Features : Medical
“Smart” Sunglasses That Block Blinding Glare

The days of being blinded by glare from the sun, despite the $300 sunglasses straddling your face, may soon be over. Since 2003, Chris Mullin, PhD, and CEO of Dynamic Eye (Pittsburgh, PA), has teamed up with University at Buffalo electrical-engineering professor Albert Titus, PhD, to develop...

Features : Medical
Improving Wheelchair Ergonomics

Engineers at Empa, a Swiss interdisciplinary research and services institution, are working together with the firm «r going» to develop an ergonomic seat for electric wheelchairs that encourages the user to move around frequently. The aim is to enhance the freedom of movement of wheelchair users with a range of...

Products : Medical
Fluid Control Solutions

Gems Medical Sciences (Plainville, CT) offers ISO 13485 certified products for the specialized fluid control and handling requirements of the medical device, diagnostic, life science, and biotechnology market segments. The company recently announced the opening of a 4,000 sq. ft. Medical Processing Area in its...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Cable Carrier

A newly redesigned System E6 Energy Chain® cable carrier from igus (East Providence, RI) is suitable for applications requiring quiet, low-vibration cable management at high speeds and accelerations. The “polygon effect” that can occur when a cable carrier is unrolled is reduced to a minimum of 37 dB(A). It is...

Products : Motion Control
Integrated Motion Solution

Mdrive® integrated motor products from Schneider Electric Motion USA (Marlborough, CT) are now available for EtherNet/IP™ systems, allowing OEMs to simultaneously control and configure intelligent motion control devices over one network for a range of industrial applications. The motion systems feature integrated...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Transient Voltage Suppressor Arrays

Microsemi (Aliso Viejo, CA) has introduced two new non-magnetic, 500-watt transient voltage suppressor (TVS) arrays. The devices were designed specifically for MRI machines to guard against circuit damage caused by electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transients, and the effects of secondary lighting. The...

Products : Motion Control
Servo Controller

Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River, MA) has introduced the ESCON 36/2 DC, a 4-quadrant PWM servo controller for use with DC motors up to 72 Watts. This digital current controller provides drift-free yet dynamic speed behavior through a speed range of 1 to 150,000 RPM. The servo controller is controlled by means of an analog set...

Products : Imaging
Laser Scanning Microscope

The LSM 780 confocal laser scanning microscope from Carl Zeiss Microscopy (Thorn wood, NY) features a high-sensitivity GaAsP detector, software functions for single molecule and high dynamic range imaging, and a 355nm CW laser. It is suitable for research in neurobiology, physiology, and developmental biology.

Products : Materials
Marking System

Telesis Technologies (Circleville, OH) offers the EV4G diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) 532nm laser marking system for marking and processing difficult materials such as colored plastics and acrylic and polymer materials in the medical industry. This DPSS system features optimized laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics for...

Design & Development

Pro-Dex, Inc. (Irvine, CA) accelerates the design and development of medical devices that can withstand harsh environments by adhering to a concurrent engineering process. This approach takes the complete life-cycle of the product into account early in the design phase and obtains input from multidisciplinary teams before...

Features : Software
Increasing the Accuracy of Prosthetic Valve Stress Analysis

Durability is a key measurement of prosthetic heart valve function. Assessment of fatigue life requires accurate estimates of the stresses induced during the cardiac cycle. Finite element (FE) studies have been used to estimate peak stresses in valves,1 and computational...

News : Medical
Device Aims to Make Physical Exams Less Touch and Go

The first gateway to the detection of potentially cancerous tumors or lesions often occurs during the physical exam at the doctor's office, which is performed through touch. As one might imagine, conclusions made from such a test could be very subjective, depending on the physician's...

News : Medical
Upgraded Endoscope Can Target Cancerous Tumors

A marriage between the endoscope and a new field of medical imaging — Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging (CLI) — may allow surgeons to more completely remove cancerous tumors. The technique, called Cerenkov Luminescence Endoscopy (CLE), offers advantages over both traditional endoscopic and imaging...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Inexpensive Sensor May Speed Up Detection of Life-Threatening Disease

An integrated microfluidics-waveguide sensor developed at Stanford University School of Medicine has the potential to simplify the diagnosis of diseases ranging from life-threatening immune deficiencies to the common cold. The device sorts and counts cells in small samples of...

News : Medical
Origami-Inspired Paper Sensor Offers Diagnostic Capabilities

Inspired by the paper-folding art of origami, scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a 3D paper sensor that may be able to test for diseases such as malaria and HIV for less than 10 cents a pop. One-dimensional paper sensors, such as those used in pregnancy...

News : Medical
Nanotechnology's Big Medical Implications

Nanotechnology, the science of manipulating matter on a molecular scale, offers obvious advantages for the medical market. However, the question of nanotoxicology — the study of the toxicity of nanomaterials — may also play a role in the future of this technology. In 2006, the FDA formed the...

News : Medical
A (Texas) Toast to Biomedical Innovation

Texas...home of Johnson Space Center, the NSBRI, good BBQ, and now, for the first time, the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) show. Last week, in Fort Worth, TX, local exhibitors demonstrated evidence of the Lone Star State as an important hotspot for medical device development.

News : Medical
Imaging Tool Measures How Much Surgeons Feel the Heat

Simulated surgeries are a great tool for training surgical residents — but does a tool exist to determine precisely when a surgical resident is ready to move on to operate on a human patient? With this question in mind, an interdisciplinary team of University of Houston computer scientists...

News : Medical
Implantable Sensor Enables Non-Invasive Patient Monitoring After Surgery

Following an orthopedic procedure, surgeons usually rely on X-rays or MRIs to monitor the progress of their patients' recovery. A new implantable sensor developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute could provide surgeons with detailed, real-time information from the actual...

News : Photonics/Optics
New Laser Technology Detects Melanoma at Crucial Earlier Stage

Although often curable if detected early, melanoma causes the deaths of nearly 9,000 Americans each year. The incidence of melanoma is increasing at a rate faster than that of any of the seven most common cancers. A new medical diagnostic device invented by John A. Viator, Ph.D, an...

News : Medical
Taking A Closer Look at Traumatic Brain Injury

Each year, upwards of 1.5 million cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) occur in the United States. Conventional imaging methods don't always provide physicians with as much detail as they would like when it comes to determining how the injury damaged the patient's brain tissue, predicting how the...

Briefs : Medical
Selecting Magnetic Reed Switches for Medical Devices

Miniaturization of medical devices offers tangible advantages to clinicians and patients alike. Smaller pill cams, for example, are more easily ingested. Likewise, smaller hearing aids are less invasive and therefore more comfortable for the wearer. But before either of these devices — and...

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Mobile Video Collaboration Helps Engineers Solve Problems Remotely

The value chain for many medical device manufacturers is increasingly complex, with suppliers or internal factories located across the country or spread around the globe. Often, production line equipment problems, product design flaws, and quality issues occur in locations that...

Features : Medical
Product Development is Key Asset for Mold Manufacturers

Development of medical devices that are molded from thermoplastics or that have plastic components should begin with collaboration between the OEM’s engineering team and the mold manufacturer. While 3D solid modeling, as well as other forms of developing plastic components, can be useful...

Features : Medical
Ultrasound Technique Breaks Down Blood Clots

Ultrasound has long been associated with diagnostic imaging, but it is increasingly being explored and utilized as a beneficial, non-invasive tool for applications ranging from surgery to therapy. Researchers at the University of Michigan are focused on refining a new technique called histotripsy,...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping Helps Medical OEMs Sprint to Portability

A medical device developer in Southern California embarked on a search for help in the process of developing a diagnostic medical instrument. They visited product vendors, contract manufacturers, and integrators to develop a project approach and find a partner to help design and develop...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Device Helps Patients Avoid Intubation, Improve Outcomes, Reduce Cost

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a lung disease associated with airflow obstruction. A chronic, debilitating, and sometimes fatal condition, COPD is one of the most common lung diseases, predicted to be the fifth leading cause of disease burden by the year 2020,...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
UC Berkeley Uses 3D Printing to Speed Development of Lifesaving Medical Device

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, but evaluating it carries risks of its own. Though often beneficial, X-ray angiography and CT angiography require dangerous iodine tracer and ionizing radiation to probe in the blood vessels and brain....

Features : Imaging
Speedy 3D X-Rays in the Operating Room

Surgeons use 3D X-rays to check the results before the patient has left the operating room. One issue with currently available 3D X-ray systems, such as C-arms, is that they interfere with the surgeon’s work. The X-ray source and detector have to move in circles around the patient, which takes up a lot of...

Products : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Antivibration Mounts

The V12Z06MA Series of conical antivibration base mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components (New Hyde Park, NY) are designed to dampen shock and vibration for compression loads up to 1632 kgf (3598 lbf). Their metric housing is made of zinc plated steel and the isolator is made of a nitrile rubber compound that offers...

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