Products : Medical
Small Plastic Non-Spill Couplings

CPC – Colder Products Company, St. Paul, MN, expanded its NS1 Series of quick disconnect couplings to include 1/4-28 male straight thread terminations, making it simple to retrofit existing systems. The smallest plastic nonspill quick disconnect coupling on the market today, the NS1 provides a secure, reliable...

Products : Medical
MEDIFIX Adhesive Solutions

Scapa Healthcare, Windsor, CT, offers a portfolio of materials, adhesives, conversion, printing, and packaging to support wearable device attachment to the skin. The combination of MEDIFIX® materials and converting, in conjunction with a global design and manufacturing footprint, enables efficient custom...

Products : Medical
Reflective Optical Encoders

Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, announces a new series of 3-channel reflective optical encoder devices, the AEDR-87xx, to address a wide range of challenges in motion control. The devices are ideal for use in low-power miniaturized motion control systems such as stepper motors, electrical actuators, piezoelectric...

Products : Medical
TM-3010-24 Series Medical PCs

Teguar, Charlotte, NC, announces the TM- 3010-24F and TM-3010-24 computers made specifically for medical electronic needs. A 4KV isolation card option allows for extra sensitive and life-dependent medical equipment to work in conjunction with these medical-grade computers. Features include up to six USB ports, two...

Products : Medical

Elcam Medical, Hackensack, NJ, announces that its Safe2Rotator is a rotator with a spin-lock feature that provides rotational flexibility to the distal part of the stopcock set. Available for standard bore products, the Safe2 Rotator provides an extra layer of protection against accidental disconnection of medical tubing, including...

Products : Medical
Kyron MAX Composites

Piper Plastics, Chandler, AZ, announces that its new Kyron® MAX polymer series provides the highest strength line of injection moldable thermoplastic composites available. Its tensile strength is higher than steel, while its weight is nearly 75% lighter than steel.

Products : Medical
PCI Express I/O Card

ACCES I/O Products, Inc., San Diego, CA, introduces a new addition to its PCI Express family of I/O cards—Model PCIe-IDIO-24. Designed for high-voltage protection in industrial control and monitoring applications, this product features 24 optically isolated digital inputs and 24 solid state FET relay outputs. The solid...

Products : Medical
Resbond 940 Customizable Adhesives

Cotronics Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, has launched its Resbond™ 940 Customizable Series, which are economical, fast-setting ceramic adhesives designed to solve all high-temperature bonding, sealing, or encapsulating applications with continuous use to 2,800ºF. Resbond 940 has outstanding chemical and thermal...

Products : Medical
Fluid Dispensing System for Cleanrooms

Nordson ASYMTEK, Carlsbad, CA, introduces high-speed, high-accuracy, scalable fluid dispensing systems with new Class 100 (ISO 5) compatible configurations. The new Spectrum™ II Cleanroom Series was specifically created for applications that are sensitive to contamination by submicron-sized particles,...

Products : Medical
iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface

Pleora Technologies, Ottawa, Canada, unveiled the world’s first embedded hardware solution for delivering real-time video over a standard IEEE 802.11 wireless link. With Pleora’s iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface, designers can quickly and easily integrate high-speed wireless connectivity into imaging...

Products : Medical
QNX OS for Medical 1.1

QNX Software Systems Limited, Ottawa, Canada, a subsidiary of BlackBerry, announced a new release of its OS for medical devices. The QNX® OS for Medical 1.1 complies with the IEC 62304 medical device standard and is designed to help manufacturers reduce the cost of developing robotic surgical instruments,...

Products : Medical
New Metals for Implants

Vulcanium Metals International, Northbrook, IL, has added Cobalt Chrome Moly (CCM) and Stainless Steel Medical Bar grades 304/304L, 316L, Custom 455, and Custom 465 to its materials offered for medical implants and instrumentation. Vulcanium also introduced Ti-6AL-4V ELI Titanium Bar Precision Ground (+/- .0002) 1/4" to...

Products : Medical
Automation Suite Software

Kollmorgen, Radford, VA, introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ software version 2.8 and AKD servo drive platform firmware version 1.12, which include a new higher performance version of the AKD PDMM, enhancements to the coordinated motion programming blocks and additions to the EtherCAT configuration tool. This...

Products : Medical
Grasshopper3 GigE Vision™ PoE Cameras

Point Grey Research, Inc., Richmond, Canada, introduces the Grasshopper®3 GigE Vision™ PoE camera family, an extension to the existing Grasshopper3 USB3 Vision™ product line. The Grasshopper3 GS3-PGE-23S6 models offer image resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels and frame rates up to 46 FPS. The...

Products : Medical
LCD with Tactile Touch

Tianma NLT America, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, has announced the introduction of an LCD prototype with a tactile touch technology that recreates the sense of tactile texture by using electric vibrations and reproduces skin sensations as if they are tracing actual objects on the display. The stimulus can be localized to the...

Products : Medical

Mouser Electronics, Mansfield, TX, announced the upcoming release of MultiSIM BLUE, the NI Multisim Component Evaluator – Mouser Edition. The new Mouser version of the free tool will add features and functionality to provide engineers with an industry-standard SPICE simulation environment of electronic circuits and will include...

Products : Medical
GaN Power Amplifier Drivers

API Technologies Corp., Orlando, FL, debuted a new line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) drivers to provide a complete amplifier solution for applications requiring high levels of gain and output power. These hybrid-based power amplifier drivers are ideal for use in applications including optical drivers and medical imaging...

Products : Medical
Vision MINI Xi Industrial Compact Smart Camera

Microscan, Renton, WA, announces the availability of the Vision MINI Xi, the world’s smallest fully-integrated smart camera with embedded Ethernet. The Vision MINI Xi measures in at 25.4mm x 45.7mm x 53.3mm, and weighs just 91g. The Vision MINI Xi features both Ethernet and serial connectivity, a...

Products : Medical
Marc 2014 Software

MSC Software Corporation, Newport Beach, CA, announced the new release of Marc 2014, which is relied upon by product manufactures for nonlinear and multiphysics simulations of engineered products like sophisticated medical and consumer electronic devices. The release introduces a new 3D crack propagation capability, enhanced...

Products : Medical
UltiMod Modular Off-Line Power Supplies

Excelsys Technologies Ltd., Rockwell, TX, announces the introduction of its new UltiMod series of power supplies, the first in its class to carry a 5-year warranty. The series provides up to 12 outputs and 1200W in a compact 1U format. Typical applications include medical lasers, dialysis equipment,...

Products : Medical
CLIK-Mate Wire-to-Board Connector System

Molex, Inc., Lisle, IL, introduces the CLIKMate ™ 1.50mm Wire-to-Board Connector System, which offers a variety of circuit sizes, mounting styles, and wire gauges to meet next-generation power and signal needs. The CLIK-Mate 1.50mm family now includes a bottom-entry version for applications that require...

Products : Medical
Correct-A-Chip IC Adapters

Aries Electronics, Inc., Bristol, PA, introduces a new line of low-cost, quickturn, Correct-A-Chip® IC Adapters for common IC devices. These adapters enable the user to transform (or adapt) standard SOIC, MSOP, TSSOP, or QFP packages into standard thru-hole DIP configurations for bread-boarding and...

Products : Medical
Additive Process for Thin Film Circuits

Metrigraphics LLC, Wilmington, MA, has developed new additive fabrication techniques in processing substrate-based ultra-miniaturized circuits. Circuits can be manufactured with properties that include circuit lines and spaces as small as 10 microns, vias as small as 25 microns in diameter, and multilayer...

Products : Medical
Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors

Honeywell Sensing and Control, Morris Township, NJ, introduces its TBP Series of Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors designed for customers who require a simple, high quality, cost-effective, basic performance, mV output sensor that is compensated and unamplified so they can do their own amplification while...

From the Editor : Medical
From the Editor: September 2014

In the late 1960s, Timothy Leary advised people to “Turn on, tune in, drop out” by using psychedelic drugs. Fifty years later, the message might be “Turn on, sync in, stay connected 24/7”.

Features : Test & Measurement
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Faulty Test Results

No discipline is as precise as the design and manufacture of medical devices. No other function is as crucial in its precision. Exact measurements and tests are a critical necessity— from heart valves to knee and hip replacements, a fraction of a millimeter can be the difference between life and...

Features : Medical
Form + Function: Interconnect Cable Assemblies for Ambulatory Monitoring

Building on the success of smartphones, mobile gadgets, and wearable sports fitness gear, the medical industry has steadily trended toward improved portability of monitoring devices used in ambulatory patient care. In addition to boasting smaller footprints, many newer...

Features : FDA/Regulatory
The Value of USP Class VI Testing for Medical Device Cable and Wire
The Value of USP Class VI Testing for Medical Device Cable and Wire

To design and successfully sell medical devices, manufacturers must ask themselves a number of key questions. What range of functions should this product offer? In what type...

The Value of USP Class VI Testing for Medical Device Cable and Wire
Features : Medical
Circulatory Support Without Surgery for Heart Failure Patients

A team of life science entrepreneurs in Houston, TX, has developed the first catheter-deployed circulatory assist device intended for long-term use to treat chronic heart failure. The Aortix™ provides a minimally invasive treatment option for the more than two million chronic heart...

Features : Medical
Hydraulic Prosthetic Knee Joints Provide More Natural Mobility for Patients

For patients who have lost a leg, regaining mobility is a top priority. However, development of more true-to-nature prosthetic limbs and joints has come an amazingly long way from the often thought of peg leg and hook hand. Over the past several years, medical prosthetic...

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