Features : Medical
Under Pressure: Designing Safety and Ease-of-Use into Closed System Transfer Devices

Oncology nurses, compounding pharmacists, and others who handle hazardous drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs, are put at risk of exposure. This is due to the antineoplastic agents with adhesive properties within these drugs that cause contamination of the...

Features : Tubing & Extrusion
Mold Design and Cavitation Strategy: Best Practices in Aligning Tooling with Requirements

Medical manufacturers of single-use products have a dual challenge: achieving high levels of quality while maintaining competitive cost. From an injection molding perspective, mold design and equipment selection ultimately determine whether or not those...

Features : Medical
Toward a Standards-based Framework for E-Health Interoperability

Varied stakeholders in healthcare around the world increasingly share and recognize a requirement for standards-based interoperability.

Features : Medical
Metalworking Techniques Unlock a Unique Alloy

NASA Technology

Half a century ago, a scientist at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory discovered that an alloy containing 60 percent nickel and 40 percent titanium could provide exceptional performance for rocket nose cones undergoing the rigors of atmospheric reentry. While the Navy experimented...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Laser Raster‐Scanning Patterns on Cylindrical Workpieces Using Advanced Drawing Post-Processing Tools

Manufacturing interventional cardiac devices, such as stents, has traditionally employed two-axis systems consisting of a rotary “spindle” axis mounted on top of a direct-drive linear stage. (See Figure 1) This combination of axes allows...

Features : Medical
How to Acquire the Best Application Advantage

Brushless motors are used worldwide for their basic benefit of optimizing performance per package size. No other technology can match it. In addition, brushless brings tremendous advantages to many applications, combining the best features and benefits of past successful designs while incorporating...

Products : Semiconductors & ICs
Product of the Month: VitalCore Custom Integrated Circuit for Wireless Biosensors

Vital Connect, Inc., San Jose, CA, introduces the VitalCore™ processor. This first-of-its-kind custom integrated circuit for wireless biosensors will vastly increase detection and processing capabilities at significantly lower power requirements, enabling broader...

Products : Medical
Automatic Measurement Program Generation Software

Mitutoyo America Corporation, Aurora, IL, introduces the MiCAT Planner automatic measurement program generation software, which uses 3D CAD models and Product and Manufacturing Information to enable one-click automated generation of measurement programs. MiCAT Planner bypasses the old...

Products : Medical
Medical-Grade Apex SCR Compounds

Teknor Apex Company, Pawtucket, RI, introduces new Apex SCR™ rigid PVC compounds, which can make it possible for rigid PVC to replace polycarbonate (PC) in clear medical components like connectors and check valves, obtaining comparable strength and excellent clarity while reducing or eliminating the stress...

Products : Medical
TSM Step Servo Motors

Applied Motion Products, Watsonville, CA, announces that its TSM Step Servo Motors combine the best features of step motor and servo system performance in a cost-effective motion control solution. TSMs are an all-in-one motor/drive solution and include NEMA size 17 and 23 options, plus enhanced versions capable of providing...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Continuous Flow Metering System

Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense, North Canton, OH, offers a Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) metering dispense system for critical applications of single component sealant and adhesive materials. Engineered for automated applications, the metering system dispenses a precise, continuous flow of single component...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
ApP Lite™ Processor Family Additions

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., Irvine, CA, announces the latest additions to its TZ1000 series of ApP Lite™ processors targeting the Internet of Things. Designed for the low-power performance needed for wearable devices, a high-performance ARM core with DSP and floating-point processing unit...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Micro Series Lead Screws

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Waterbury, CT, announces its new line of micro screws (2mm diameter screws) with customized lead screw nut materials for specialized medical applications, including insulin patch pumps. Utilizing a Kerkite® engineered polymers or customer specified materials, Haydon Kerk can help design and...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Sealed Linear Actuators

Bell-Everman, Goleta, CA, introduces a compact model of its SLS sealed linear stage to keep contaminants outside of the stage housing. The SLS Light model, which measures 80 × 120-mm, has maximum dynamic payloads of 15 kg for the direct drive linear motor version and 30 kg for the ball screw version. Applications include...

Products : Medical
SPEED v9.06 Release

CD-adapco, Melville, NY, announces the release of the latest version of the SPEED™ electric machine design tool, SPEED Suite v9.06. SPEED Suite v9.06 adds PC-AXM for axial flux machines as the 6th module to the current five modules in SPEED which cover the conventional radial flux machines on synchronous, induction,...

Products : Medical
Multiphysics Software 5.1

COMSOL, Inc. Burlington, MA, introduces COMSOL Multiphysics® software version 5.1, the first and only integrated simulation environment for building multiphysics models and for creating and sharing easy-touse simulation apps. The Model Builder and Application Builder have been merged into one unified and interactive...

From the Editor : Medical
From the Editor: July 2015

A few months ago, I lost my cousin to liver cancer. She was several years older than me—a creative, warm, wise, and welcoming woman who had recently become a grandmother for the second time. In fact, her granddaughter was born the very day she began chemotherapy. I visited her in the hospital just days before she...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Researchers Develop Biodegradable Wooden Computer Chips

Portable electronics — typically made of non-renewable, non-biodegradable and potentially toxic materials — are discarded at an alarming rate in consumers' pursuit of the next best electronic gadget. In an effort to alleviate the environmental burden of electronic devices, a team of...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Improving Organic Transistors that Drive Flexible Electronics

A revolution is coming in flexible electronic technologies as cheaper, more flexible, organic transistors come on the scene to replace expensive, rigid, silicone-based semiconductors. But materials scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst say not enough is known about how...

Features : Electronics & Computers
Computing at the Speed of Light

University of Utah engineers have taken a step forward in creating the next generation of computers and mobile devices capable of speeds millions of times faster than current machines. The Utah engineers have developed an ultracompact beamsplitter — the smallest on record — for dividing light waves into two...

News : Medical
Six Words that Can Kill Innovation

While the late great comedian George Carlin had his infamous “Seven Words”, only six words are needed to kill innovation in any industry: “We’ve always done it this way.” How much more might be accomplished if those six words could be replaced with “what if”? What if we tried it this way? What if...

Features : Materials
How High-Performance Polymers Help Medical Device Designers Work Smarter and Sleep Better

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) represent one of the key challenges facing today’s healthcare industry. According to a recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network, total costs associated with HAIs reached...

Features : Medical
Pre-Treatment Process Solves Adhesion Issue

Prior to 2006, commercially available aqueous-based polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings utilized perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) as a principal surfactant. PFOA was a highly efficient additive and allowed PTFE applicators to coat a wide variety of substrates.

Features : Medical
Material Selection in a Complex Regulatory Environment

Understanding material selection trends and complying with the needs of governing regulatory agencies is fundamental to success in medical device production. As manufacturers set development objectives, they consider material characteristics, such as ease of processing, performance, and...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Considering Manufacturability in Early Phase Product Development: Successful Scalability for Medical Device Innovation
Considering Manufacturability in Early Phase Product Development: Successful Scalability for Medical Device Innovation

An experienced, recommended, custom furniture professional came over to my house to bid on building a low-profile cabinet...

Considering Manufacturability in Early Phase Product Development: Successful Scalability for Medical Device Innovation
Products : Medical
Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding

Smith Metal Products, Center City, MN, produces parts as small as .060" OD, IDs as small as .010", and a minimum wall thickness of .010" for a limited distance. Part lengths up to 3" by .25" inches thick, parts over 100 grams, and tolerance capabilities of ±0.005" inch per linear inch down to +/-.001" on...

Products : Medical
Makroblend M525 for Wearable Devices

Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, introduces a new polycarbonate blend developed specifically for wearable devices. Makroblend® M525 polycarbonate/ polyester provides a high level of chemical resistance against body lotions and other chemicals while also meeting the testing requirements of ISO...

Products : Medical
Photo-Etched Stainless Steels

Tech-Etch, Inc., Plymouth, MA, manufactures precision thin metal parts from specialty stainless steel alloys like MP35N used in implanted medical devices, Elgiloy® used in replacement heart valves, as well as 716 and 420 alloys used for surgical blades. Other etched materials include Inconel®, Hastelloy®,...

Products : Medical
Advanced Miniature Push-Pull Locking Connector

ODU-USA, Camarillo, CA, now offers MEDI-SNAP®, a plastic and metal circular connector with miniature push-pull locking connector solutions for reusable and disposable medical applications. Designed for medical emergency response teams and hospitals, light in weight, and with a high chemical...

Products : Medical
OmniCure AC2 Series UV LED Curing Solutions

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Waltham, MA, has launched of its new OmniCure® AC2 Series UV LED Curing Systems. This small form factor, aircooled product provides excellent curing uniformity and allows for the adjoining of multiple systems to address any length application or working distance. These...

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