Products : Medical
Miniature Displacement and Position Sensors

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc., Frisco, TX, provides extremely slim, inductive displacement Inelta IZAL series sensors. Utilizing differential sensing technology, these sensors ensure precise path length measurements in applications with highly confined spaces. The contactless, wear-free sensors for...

Products : Medical
10 Watt DC/DC Converter

ConTech, a Division of Calex, Concord, CA, announces the DMT Series of DC/DC converters, which provides up to 10 Watts of fully regulated output power with an industry standard DIP footprint. The series offers a 4:1 input range with nominal input voltages of 24VDC and 48VDC. Single outputs offered are 3.3, 5, 12, 15, and...

Products : Medical
ODU MEDI-SNAP Miniature Connectors

ODU-USA, Camarillo, CA, announces 48-hour availability of ODU MEDI-SNAP® miniature connector solutions in the US. ODU MEDI-SNAP is a plastic circular connector with miniature push-pull locking designed for reusable and disposable medical applications. This lightweight connector solution with high chemical...

Products : Medical
Collaboration to Improve Medical Tubing Systems

Davis-Standard LLC, Pawcatuck, CT, announces its collaboration with Conair to support global customers with medical tubing systems equipped with Davis- Standard extruders and controls and Conair downstream equipment. The Davis-Standard cleanroom medical lab system in Pawcatuck has Conair equipment,...

Products : Medical
Expanded Range of Laminations

Technipaq, Inc., Crystal Lake, IL, a provider of flexible and sterilizable packaging design for the medical device industries, has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and capacities for customers. The company now offers an expanded range of laminations and coatings for solvent-based, water-based, and solventless...

Products : Medical
LIM Pump Segments

Raumedic, Inc., Mills River, NC, introduces Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) pump segments commonly used in enteral nutrition or pain management, and these tubing and molded parts must fulfill tightest tolerances. Connectors, fixing elements, pressure sensors, and bubble detection areas can be integrated without any additional...

Products : Medical
5.0-mm-Diameter MEMS Mirrors

Mirrorcle Technologies, Inc., Richmond, CA, introduces larger diameter 5.0mm MEMS mirrors that offer a 14-bit repeatability (precision) when driven with designated MEMS drivers, so 16,384 discrete angular positions are repeatably addressable in point-to-point mode between the negative maximum to positive maximum...

Products : Medical
ML6 Photoelectric Sensor Family

Pepperl+Fuchs, Twinsburg, OH, announces that its popular ML6 series subminiature photoelectric sensors come with dual sensor redundant detection and independent outputs. They are also available in long-range background suppression sensing models, and retroreflective models with no sensing deadband. Potential...

Products : Medical
Integrated StepSERVO™ Motors

Electromate, Greenville, DE, introduces Applied Motion Products’ Integrated Step Motors that fuse a step motor plus drive and control components into a single device. Integrated steppers offer a space-saving design that reduces wiring and saves on cost over separate motor and drive components. They are ideally...

Products : Medical

COMSOL, Inc., Burlington, MA, announces support for app development in the latest version of LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS®. Part of COMSOL Multiphysics® software, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS connects COMSOL software simulations and 3D design, and its latest version allows users to build apps with the Application Builder. This...

Products : Medical
OmniCure AC9 UV LED Curing Systems

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Waltham, MA, introduces OmniCure® AC9 UV LED Curing Systems for the curing of inks, adhesives, and coatings. The AC9 UV LED systems’ design features a high-performing, small- form-factor, air-cooled solution to enable faster line speeds in industrial manufacturing and printing,...

Products : Medical
QuadFLOW Multi-Sectional Fansinks

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), Norwood, MA, announces the QuadFLOW™ fansink, which uses directed airflow in multiple fin fields to cool electronic components up to 30% more effectively than the liquid cooling methods currently deployed in 1 and 2U commercial servers. They are designed to maximize...

Technology Leaders : Medical
Intelligent Tubing for Bioresorbable Scaffolds

Bioresorbable stent scaffolds are balloon-expandable and have been used to replace metallic stents to treat the narrowing of arteries and airway passages. Like traditional metallic scaffolds, bioresorbable scaffolds provide artery and/or airway support and act as a delivery system for the controlled...

Technology Leaders : Medical
Plasticizer-Induced Stress Cracking of Rigid PVC and Polycarbonate

Flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most common material used to manufacture clear flexible tubing for medical applications. Flexible PVC medical tubing contains plasticizer, the component added to PVC to impart flexibility to the inherently rigid PVC polymer. If this...

Global Innovations : Medical
Self-Healing Sensor for ‘Electronic Skin’
The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Flexible sensors have been developed for use in consumer electronics, robotics, health care, and spaceflight. One problem with these current flexible sensors is that they can be easily scratched and damaged,...

Camera Software Development Kit

DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) announced that a Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for the DolphiCam Ultrasound Camera System will be released in 1Q 2016. The SDK will enable developers and integrators to create customized NDT applications for the DolphiCam. The initial version of the SDK will contain C library...

Features : Medical
Precision Manufacturing of Medical Devices Using Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers

The rapid pace of innovation in the medical device industry puts ever increasing pressure on manufacturers to achieve greater geometrical precision, increase device lifetime and reliability, and simultaneously reduce the cost of making diverse portfolios of products. A key...

Features : Medical
California's Medtech Pipeline: World Class Resources, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and a Great Climate for Innovation

While the headquarters of the world’s largest medical device and diagnostics corporations have historically been located, well, elsewhere, California has long occupied a role of central importance for the advancement of medical...

News : Medical

According to the late, great David Bowie, “the stars look very different today”. After two years of collecting the 2.3% Medical Device Excise Tax, the tax has now been suspended for all of 2016 and 2017 when President Obama signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016. The tax was expected to raise almost $30 billion...

Features : Medical
Thin Film Force Sensors: Changing the Medical Device Design Game

Data drives results. Today, medical devices give feedback and insight like never before. Advances in engineering medical devices has led to smarter devices, improved...

Features : Medical
9 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Dispense Valves

Dispensing plays an important role in medical device manufacturing. There are many stringent requirements for accuracy, reliability, repeatability, dispensing speed, and throughput. In addition, the dispensing processes require a wide variety of fluids with a broad range of viscosities. With...

Features : FDA/Regulatory
Selecting Power Supplies for Medical Equipment Designs

When it comes to medical equipment, nothing is more important than the safety of patients and health care personnel. From diagnostic tools such as ultrasound devices to home health equipment like dialysis machines, human safety is top priority. To ensure that devices and equipment are not...

Products : Medical
Multiphysics and COMSOL Server, Version 5.2

COMSOL, Inc., Burlington, MA, has released Multiphysics® and COMSOL Server™ 5.2 simulation software environment, which delivers new features, improved stability and robustness, and faster execution. Major upgrades to the Application Builder include the new Editor Tools for easy creation of user...

Products : Medical
260 Types of Strain Gauges

HBM, Inc., Marlborough, MA, now offers a total of 260 types of strain gauges in stock for immediate delivery through its HBMshop web ordering tool designed to speed up ordering. Its online catalog, “Strain Gauges: Absolute Precision from HBM,” provides detailed specifications on the full line and identifies the...

Products : Medical
Copper Oxide Coated Foam Heat Sinks

Goodfellow, Coraopolis, PA, provides microporous copper foam coated with a thin, hard layer of copper oxide that provides outstanding performance as a low-profile heat sink in passive cooling environments. Goodfellow supplies copper oxide coated foam in thicknesses of 4mm, 5mm, and 10mm, with other sizes...

Products : Medical
Hybrid Photon Counting Technology

DECTRIS Ltd., Baden, Switzerland, announces its Hybrid Photon Counting technology based on the newest IBEX ASIC platform for X-ray medical imaging equipment. The IBEX ASIC senses every single photon in an X-ray, and provides the flexibility of two readout modes: a high-resolution mode to detect subtle details,...

Products : Medical
BENCH Programmable Power Supplies

Versatile Power, Inc., Campbell, CA, announces the BENCH family of 600 watt programmable DC power supplies. Versatile Power offers six models of these USA-built supplies with available power output up to 600 Watts. The BENCH programmable power supplies are available for online purchase directly from Versatile...

Products : Medical
Profile Guide Rail Brakes

Nexen Group, Inc., Vadnais Heights, MN, introduces two new models of Profile Guide Rail Brakes, Generation II, increasing the range of sizes to 15 mm to 65 mm. These brakes provide fast engagement, offer maintenancefree operation, and are fully compatible with all 16 major rail manufacturers, making them an ideal...

Products : Medical
40A iAH Surface Mount DC-DC Converter

TDK-Lambda Corporation, National City, CA, announces the TDK-Lambda iAH series of POL (Point of Load) non-isolated, DC-DC converters. This surface- mount part has an ultralow profile of 10.2mm. Rated at 40A, the iAH can deliver a wide adjustable output voltage from either a 5V or 12Vdc bus. The converters...

Products : Motion Control
Airflow Temp and Velocity Scanner

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Norwood, MA, offers the ATVS- 2020 scanner which measures airflow temperature and velocity of inside electronic devices. The ATVS-2020 scanner accommodates up to 32 sensors for precise, multi-point field mapping of test domains, including housings and PCB surfaces. The ATVS-2020...

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