfino 32-bit fl oatingpoint microcontroller (MCU) for extreme temperature operation from -55 °C to 210 °C. It is suitable for harsh and h ot environments, medical instruments, and surgical tools requiring sterilization. It includes 512 KB of embedded...

Products : Motion Control
Positioning Platform

Dover (Westborough, MA) offers the Airglide LED Wafer System, now available in a wide base version for additional stiffness and support for larger payloads up to 50 kg, over travels up to 1 full meter. This positioning solution is designed for stepping or scanning applications, and is suitable for laser processing of LED or...

Features : Materials
Crafting Complex Ceramic Implants With FCP Technology

Fast Ceramics Production (FCP) is a proprietary three-dimensional stereo lithography technology that is applied to ceramics to create patient-specific or volume production ceramic bone substitutes and implants. The process, developed by 3DCeram (Colorado Springs, CO), brings together...

Features : Software
OS Requirements for Medical Devices Explained

It doesn’t take much of a crystal ball to foresee that the way we deliver health care in the United States is going to be vastly different in the coming years. What is causing this change is threefold:

Features : Medical
Static Analysis Helps FDA Investigate Infusion Pump Defects

Recalls for medical devices are at an all-time high, and defective software is one of the top causes. FDA data indicate that one in every three medical devices that makes use of software for its operation has been recalled due to failure in the software itself.

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Reverse-Engineering Addresses Performance Failures in Laser Flow Cytometers

When it comes to critical, life-saving care for animals, veterinarians rely on accurate, timely blood analysis to help them make treatment decisions. Thanks to new developments in medical equipment and software, physicians no longer have to wait three to five days for...

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