News : Electronics & Computers
Wearable Nanowire Sensors Monitor Electrophysiological Signals

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new, wearable sensor that uses silver nanowires to monitor electrophysiological signals, such as electrocardiography (EKG) or electromyography (EMG). The new sensor is as accurate as the “wet electrode” sensors...

News : Medical
FDA Seeks Comments on Defining Medical Device Accessories

The FDA has developed a draft document to provide guidance to industry and FDA staff about the regulation of accessories to medical devices. This guidance is intended to clarify and modify the FDA’s policy concerning the classification of accessories and to discuss the application of...

News : Medical
Zinc Oxide Materials Tapped for Implantable Medical Devices

A group of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) researchers explored how the attractive physical features of zinc oxide (ZnO) materials could be more effectively used to tap into abundant mechanical energy sources to power micro devices.

News : Medical
FDA Explores Single Audit Program for Multiple Countries

According to an FDA blog post, the FDA and regulatory agencies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Japan embarked in 2014 on a pilot called the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). Its goal is to develop a process that allows a single audit, or inspection to ensure the medical device...

News : Medical
Tattoo-Like Sensor Detects Glucose Levels

Scientists have developed the first ultra-thin, flexible device that sticks to skin like a rub-on tattoo and can detect a person’s glucose levels. The sensor, reported in a proof-of-concept study in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry, has the potential to eliminate finger-pricking for many people...

News : Medical
Quantum Dots Enable Neuroimaging Possibilities

Berkeley Lab’s quantum dots have not only found their way into tablets, computer screens, and TVs; they are also used in biological and medical imaging tools. Now Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) director Paul Alivisatos is exploring their use for solar cell as well as brain...

News : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Is 2015 the Year for Medtech Growth?

At home and abroad, medtech suppliers prepare to rise with the new year's tide

In this Outsourcing Outlook newsletter, Contributing Editor Steve Halasey examines the latest industry news concerning outsourcing/contract manufacturing.

News : Medical
January 2015 Mid-Month Industry News

Here is the latest batch of news from the medical products community.

Please click the link for more.

News : Medical
New Imaging Method Improves Prostate Cancer Detection

A team of scientists and physicians from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, with counterparts at University of California, Los Angeles, have developed a novel imaging technique that measurably improves upon current prostate imaging – and may have significant...

News : Medical
Researchers Develop Self-Folding Origami Structures

While the Japanese art of origami has been “a rich source of inspiration” for scientists working to construct such 3D forms, the limitation to simple shapes has held up development of new applications in areas such as biomimetic systems, soft robotics and mechanical meta-materials,...

News : Medical
Diagnostics-in-a-Suitcase Rapidly Detects Ebola

Scientists in field laboratories who diagnose and deal with Ebola infections often work under challenging conditions. Researchers at the German Primate Center have developed Diagnostics-in-a-Suitcase, which contains all reagents and equipment to detect the Ebola virus within 15 minutes at...

News : Medical
Spinal Cord Implant Mimics Living Tissue

New therapies are on the horizon for individuals paralyzed following spinal cord injury. The e-Dura implant developed by EPFL scientists can be applied directly to the spinal cord without causing damage and inflammation.

News : Medical
TRUE Technology Focuses Diffuse Light Inside Living Tissue

Lihong Wang, the Gene K. Beare Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis, has revealed for the first time a new technique that focuses diffuse light inside a dynamic scattering medium containing living...

Features : Medical
Transforming Healthcare with M2M and mHealth Technology
Transforming Healthcare with M2M and mHealth Technology

Modern mobile networks are ubiquitous and accessible virtually everywhere, from remote villages in Africa to deep inside warehouses and hospitals. This universal wireless coverage,...

Transforming Healthcare with M2M and mHealth Technology
Features : Robotics, Automation & Control
Secure, Cost-Effective, and Remotely Connected Medical Devices Are Revolutionizing Home Patient Care
Secure, Cost-Effective, and Remotely Connected Medical Devices Are Revolutionizing Home Patient Care

Remote medical care is undergoing a revolution and the future is bright. Thanks to wireless networks and cloud connectivity across a growing...

Secure, Cost-Effective, and Remotely Connected Medical Devices Are Revolutionizing Home Patient Care
Briefs : Medical
Motor Selection for Electronic Pipetting

The pipette is a basic fluid control tool for transferring tiny amounts of liquids. Electronic or motorized pipettes are an ergonomic alternative to manual pipettes and an efficient way to increase sample throughput with precision and accuracy.

Briefs : Markets
Making Lower Limb Prosthetics More Comfortable

Diabetes is the leading cause of limb loss, accounting for more than 65,000 amputations a year nationwide. In addition, there were more than 1,500 major limb amputations from US battle injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 to 2013. That’s a lot of people needing comfortably fitting...

Briefs : Medical
Drug Wrap Could Prevent Stent Scarring

Each year, more than a half-million Americans undergo stenting procedures to have a narrowed coronary artery propped open. The procedure helps to restore blood flow and is common for certain patients who’ve experienced a heart attack or other arterial blockages.

Features : Medical
Robotic Walker Aids in Stroke Therapy

Regaining mobility after a stroke or other neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and Parkinson’s disease is often a struggle. To help these patients regain motor functions, they are usually required to undergo physical therapy sessions. To...

Spinoff : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Oxygen Sensors Monitor Bioreactors and Ensure Health and Safety
Oxygen Sensors Monitor Bioreactors and Ensure Health and Safety

NASA Technology

In the mid-1990s scientists at NASA Kennedy Space Center were experimenting with an unusual substance: cow digestive bacteria. Could it break down...

Oxygen Sensors Monitor Bioreactors and Ensure Health and Safety
Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Multiphysics 5.0 and Application Builder

COMSOL, Inc., Burlington, MA, has released COMSOL Multiphysics® 5.0, featuring extensive product updates, three new add-on products, and the new Application Builder. Designers can now build applications for use by engineering and manufacturing departments, expanding...

Products : Energy
iPS-M420S Industrial Power Storage

Advantech, Milpitas, CA, launched its iPS-M420S, a 420-Wh industrial power storage system with a lithium iron phosphate cell. This environmentally friendly and long-lifecycle, rechargeable battery provides substantial charge capacity, safety, and cost-efficiency. With its fanless design and IP67 DC output...

Products : Medical
Minimal Residual Volume Luer Activated Stopcock

Elcam Medical Ltd., Hackensack, NJ, introduces its Marvelous™ specialized flow-control stopcock used to administer IV procedures or as a blood sampling port in hemodynamic monitoring sets. The Marvelous™ stopcock automatically flushes any fluids remaining inside the stopcock, assuring minimal...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
OmniCure AC Series UV LED Curing Solutions

Excelitas Technologies, Missisauga, Canada, announces the expansion of its OmniCure AC Series UV LED curing solutions with its new PLC2000 multipurpose external controller device and OmniCure AC Optical Adapter. These accessories complement the OmniCure AC Series of high power UV LED systems and provide...

Products : Electronics & Computers
MIDR03M Series 3 WattConverter

PIK Power, Inc., Marlborough, CT, offers a large standard range of MINMAX high isolation converters with models ranging from 1 to 10W. Products with fully regulated or unregulated output voltages are available. The I/O-isolation voltage, depending on model, is rated from 3000 to 4200VACrms reinforced isolation. All...

Products : Medical
M12 CANopen Integrated Motors

Schneider Electric Motion USA, Marlborough, CT, announces that Lexium MDrive® integrated motor systems expand industrial field bus communication options with CANopen with M12 circular connectors on NEMA motor sizes 23 and 34. Combined with its compact size, the integrated stepper motor, controller, I/O,...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
KOENIG Check Valves

SFC KOENIG, North Haven, CT, added Check Valves to its sealing and flow control solutions. The Check Valves feature a ball style, one-piece, self-contained design for quick and precise flow control, and can be used to maintain system pressure and prevent backflow. They are available in forward- and reverse-flow models in...

Products : Medical
UB29 Linear DC Micro Welder

Miyachi Unitek Corporation, Monrovia, CA, introduces the UB29 linear DC micro welder, which offers precision control for micro-miniature resistance welding, particularly in the medical market. Featuring single phase input, a compact size, and dual pulse schedules, the UB29 offers a precisely controlled repeatable...

Products : Motion Control
I² DC Servo Motor

Specialty Motors, Inc., Valencia, CA, announces its fully integrated I² DC Servo Motor is easily programmable to perform complex velocity and positioning movements within minutes. The all-in-one unit contains the brushless servo motor, controller, drives, power supply, and feedback devices in a single enclosure allowing for...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
SlimStack™ SSB6 SMT Micro Connectors

Molex, Inc., Lisle, IL, announces the launch of its new SlimStack™ SSB6 SMT microminiature board-to-board connectors. With an ultra-low profile (0.35 mm pitch) and compact size (0.60 mm height x 2.00 mm width, when mated), SlimStack SSB6 connectors are ideal for saving space in the compact packaging of a...

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