PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ValveMate 9000 Precision Valve Controller

Nordson EFD, East Providence, RI, introduces the new ValveMate™ 9000, state-of-the-art precision valve controller. The intricate microprocessor circuitry ensures the dispensing of precise, accurate, and repeatable amounts of the adhesives, lubricants, and other assembly fluids...

Features : Software
The Pursuit of Design Democratization for Medical Devices

Advances in medical instrumentation, implantation, imaging, and telemetric technologies combined with the need to integrate medical devices into user’s activities of daily living is causing paradigm shifts in the design of medical devices. The new approach is focused on delivering...

Features : Medical
Meeting UDI Mandate Directly with Laser Marking

With the recent release of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s final unique device identifier (UDI) ruling, the race is on for medical manufacturers to comply with the newly proposed mandate. This challenge is not without its fair share of obstacles. Once the technicalities are ironed out and...

Features : Medical
When Nature Gives Up, Engineering Can Give Hearts a Hand

The human heart is more than a symbol of life, power, and reliability—it is a wonder of engineering achievement: a dual pump able to feed two different systems (pulmonary and cardiovascular) simultaneously, while automatically adapting itself to the activity of the body or its evolution...

Products : Medical
BP Series of Medical Pressure Sensors

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, announces its BP Series of medical pressure sensors. These devices are designed to provide a form, fit, and function solution to existing applications and exceeds the requirements of the AAMI Standard BP22. They employ Merit’s proprietary Silicon MEMS...

Miniature Coil Angular Winding Configuration

Precision, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, announces the launch of the company’s miniature coil manufacturing capabilities for medical navigation technologies. These assemblies feature ultra-fine wire winding in a wide variety of configurations, including unique-in-the-industry angular winding configurations...

Factory Programmable Digital Hall Effect Sensors

Melexis Inc., Nashua, NH, introduces two new parts to its programmable digital Hall effect sensor line. The MLX92231 and MLX92211 feature EEPROM memory, allowing magnetic switching thresholds to be configured. Both are factory pre-programmed to precise Hall effect switch or latch specifications...

Off-the-Shelf Flat Cable Assemblies

Cicoil, Valencia, CA, introduces its Standard Flat Cable Assemblies, designed to provide reliable performance, long service life, and quick delivery, plug & play solutions. Joining a broad line of already in-stock highly flexible flat cables, the fully terminated “Off the Shelf” assemblies are...

THERMOCOMP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin

SABIC, Pittsfield, MA, introduces two new grades of high-modulus carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics: LNPTM THERMOCOMPTM EC006AQH, a 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEI resin for demanding applications requiring high strength and stiffness in repeated sterilization environments, and...

Femtosecond Laser Processing Capabilities

LSA Laser, Plymouth, MN, announces the addition of femtosecond laser processing capabilities for medical device manufacturing. Femtosecond lasers are ideal in micromachining applications for drilling and cutting high-precision holes and shapes free from thermal damage. The ultrafast laser can process...

‘Ironman’ Actuator

BEI Kimco Magnetics, Vista, CA, validated its Voice Coil Actuator for life critical applications like ventilators and heart valves by building a permanent life testing station to assess and substantiate actual actuator life cycle capabilities. Initial testing of two of the Linear Voice Coil Actuator families resulted in...

Adhesives for MEMS Packaging

DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC, Sudbury, MA, presents new MEMS adhesives combining high flexibility and strength, while providing the best processing properties. The newly developed MEMS adhesives are highly flexible, do not get brittle, and reliably equalize tensions arising upon thermal stress. This ensures...

Products : Test & Measurement
7th Edition Low Level Measurements Handbook

Keithley Instruments, Inc., Cleveland, OH, has published the seventh edition of its no-cost Low Level Measurements Handbook: Precision DC Current, Voltage, and Resistance Measurements. This 250-page reference describes theoretical and practical considerations involved in the measurement of low DC...

LUVOCOM 8000, Series of PEEK Compounds

Lehvoss North America, Pawcatuck, CT, introduces LUVOCOM® 8000, a new series of PEEK wear compounds. By substituting traditionally used PTFE with new proprietary additives, the company has made it possible to further elevate the wear resistance of PEEK compounds for thrust washers, bushings,...

Optically Clear LED403Med

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, NJ, introduces LED403Med, a one-part LED curing adhesive, sealant, coating, and potting compound that meets stringent medical industry specifications. This dimensionally stable system is optically clear, features good light transmission properties, and withstands sterilization methods...

Netzer DS-25 Lightweight Miniature Absolute Rotary Encoder

Electromate Industrial Sales Limited, Woodbridge, Canada, announces its new DS-25 Lightweight Miniature Absolute Rotary Encoders™ from Netzer provide accurate, high resolution, absolute position with miniature to wide diameter hollow shaft and are available with analog or digital...

LTM4644 Micromodule Regulator

Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA, announces the LTM4644 quad output step-down μModule® regulator is configurable as a single, dual, triple, or quad output regulator, which allows system designers to rely on one simple and compact micromodule regulator that includes DC/DC controllers, power switches,...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Long Live Quality! Why Cost Is no Longer the Most Important Factor in Bringing Products to Market

Medical device companies typically have a complex supply chain bringing products to market. Within their four walls, there are usually multiple business units responsible for different segments of developing, manufacturing, and delivering products...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
CNC Technology Produces Precision Implants

Substantial legal requirements result in complex functional specifications for implant manufacturers. From the design, including materials, through production, the complete process chain must be documented and validated. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) high-tech machines support prosthetics...

Features : Materials
Material Property Simulation Offers Longer-Lasting Spinal Disc Implants

One of the most promising surgical options for treating spinal injury and deterioration of spinal discs is the use of artificial discs to replace the patient’s natural spinal disc. The materials used in these artificial discs are an important factor in the development of...

Features : Medical
3D Visualization Technology Can Improve Operational Efficiencies

The complex technologies, chemistry, and regulations involved in manufacturing medical products have always made it one of the most challenging businesses. Yet, despite the expensive and lengthy product development cycles, companies were able to sell products at a premium price to...

Features : Tubing & Extrusion
Tips for Medical Device Tubing Selection

Determining what tubing to use in a medical device involves considerable research. Designers must investigate ingredients, performance, documentation requirements, sterility, and other qualifying aspects that cannot be disregarded.

Features : Medical
Minimally Invasive, Maximally Innovative: Polymer Science and Extrusion Plays Vital Role

William “Bill” Cook started Cook Medical out of a spare bedroom in his Bloomington, IN, apartment in 1963. It was where he and his wife, Gayle, made guide wires, guiding catheters, and other small devices used in diagnostic radiology.

Features : Medical
Inking Orthopaedic Implants During Surgery

Ahand-held device they call a “BioPen” has been developed by researchers at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science. They say that it will allow surgeons to design customized implants on-site during surgery. (See...

Products : Medical
CNC Swiss Turning Capabilities Added

Connecticut Spring & Stamping, Farmington, CT a manufacturer of precision parts, has expanded its machining capabilities to include multi-axis CNC Swiss ma chining, ideal for medical applications, including minimally invasive surgical instruments. In addition to combining machining disciplines, CSS has...

Products : Medical
Npaq 6U High-Power Drive Rack

Aerotech, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, introduces Npaq® 6U, a high-power drive rack that uses plug-in amplifiers supporting both linear and PWM topologies to control brushless, DC brush, or stepper motors. PWM amps offer up to 320 VDC operating voltage, while linear amplifiers provide up to 80 V for high power, low-noise...

Products : Medical
Extreme Resolution Micro Flex Circuits

Metrigraphics LLC, Wilmington, MA, announces the capability to develop Extreme Resolution Micro Flex (ERMF) Circuits for medical sensor applications. Using additive photolithographic processes, the circuits can be manufactured with traces and spaces as small as 5μm, and delivered in complex,...

Products : Medical
Configurable DC Motors and Gearheads

maxon precision motors, inc., Fall River, MA, expanded its DCX series with two new DC motors. The DCX 10S is a shorter version of the DCX 10L and features high power density and low vibration. The DCX 22L is a longer version of DCX 22S. The GPX gearhead series is also expanded. BIOMEDevice Boston,...

Products : Medical
Control Stroke Syringes

Qosina, Edgewood, NY, has added five new Control Stroke Syringes, which help ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery, for precise injection or withdrawal. Control Stroke Syringes have a male luer lock that accepts any female luer lock, and are offered in sizes, 75 ml, 1 ml, 1.25 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2...

Products : Medical
Spectrum II Precision Dispensing System

Nordson ASYMTEK, Carlsbad, CA, introduces the Spectrum™ II series of high-speed, high-accuracy dispensing platforms for a wide variety of applications in microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and MEMS and LED assembly. The product family achieves ultimate precision and accuracy in all three...

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