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An Overview of Nitinol: Superelastic and Shape Memory

The world population is growing, globalization has resulted in a higher standard of living in many countries, and people are living longer. With increased living standards and choices people make, lifestyle-related illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, are on the increase. Companies...

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Advancements in Photochemical Etching Technology Provide Benefits to Medical Device Manufacturers

Many medical devices and applications require small metal components that demand very specific characteristics. These can include:

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Smaller, Smarter, Electronic, Connected: The Next Generation of Drug-Delivery Devices

An exciting trend in drug delivery is underway: the movement toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices that allow patient-administered therapy. Inspired by the technological advancements driving the consumer electronics market, new...

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Designing Implantable Drug-Delivery Systems for Safety, Operational Complexity, and Compatibility with Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures

This article addresses how implantable devices can be de - signed to modulate drug infusion safely and precisely, even minimizing disruption for concurrent treatment and diagnostics, while optimizing drug...

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Actuation Technique for Miniature Robots Developed Using Multiphysics Simulation

Minimally invasive surgery depends on small, flexible tools with reliable actuation and consistent performance. Robotic devices have entered the operating room as assistants to procedures requiring hours of standing on the part of the surgeon. But many robotic...

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Freedom from Lubrication Ensures a Clear View

Slit lamp biomicrography is paramount to the practice of ophthalmology, allowing for an inside look at various areas of the eye with a range of magnification levels and light sources. The development of medical devices, such as the ophthalmologic slit lamp, brings about a number of design...

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Laser-Driven Source of X-Rays for Medical Imaging


A team of physicists at Ludwig- Maximilians University Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany, reports that they have validated a novel laser-driven means of generating bright and highly energetic X-ray beams. This method, they say, opens...

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Product of the Month: MCST 3601 Drive Electronics for Stepper Motors

MICROMO, Clearwater, FL, introduces the MCST 3601 series of programmable motion controllers, which are compact, flexible, and designed to fit the full range of FAULHABER micro stepper motors.

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3M Steri-Vac Sterilizer

3M, St. Paul, MN, introduces the Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator GSX Series ethylene oxide sterilization system, with state-of-the-art mechanical design, real-time cycle information on the high-resolution color touch screen, and the ability to quickly customize sterilization cycles. With the first-of-its-kind 3M™ Cycle...

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Clearflo Ag-47 Antimicrobial Tubing

NewAge Industries, Southampton, PA, announces its new Clearflo Ag-47 antimicrobial tubing. Suitable for a variety of fluid transfer applications, Clearflo Ag-47 is manufactured from a clear, flexible PVC compound that is free of phthalates and contains a Silver Ion additive tested in accordance with ISO...

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2000X Ultrasonic Assembly Systems

Branson Ultrasonics, Danbury, CT, introduces a new addition to its 2000X series of Ultrasonic Assembly Systems. The new 2000Xc ultrasonic welding system combines consistent high quality welds with the process control needs of today’s manufacturing environment. The 2000Xc locks in the welding process with fully...

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FIT Slide Bush and Shaft Assemblies

NB Corporation of America, Hanover Park, IL, announces that its FIT Series of slide bush and shaft assemblies optimize clearance between shaft and bush. Precision manufacturing assures customers the best clearance for their needs. Shaft end placement deviation is reduced 70% from the standard 0.046mm when...

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Platinum-Clad Tantalum Wire

Anomet Products, Inc., Shrewsbury, MA, introduces Platinum-Clad Tantalum Wire that is custom manufactured to be biocompatible, strong, and corrosion-resistant for use in fabricating implantable medical devices. The wire combines the properties of each alloy to provide a high-strength, corrosion resistant radiopaque...

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Power Entry Module 5707

SCHURTER Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, announces that its power entry module, series 5707, now offers IP 54 protection with V-Lock cord sets at the power input, in addition to IP 65 protection to the equipment. The sealed module is ideal for use in medical equipment exposed to leaks, drips, and spills, as well as equipment...

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DIP-24 DC-DC Converters

TDK-Lambda Corporation, National City, CA, introduces the PXC-M series of DC-DC converters. Operating over a 4:1 input range, the 3W, 6W, and 10W products are enclosed in the industry standard 1.25 x 0.8 x 0.4 inch DIP-24 package. Applications include a wide variety of medical applications and battery powered equipment....

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In-House Tooling Capablities

GW Plastics/GW Silicone, Bethel, VT, has expanded its in-house Liquid Silicone Rubber tooling at its affiliate, GW Silicones. GW Silicones’ team has developed a robust LSR tooling standard to ensure that very fine details and tight tolerances are maintained for years of trouble-free production. GW has successfully...

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Ultrasonic Tube Drawing System

Sonobond Ultrasonics, West Chester, PA, announced that its Tube Drawing System and components are specially designed to accommodate manufacturers of fine metal tubing used in syringe needles, as well as for medical devices and tubing products used to transport critical fluids. The ultrasonic energy reduces...

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EB-315 Custom Epoxy

EpoxySet Inc., Lincoln, RI, has added EB-315 low thermal expansion epoxy to its line of low expansion/thermally conductive products. This versatile material can be used as an adhesive or encapsulant for semi-conductors and other microelectronics, a gasket sealing compound, wire bonder, or any application where temperature...

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Multi-Purpose Terminal Pin

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., Oyster Bay, NY, introduces a new terminal pin, 3622-0-32- 15-00-00-03-0, suitable for use in a variety of board-to-board and wire-to-board applications. It features a compliant press-fit tail, slotted head and an additional press-fit feature on the barrel of the pin. These characteristics combine...

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Universal Temperature Sensor IC

Linear Technology Corporation, Milpitas, CA, introduces the LTC2984, a high performance digital temperature measurement IC that directly digitizes RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, and external diodes with 0.1°C conformity and 0.001°C resolution. The LTC2984 adds EEPROM that stores user configuration data and...

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High Resolution Motion Feedback Encoders

Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, announces a new series of high resolution 3-channel industrial-grade optical incremental encoder modules, the AEDT-981x, designed to enable a new generation of robust, high-precision motion control applications including DC servo motors, linear and rotary actuators,...

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AM801x and AM811x Servomotors

Beckhoff Automation LLC, Savage, MN, expands its AM8000 line of compact, dynamic servomotors. The new AM801x and AM811x servomotors offer a low rotor moment of inertia as well as quadruple overload capacity, adhering to the highest requirements for motion dynamics even in the smallest installation spaces. The series...

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Medical Open Frame AC/DC Power Supply

Power Partners, Inc., Hudson, MA, announces the release of its new 115 Watt medical grade open frame AC/DC power supply. The PMAM115 Series has a compact footprint with superior compliance and safety features including; BF patient contact rated, UL/EN60601-1 3rd Ed ition, Class II construction for home...

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Thermoplastic Versa Rack

Nexen Group, Inc., Vadnais Heights, MN, introduces the Versa thermoplastic rack, an alternative to traditional metal racks that delivers high corrosion resistance and durability, low maintenance requirements, medium accuracy, and load-carrying capacity at a relatively low cost point. The Versa Rack is ideal for...

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From the Editor: September 2015: As Components Shrink, Business Grows

The demand for electronics is growing exponentially. Advances in sensors, integrated circuits, and wireless communications have allowed the design of low-cost, miniature, lightweight, and intelligent devices that can sense, process, and communicate health information through...

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Piezo Mechanisms Improve Refractive Eye Surgery

Piezo motion-based precision mechanisms provide a number of features that are highly sought after in medical applications, such as lubricant-free design and sterile, ceramic actuation. Ceramics are also non-magnetic, an advantage in high-energy imaging/scanning based on strong magnetic fields.

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Medical Device Manufacturers Are Relying More on Innovation Brought to Their Doors

Budget cutbacks due to healthcare reform, hospital pricing pressures, and changes to reimbursement are limiting money funneling into the medical device R&D pipeline. Yet manufacturers are still expected to deliver high-performing, cost-saving medical devices....

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Wireless Charging and Energy Harvesting to Revolutionize Medical Implants

Semiconductor chip technology has miniaturized by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, enabling the modern era we live in with smartphones, tablets, and small electronic gadgets everywhere. However, battery technology, which provides the lifeblood to power...

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Today’s Changing Healthcare Demands Have Big Impact on Power Supply Design Considerations

It is clear that the medical electronics industry has entered an era of dramatic transitions that touch virtually every aspect of the business from design to marketing. As is often the case with such substantial “Big Picture” changes, it can be easy...

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World’s First New Mercury-Free Light Source for Skin Treatment

Kobe University, Kobe, Japan


A team of scientists at the Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Medicine has jointly developed the world’s first new mercury-free light source that produces ultraviolet radiation...


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