Briefs : Medical
Blending High-End Imaging Techniques

A team of scientists at Vanderbilt University have achieved the first “image fusion” of mass spectrometry and microscopy, which, they say, could dramatically improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, among other advancements.

Briefs : Medical
Focusing on Glaucoma Solutions

The primary focus of diagnostic exams for glaucoma, and follow-up testing, is measuring pressure inside the eye. A rise in pressure indicates that the disease is worsening, and all current glaucoma treatments work by reducing that pressure. But, say researchers at the University of Alabama (UAB), intraocular...

Briefs : Medical
Cancer Detection Device Receives SXSW Award

An optical probe to detect skin cancer designed by a team of researchers at the at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas (UT) was a hometown favorite to win an innovation award at South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive in March. The event honors emerging technologies, as well as...

Briefs : FDA/Regulatory
FDA Adopts Three Nanotechnology Standards

The FDA recently adopted three nanotechnology standards as part of a major update to the administration’s List of Recognized Standards. The documents comprise a Technical Specification (TS) developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 229 on...

Briefs : Medical
Understanding How Materials’ Behaviors Change

A group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, say that to understand how nanomaterials behave, it’s necessary to understand the atomic-scale deformation mechanisms that determine their structure...

Briefs : Medical
Drug-Encapsulated Prosthetic Enhancement

This invention places a drug delivery system inside a prosthetic implant to circumvent the physical issues encountered after fitting the implant. Implants being relatively large in size would be able to house the drug-carrying device inside them without compromising the structural integrity or the...

Technology Leaders : Medical
Iron Man Special Effects Team and Progressive Device Designers: Superheroes with a Connection

Comparing the cool factor of medical device components to Robert Downey Jr.’s gleaming armor in the film Iron Man 2 is…well…tough. But compare the work of many medical device design teams to Iron Man’s special effects crew and there’s a...

Technology Leaders : Medical
ISO 80369 Standards for Small Bore Connectors Move Closer to Implementation

After a 20-year effort to establish standards which would minimize the risk of medical misconnections, the pending release of the ISO 80369 series of standards has now reached a point of critical mass, shifting from a development stage to an implementation stage. The new...

Global Innovations : Materials
Preventing Pressure Sores in Wheelchair Users with ‘Smart’ Textiles

The research project PUMA (Pressure Ulcer Measurement and Actuation), founded by the European Commission, and coordinated by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) in Spain has developed an innovative portable, noninvasive device for the prevention and early...

From the Editor : Medical
From the Editor: May 2015

You’ve heard the latest Apple Watch claims and seen the advance sales numbers. No stranger to grand pronouncements about their products, this very “personal” one, the company says, can run its own apps, connect with iPhones, and be both a fashion and status statement.

Mission Accomplished : Medical
Space Grant Research Launches Rehabilitation Chair

A stay on the International Space Station is no vacation. During a visit to the orbiting National Laboratory, astronauts divide their time among a variety of tasks. For one, they look after a multitude of space-based science experiments. For another, they clean and check the station’s...

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
New Transistor Solders Gaps Between Carbon Nanotubes

A University of Illinois research team developed a new method of soldering gaps in atomically small wires. The more flexible transistor technology, carbon nanotube wires, shows promise in replacing silicon devices.

News : Medical
Photovoltaic Retinal Implant Improves Functional Vision

New wireless retinal implants from Stanford University researchers convert light transmitted from special glasses into electrical current. The resulting current stimulates the retinal neurons known as bipolar cells.

News : Medical
April 2015 Month-End Industry News

Here is the latest batch of news from the medical products community. Please click the link for more.

News : Medical
Researchers Develop Artificial Blood Vessels

Vienna University of Technology and Vienna Medical University researchers have created artificial blood vessels from a special elastomer material. To produce the vascular prostheses, polymer solutions were spun in an electrical field to form very fine threads and wound onto a spool. The prostheses can...

News : Medical
Portable MRI Uses Low-Power Magnetic Fields

A portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device from the Los Alamos National Laboratory uses low-power magnetic fields to image the brain and other soft-tissue anatomy. The lightweight technology could be deployed on the battlefield and in the world's poorest regions.

News : Electronics & Computers
New Fabrication Technique Prints Silicon on Paper

Using a single laser pulse, a group of researchers at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands has devised a method that allows silicon, in the polycrystalline form used in circuitry, to be produced directly on a paper substrate from liquid silicon ink. The process can be expanded to...

News : Medical
NIST Team Identifies 3D-Printing Intricacies

Manufacturing researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have identified important challenges for powder bed fusion, the chief method for "printing" metal parts. By identifying the factors that influence the manufacturing process, professionals will improve the creation...

News : Medical
Portable Breath Test Detects Cancers

A portable device, developed in part by EPFL researchers, monitors one's breath to quickly detect the presence of head and neck cancer. The technology, equipped with extremely sensitive sensors, has been tested on patients and operates with a computer or even a mobile phone.

News : Medical
Smartphone-Based Device Spots Molecular Tumors

A device developed by Massachusetts General Hospital investigators provides rapid, accurate molecular diagnosis of tumors and other diseases. The smartphone-based technology collects detailed microscopic images for digital analysis of the molecular composition of cells and tissues.

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
Researchers Improve Magnetic-Field Detector

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team has developed a new, ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector. The device could lead to miniaturized, battery-powered devices for medical imaging.

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
Inkjet Technology Prints 'Soft Robot' Circuits

A new potential manufacturing approach from Purdue University researchers harnesses inkjet printing to create devices made of liquid alloys. The resulting stretchable electronics are compatible with soft machines, such as robots that must squeeze through small spaces, or wearable electronics.

News : Medical
Camera Chip Provides High-Depth 3D Resolution

Using an inexpensive silicon chip less than a millimeter square in size, a nanophotonic coherent imager (NCI), developed by California Institute of Technology researchers, provides 3D maps with high depth-measurement accuracy.

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
Researchers Use Water to Improve Nanowires

Rice University graduate students and researchers have made nanowires between 6 and 16 nanometers wide. The wires are made from a variety of materials, including silicon, silicon dioxide, gold, chromium, tungsten, titanium, titanium dioxide, and aluminum. The development of sub-10-nanometer sizes...

News : Medical
April 2015 Mid-Month Industry News

Here is the latest batch of news from the medical products community. Please click the link for more.

News : Medical
Biosensing Platform Quickly Diagnoses Disease

A biosensing platform from Florida Atlantic University could be used to diagnose disease, remotely monitor patients, and determine treatment options for HIV, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureas, and other bacteria. Using a drop of blood from a fingerprick, the platform provides clinically relevant...

News : Medical
Non-Invasive Method Detects Cancerous Cells

Using MRI, Johns Hopkins researchers developed a cancer detection method that does not rely on injected contrast dyes. The technique noninvasively finds telltale sugar molecules shed by the outer membranes of cancerous cells.

News : Medical
Brain-Machine Interface Controls Prosthetic Hand

A new algorithm allows a person to use his or her thoughts to grasp a bottle or other object. The non-invasive brain monitoring technique, developed by University of Houston researchers, will help the team understand the neuroscience behind the action of grasping.

News : Robotics, Automation & Control
New Adhesive Works Underwater

An adhesive technology helps to bond human tissue in wet or moist conditions. The chemistry is based on the environmentally-friendly adhesive qualities of mussels and other shellfish.

News : Medical
VA Study to Test Light Therapy on Brain Function

To address brain damage caused by explosions and neurotoxin exposure, researchers at the VA Boston Healthcare System are testing the effects of light therapy. Veterans in the study wear a helmet lined with light-emitting diodes that apply red and near-infrared light to the scalp. Diodes, placed in...

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