Pilot-Operated Check Valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory (Cincinnati, OH) has introduced the JPC Series of check valves, which works like a standard check valve, but can be operated with an air pilot signal providing for “free flow” in the normally checked position. This new valve provides the user with a reliable method to check flow in...

Features : Medical
Seven Advantages of Membrane Switches for Medical Electronics

With the large number of user interface options available today, it is easy to forget why the membrane switch is an excellent choice for medical instrumentation. The basic advantages are still the same as they were two decades ago, when membrane switches became the interface of choice...

Features : Design
The Automation of FDA Medical Device Design Controls

Every medical device company faces the challenge of navigating through the FDA’s mandatory regulations, and companies have different needs that change as they mature. Early-stage medical device companies provide the innovation and intellectual property that feed the medical device industry...

Features : Packaging & Sterilization
How Autoclavable Brushless DC Motors Can Simplify Surgical Instrument Design
How Autoclavable Brushless DC Motors Can Simplify Surgical Instrument Design

Today, powered surgical hand tools are used in almost all surgical specialties: ENT, Orthopedics, Neurology, Eye, and Plastics. Initially pneumatic powered,...

How Autoclavable Brushless DC Motors Can Simplify Surgical Instrument Design
Features : Medical
Three Criteria for Materials in Application Development

Application development for medical devices requires knowledge of material properties to support function, chemical compatibility with sanitizing cleaners and sterilization methods, as well as issues of biocompatibility based on intended use. Material suppliers are challenged to not only...

Features : Photonics/Optics
Laser Direct Writing Technique May Repair Damaged Nerves

Injuries to the peripheral nervous system (PNS) are extremely common and affect 1 in 1000 individuals every year. Axon regeneration in the PNS is possible, but typically cannot occur over distances of more than 1–2 mm.

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
ER Doc, Sandia Engineer Join Forces to Develop Better Trauma Shears

An Albuquerque physician teamed with a Sandia National Laboratories engineer to improve the design of doctors' trauma shears so emergency personnel can get to the injuries they need to treat more quickly. “Sometimes seconds count. This product will make a difference for the...

Features : Medical
New Early Warning System for Seizures Could Lead to Fewer False Alarms

Epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide, but in a third of these cases, medication cannot keep seizures from occurring. One solution is to shoot a short pulse of electricity to the brain to stamp out the seizure just as it begins to erupt. But brain implants designed to...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
RF Welding of Ultra-Thin Films

Polyzen (Raleigh, NC) has achieved a quality standard threshold that allows for the production of seams that are as strong as the actual film itself, resulting in resilient product performance. The company offers capabilities to RF weld polyurethane film as thin as 0.5 mils (13 microns) and the ability to maintain...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Data Logger

Lemos International (Barrington, RI) has introduced the MicroLite II Data Logger with a new Boomerang feature that can automatically send data back to the user via e-mail from anywhere in the world. The Microlite II is a small USB temperature and humidity data logger used in the pharmaceutical and medical industry for the...

Products : Motion Control
Stepper Motor Drive System

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions (Waterbury, CT) has released the DCM4826X stepper motor drive module, a bipolar 2 phase chopper drive package rated for a 12-48VDC input voltage and a continuous output current rating of 2.6A rms (3.68A peak) per phase. The drive can be used with rotary stepper motors or stepper motor-based...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Chemical Process Pumps

Iwaki America (Holliston, MA) has expanded its MXM chemical process magnetic drive pump line. The MXM series is a compact chemical process pump line with flows to 165 gpm and heads to 146 ft. Capable of handling temperatures up to 221 °F, the MXM also offers patented, repeatable dry-run technology. It features a...

Products : Test & Measurement
Test & Measurement System

Keithley Instruments (Cleveland, OH) has introduced the Model 2657A High Power System SourceMeter® instrument, which offers a highly flexible, four-quadrant voltage and current source/load coupled with precision voltage and current meters. It can source or sink up to 180W of DC power (±3,000V@20mA, ±1500V@120mA). The...

Products : Materials
Ceramic and Glass Crucibles

Goodfellow Corporation (Oakdale, PA) now offers ceramic and glass crucibles in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials for applications where heat and corrosion resistance are essential. Materials include alumina (dense or porous), boron nitride, magnesia, quartz, silicon carbide, titanium diboride, vitreous...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Drug Eluting Balloon Catheter Processing Technology

Machine Solutions (Flagstaff, AZ) has introduced integrated protective film technology for balloon pleating and folding/ wrapping and fluting processes. The FFS975S Drug Eluting Balloon Catheter Pleating & Folding Equipment is designed specifically for processing DEB/DCB products. The...

Products : Medical

B. Braun (Bethlehem, PA) provides an extensive selection of valves in standard and custom options. Configurations include needle-free, dual check, aspiration, low pressure, trumpet, normally closed, and inline. Valves can be purchased as individual components or integrated into devices or custom sets. The selection of valve options is...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Silicone Elastomer

The new MED-6219 low-viscosity silicone elastomer from NuSil Technology (Carpinteria, CA) is suitable for any application requiring a flowable yet high-durometer material with a transparent appearance. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is designed to cure at a wide range of temperatures to accommodate users'...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Panel-Mounted Latching Connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) offers Latching Micro- D™ connectors with a new squeeze-latch system suitable for making quick cable connections to rack and panel equipment. In addition to being small and lightweight, the connectors, at .050" pitch, have passed extensive shock and vibration...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Solar Midget Fuse Holders

Keystone Electronics (Astoria, NY) has broadened its selection of PCB & SMT Mounted Fuse Holders to include a series intended specifically for photovoltaic systems. The new fuse holders are designed to accommodate the Midget Fuses (10x38 mm), 5AG in the SPF Solar Protection Fuse series. The Midget Holders feature UL...

Products : Motion Control
Extension Position Sensors

ASM Sensors (Elmhurst, IL) has expanded its product line of tape extension position sensors, POSITAPE®, with the introduction of the WB25 series. The measurement ranges are 12m, 15m, 20m, and 25m. The tape is constructed out of a high-tech stainless steel material that is 10 mm wide and with only a 0.08 mm thickness....

Products : Packaging & Sterilization
Film-Based Labels
Film-Based Labels

Victrex Polymer Solutions (West Conshohocken, PA) offers labeling solutions for critical medical instruments based on APTIV® films made from VICTREX® PEEK polymer. The film labels retain their properties after multiple...

Film-Based Labels
Products : Electronics & Computers
AC/DC Power Supply Module

The Minmax ABF-04 Series from Minmax Technology (Hudson, MA) is designed for direct PCB mounting. The product features EMC compliance to EN55022 Class B emissions and EN61000 immunity standards. This miniature, fully encapsulated AC/DC power supply module offers a universal 85-264VAC input and is suited for applications...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Design and Evaluation Kits

MEDER electronic (West Wareham, MA) has released four new reed sensor and magnet design and evaluation kits, which take the guesswork out of the sensor design process. It is suitable for designers who want to start designing without waiting for samples. These RoHS-compliant kits provide quick and convenient evaluation...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Triaxial Connectors

Intelliconnect USA (Crossville, TN) now offers an extended range of high-reliability Triaxial connectors to include various adaptors and bulkhead mount jacks for several different cable types. Two new families are now available: the TRB series bayonet connectors and the TRT series featuring a threaded coupling sleeve. Key...

Products : Medical
Crimp Terminal

Molex Incorporated (Lisle, IL) has introduced the Mini-Fit® Plus HMC (High Mating Cycle) crimp terminals, suitable for medical equipment manufacturers developing commercially available products such as patient monitors, diagnostic imaging devices, therapeutic machines, and patient handling equipment. They are rated up to 1,500...

Products : Test & Measurement
Sensor Head

Werth (Old Saybrook, CT) offers the IP 40 T Sensor, which provides flexible measurement with image processing on a rotating/tilting head. This feature is also available on large coordinate measuring machines. The compact sensor head includes telecentric optics that provide measurement of regular geometric elements and scanning of...

Products : Medical

Teleflex Medical OEM (Raleigh, NC) has announced an expanded array of sizes, colors, and patterns for the Force Fiber® family of sutures. Force Fiber is a combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarn and a proprietary braid design that creates a strong, durable, pliable, and lubricious suture. The product...

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