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R&D: Electronics & Computers
Device Creates 3D Images of Skin

A research team has developed a portable device that produces high-resolution 3D images of human skin within 10 minutes. The team says the portable skin mapping (imaging) device could be used to assess...

From the Editor: Photonics/Optics
From the Editor: The 2020 Products of the Year
This year, our two winners both represent new imaging capabilities for medical devices.
The technologies may enable wearable health monitors to produce improved physiological information and continuous monitoring without frequent battery changes.

A new artificial intelligence platform detects COVID-19 by analyzing x-ray images of the lungs. Called DeepCOVID-XR, the machine-learning algorithm outperformed a team of...

Pulmonology is a field of medicine that deals with respiratory tract diseases, and the medical imaging used by pulmonologists is predominantly chest imaging: CXR,...

News: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Laser Imaging Shows Bird Beak Evolution

The crow-like Confuciusornis, which lived about 120 million years ago, was one of the first birds to evolve a beak. Unfortunately, early beak evolution lacks sufficient study. Using an imaging...

Just as your skeleton helps your body move, fine skeleton-like filaments within your cells help cellular structures move. Researchers have developed an imaging method that lets them monitor a...

Optical imaging helps surgeons map out tumors.
This form of radiation does not damage living tissues.

Researchers have developed remote-controlled, mechanical microdevices that, when inserted into human tissue, can manipulate the fluid that surrounds them, collect cells or release...

A team at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has prototyped a flexible patch containing tiny transducers for monitoring health conditions. When paired with a new algorithm, the...

The camera-like device can be inserted into blood vessels to provide high-quality 3D images.

Glenbrook Technologies, based in Randolph, NJ, has been chosen by several institutions to supply its LabScope™ for preclinical medical research. The LabScope is a patented low-dose,...

The number of colors is not limited by the microscope’s spectral channels or exploiting spectral crosstalk.
Shielding materials, static control, 3D printing software, and more.
Features: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Scalable Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging
Major medical imaging vendors are currently ramping up their artificial intelligence (AI) activities.
Scientists have identified a new class of x-ray detectors based on layered perovskites
R&D: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Researchers Develop First Ultrasound Biosensor
A biosensor can be used inside the body to emit signals that can be detected by common ultrasound scanners.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The Benefits of Embedding Marker Bands vs. Swaging
Advancements have enabled marker bands to be applied more safely and consistently.
INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition
In Vivo Imaging Links Sensory Experience to Activity
Novel biosensors allow the simultaneous study of both neuronal activity and transcription factor dynamics.
A new tool for medical professionals may help shed light on tumors.
Simon Fraser University researchers will use their pioneering imaging technology – called Mango, for its bright color – to develop coronavirus testing kits.
Researchers have tested a new imaging method to understand the brain as an individual develops Alzheimer's disease.
The stretchable fabric is embroidered with conductive threads that provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Position sensors, power clamps, CT scanners, and more.
The SEER method is 67 times faster than current techniques.

Researchers have developed an ultrasound diagnostic protocol for COVID-19. The protocol was developed in the laboratories of UniTrento with collaboration from a dozen clinical teams in Italy as...

Scientists have developed live-cell imaging that enables the first visualization of hidden processes in plants. The new technique records movies of fundamental processes in flower development...

Scientists at the University of California San Diego have a clearer idea of what happens in the brain during courtship and mating, thanks to the evolution of an advanced imaging system...

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