Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
PVC-Free Foam

Vancive Medical Technologies, Glendale, CA, unveils a new eco-friendly PVC-free foam. This new single-coated foam is biocompatible, not made using natural rubber latex, and non-irritating to the skin. It offers all the same benefits as traditional PVC foam including conformability, elasticity, cushioning, flexibility, and...

Features : Medical
Twice As Nice: Overmolded Devices Provide Strength, Aesthetics, and an Ergonomic Grip for Medical Applications

If you’ve picked up a power tool at the hardware store recently, or used a multimeter to check for power on a kitchen outlet, you’re probably experienced overmolding. The application of soft, durable plastic over a rigid...

Features : Medical
Looking Ahead to 2016

Hard to believe another year is nearly over. 2016 is just around the corner. Another election year, and that will bring many changes, we can be certain. A new president and a new Congress could substantially impact the medical device industry. Will the Affordable Care Act be upheld, modified, or abolished? How about the...

Features : Medical
Materials Designed for Consumer Electronics Provide Insights for Medical Devices

Engineering thermoplastics are used throughout the consumer electronics (CE) industry today because they enable design freedom while also providing high performance capabilities. Although the industries differ, with CE having fewer regulations and being faster to...

Features : Medical
Empower Medical Devices with Embedded Database Software and Manage Risks

Medical device manufacturers have a tremendous opportunity to improve patient health care and boost the productivity of nurses and physicians with innovative products based on the latest microcontrollers and embedded processors. These technologies are a source of great...

Features : Medical
100% Solids: A Compelling Solution to the Challenges of Medical Adhesive Coating

From securing the simplest bandage to adhering components of the most complex diagnostic devices, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have long had a crucial role to play in the medical industry. PSAs are versatile, capable of being formulated to stick well to...

Features : Medical
Grinding and Guidewires: Manufacturing for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Last year, more than 50 million surgical procedures were performed in the United States. As that number grows each year, the quantity of and preference for minimally invasive surgeries is also increasing. Key factors driving this trend, compared to traditional open surgery,...

Features : Medical
Locking Gas Springs Can Ensure Safety and Flexibility of a Medical System

Heavy-duty gas springs are often used to replace or supplement human power when lifting or lowering heavy loads such as lids, hoods, and flaps in construction and industrial applications. In medical settings, gas springs can be found on a variety of equipment, from...

Products : Markets
Product of the Month: RF Module Optimized for Implantable Devices

Microsemi Corporation, Aliso Viejo, CA, announces the availability of the smallest radio module it has ever produced. The ZL70323 is optimized for implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, and neurostimulators— measuring just 5.5mm × 4.5mm ×...

Products : Medical
TubeDyne Treating System

3DT LLC, Germantown, WI, introduces the TubeDyne Treating System designed to treat medical tube ends for a permanent bond to surgical instruments, housings, or other tubing including catheters. TubeDyne harnesses arc plasma, which alters the surface energy on pebax and polyethylene tubing, creating a strong bond with...

Products : Medical
Thermistors for Medical Markets

Sensor Scientific, Inc., Fairfield, NJ, designs, develops, and manufactures temperature sensors for medical applications. Thermistor sensors are available for patient skin temperature monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring, esophageal catheters, and myocardial temperature probes. The company announces that its...

Products : Medical
MicroE Optira Series Encoders

Celera Motion, Bedford, MA, introduces MicroE Optira™ Series Encoders—the only encoder in its class to provide a resolution of up to 5nm with all automatic gain control, interpolation, and signal processing carried out in the sensor head. The Optira sensor head comes with two mounting options and a standard FFC...

Products : Medical
PM301 AC-DC Power Supplies

Protek Power North America, Inc., Hudson, MA, announces the PM301 Series of AC DC switching power supplies in a low profile package of 3 × 6 × 1.5 inches, capable of delivering 300 watts of continuous power with 10 CFM forced air or 200 watts at convection cooling. Product is available in open frame, L bracket...

Products : Medical
Multi-Market Electromechanical Switches

Pasternack, Irvine, CA, introduces a large portfolio of in-stock general purpose multimarket coaxial packaged electromechanical switches for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave applications. These electromechanical switches are uniquely qualified for use in numerous applications including test &...

Products : Medical
Piezoelectric Mirror Positioning System

New Scale Technologies, Inc., Victor, NY, announces a new developer’s kit in its M3 micro-mechatronic product line. The DK-M3-RS-U-1M-20 is a complete piezoelectric mirror positioning system with a galvo-scanner form factor in only a 12mm diameter including the embedded closed-loop controller. Patented...

Products : Medical
New Perforation Capability

Scapa Healthcare, Windsor, CT, announces the launch of its new perforation capability for Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel adhesives. The new capability allows Scapa Healthcare to offer its strategic business partners an expansive range of skin friendly turn-key solutions for the advanced wound care market. Scapa Soft-Pro...

Products : Medical
32kHz Quartz Crystals

Geyer Electronics, El Cajon, CA, introduces a new 32kHz Quartz Crystal design for oscillator circuits. In a series of extensive test procedures, Geyer engineering determined that the 32kHz design not only opens a broader range of lower power applications but also contributes to improved start-up performance, faster start-up...

Products : Medical
Urethane Processing System

Ashby Cross Company, Newburyport, MA, debuts its new GP80 Urethane Processing System that accurately proportions, mixes, and dispenses urethane for connector sealing, creating gaskets and seals, potting, and encapsulating. The GP80 accurately dispenses high-purity, two-part urethanes and ensures material integrity by...

Products : Medical
Socket Break-Out Boards

Aries Electronics, Inc., Bristol, PA, announces the introduction of its new custom Break-Out Boards for test sockets. Aries’ new Break-Out Boards allow the user to quickly, easily, and economically routeout signals for use on existing Device- Under-Test or prototype test boards. Aries will route the signals to any...

Products : Medical
E-Style Cuff Flange Bellows

BellowsTech, Ormond Beach, FL, has expanded its line of edge welded bellows. Their new series of E-style Cuff Flange metal bellows are available in 18 sizes with diameters from 0.40 to 5.45 inches, and can be ordered in specific segment lengths from 10 to 200 convolutions. This new line of machined, 316L stainless...

Products : Medical
HC Series Cartridge Heaters

Minco Products, Inc., announces the launch of new HC Series Cartridge Heaters, which can provide high wattage output within very small diameter packages. The HC series cartridge heaters can provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable heating for medical, aerospace, semiconductor, and industrial applications without...

Products : Medical
Athlonix 22DCP Motors

Portescap, West Chester, PA, introduces the next generation of Athlonix™ high power density brush DC motors. Athlonix DCP motors offer an optimized price-to-performance solution for a variety of applications. Available in a 22mm diameter, the new 22DCP motor features an energy-efficient coreless design with an optimized...

Products : Medical
Expanded Range of Medalist Elastomers

Teknor Apex Company, Pawtucket, RI, has expanded its range of tubing compounds, including new alternatives to PVC, thermoplastic polyurethane, and silicone. Medalist elastomers now available for tubing includes 11 standard grades and 2 specialty grades. Standard products range in Shore A hardness from 37 to...

Products : Medical
MOWI20C Converter Series

Minmax Power, Hudson, MA, announces the MOWI20C Series, a new series of regulated, fully encapsulated DC/DC converters with an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range, extended operating temperature range, and easy mounting configurations for either chassis or DIN-Rail. It includes an LED output indicator, remote on/off,...

Products : Medical
Handheld Wireless Test & Measurement

Deviser Instruments, Inc., San Jose, CA, a communications test and measurement company, introduces its E7042B and E7062B SignalPROFILER products, enabling RF measurements up to 4GHz and 6GHz respectively. The products combine cable and antenna system analysis, fiber inspection, spectrum analysis, cellular...

Products : Medical
Transcoder Gateway

Pleora Technologies, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, introduces its Transcoder Gateway following extensive field trials in industrial automation applications. The Transcoder Gateway simultaneously receives video from up to four GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras for compression, retransmission, display, and archiving. The image feed...

Products : Medical
Stainless Steel Insert Screw

Sussex Wire Inc., Easton, PA, debuts a new stainless steel insert screw designed to improve adjustment control, mitigate contamination, and increase component part geometry and tolerance, while improving manufacturing volume to over 100 million parts/year. The stainless steel precision drug delivery control insert...

Products : Medical
FlexiForce A101 Force Sensor

Tekscan, Inc., South Boston, MA, announces the FlexiForce A101 force sensor, its smallest standard sensor, which can be utilized in a wide range of designs depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, amount of force or pressure being applied, and product size. With an active sensing area of 3.8mm, the A101...

Products : Communications
60GHz WirelessHD Modules

SiBEAM Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, announces new WirelessHD transmitter and receiver modules that operate over the 60GHz millimeter wave frequency band. The modules deliver visually lossless 1080p video streams at up to 60 frames per second and are an ideal video cable replacement solution in medical or industrial operating...

Products : Medical
Autodesk Within Medical Software

Autodesk, Inc., San Rafael, CA, introduces its Autodesk Within Medical, generative design software that optimizes 3D printing of medical implants for the orthopedic industry. The software allows biomedical engineers to create orthopedic implants with micro-lattice porous structures that help properly connect the...

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