Multistax Premium Configurable Power Supplies

Powerstax plc, Sun City West, AZ, announces the Multistax® Premium family of configurable switch mode power supplies targeted at demanding medical applications. The industry-leading power density is derived through the combination of advanced, field-proven planar magnetics, surface mount...

LED644 Miniature Dosing Subsystem

Johnson Electric Group, Hong Kong, introduces a miniature dosing subsystem for highly viscous medication fluids. The Johnson Medtech subsystem delivers dosing forces up to 100N. The dosing precision is controlled within ±1.5 l to provide the highest dosing accuracy. The low power consumption of the system is...

iShot QN43H 7mm Diameter Color Micro Camera

InterTest, Inc., Columbia, NJ, presents the iShot® QN43H 7mm Diameter Color Micro Camera. The QN43H micro camera offers high quality viewing solutions for inspecting or observing hard-to-reach areas. Using a ¼" CCD sensor and a selection of interchangeable fixed focus lenses, the QN43H...

Flow Meters with Interchangeable Scales

Dakota Instruments, Inc., Orangeburg, NY, introduces 6A02 acrylic flow meters with interchangeable direct reading scales for Water, Argon, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Helium. Scales are mounted at the front of the flow body and are positioned and secured by a clear front plate. Optional scales...

Expanded Sterilizable Medical Materials

Ensinger Inc., Washington, PA, a pioneer in developing engineering plastic stock shapes for the medical market, began successful extrusion trials with a new healthcare grade of resin from Sabic Innovative Plastics, Ultem® HU1004. Tougher than other standard grades of Ultem, the HU1004 grade...

Xilinx All Programmable FPGA Mezzanine Carriers

VadaTech, Inc., Henderson, NV, has released a full suite of Field Program mable Gate Array (FPGA) Mezzanine Carriers based on Xilinx® All Programmable FPGAs. The broad offering allows engineers to choose the price/performance level that best matches their application. The FPGA Carriers...

Marathon Diaphragms

Saint-Gobain Seals Group, Willich, Germany, announces that its Marathon® diaphragms were recently certified as USP Class VI compliant, in which the plastic resin material passed Class VI certification for use in medical devices. Marathon diaphragms are manufactured using premium PTFE or modified PTFE under Class 10000...

CYROLITE Protect 2 Multipolymer Compound

Evonik Cyro, Parsippany, NJ, introduces CYROLITE® Protect 2, an acrylic-based multi polymer compound developed for medical devices with antimicrobial agents. It offers lipid and alcohol resistance in addition to antimicrobial benefits. All CYROLITE Protect products are specifically designed...

Polyurethane-Based Adhesive for Wound Care

Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, announces a polyurethane-based adhesive based on its Baymedix® A raw material is now available. Targeted for skin adherence in wound care and biosensor applications, this adhesive offers adjustable adhesive strengths, hydroselectivity, and gentle...

Two New Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

EOS of North America, Novi, MI, a leader in additive manufacturing solutions, expands its metal materials portfolio with EOS Titanium Ti64ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L. Ti64ELI is particularly suited for the manufacturing of medical implants. StainlessSteel 316L is well suited for surgical...

APWA Plus Acetal Compounds

RTP Company, Winona, MN, introduces APWA Plus™ compounds, the latest advancement in its family of wear and friction acetal compounds. APWA Plus compounds utilize a proprietary polymeric alloy to improve wear and friction resistance, contain no PTFE, are 100% halogen-free and are fully compliant with RoHS...

Products : Medical
Photo Etching Precision Parts from Polyester

Tech-Etch, Inc., Plymouth, MA, developed a process to photochemically etch polyester sheet up to .010" thick. All of the advantages of photo etching, clean burr-free edges, the ability to create intricate features with minimal tooling cost, and fast delivery, can now be applied to this high-strength,...

DXRxi Raman Imaging Microscope

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, introduces the easy-to-operate DXRxi Raman imaging microscope designed to deliver rapid, research-grade imagery of molecular structures. It will allow users to analyze materials and accelerate research in applications ranging from pharmaceuticals and life sciences to...

SRC Small Bore Connector

Qosina, Edgewood, NY, offers the SRC small bore connector from Colder Products Company that eliminates the potential for misconnection with luer fittings. Simple to operate, featuring an audible “click” for a secure, leak-free connection. Made from polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer, the SRC connector can be...

Rotary Ball Spline for Robotics

NB Corporation of America, Hanover Park, IL, announces that its rotary ball spline has a nut that rolls on the ball spline shaft making it capable of both linear and rotary motion with sub-millimeter accuracy. It can be customized so cabling can run the length of a robotic arm using a hollow shaft ball...

Athlonix 22NT Brush DC Motors

Portescap, West Chester, PA, introduces the 22NT Athlonix Brush DC Miniature motor, which offers excellent power-to-weight ratio, and ensures high battery life while providing high power up to 12.7W. This enables OEMs to build smaller, lighter, and higher performing machines and devices. 22NT mini motors provide...

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ValveMate 9000 Precision Valve Controller

Nordson EFD, East Providence, RI, introduces the new ValveMate™ 9000, state-of-the-art precision valve controller. The intricate microprocessor circuitry ensures the dispensing of precise, accurate, and repeatable amounts of the adhesives, lubricants, and other assembly fluids...

Features : Software
The Pursuit of Design Democratization for Medical Devices

Advances in medical instrumentation, implantation, imaging, and telemetric technologies combined with the need to integrate medical devices into user’s activities of daily living is causing paradigm shifts in the design of medical devices. The new approach is focused on delivering...

Features : Medical
Meeting UDI Mandate Directly with Laser Marking

With the recent release of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s final unique device identifier (UDI) ruling, the race is on for medical manufacturers to comply with the newly proposed mandate. This challenge is not without its fair share of obstacles. Once the technicalities are ironed out and...

Features : Medical
When Nature Gives Up, Engineering Can Give Hearts a Hand

The human heart is more than a symbol of life, power, and reliability—it is a wonder of engineering achievement: a dual pump able to feed two different systems (pulmonary and cardiovascular) simultaneously, while automatically adapting itself to the activity of the body or its evolution...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
BP Series of Medical Pressure Sensors

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, announces its BP Series of medical pressure sensors. These devices are designed to provide a form, fit, and function solution to existing applications and exceeds the requirements of the AAMI Standard BP22. They employ Merit’s proprietary Silicon MEMS...

Miniature Coil Angular Winding Configuration

Precision, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, announces the launch of the company’s miniature coil manufacturing capabilities for medical navigation technologies. These assemblies feature ultra-fine wire winding in a wide variety of configurations, including unique-in-the-industry angular winding configurations...

Factory Programmable Digital Hall Effect Sensors

Melexis Inc., Nashua, NH, introduces two new parts to its programmable digital Hall effect sensor line. The MLX92231 and MLX92211 feature EEPROM memory, allowing magnetic switching thresholds to be configured. Both are factory pre-programmed to precise Hall effect switch or latch specifications...

Off-the-Shelf Flat Cable Assemblies

Cicoil, Valencia, CA, introduces its Standard Flat Cable Assemblies, designed to provide reliable performance, long service life, and quick delivery, plug & play solutions. Joining a broad line of already in-stock highly flexible flat cables, the fully terminated “Off the Shelf” assemblies are...

THERMOCOMP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin

SABIC, Pittsfield, MA, introduces two new grades of high-modulus carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics: LNPTM THERMOCOMPTM EC006AQH, a 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEI resin for demanding applications requiring high strength and stiffness in repeated sterilization environments, and...

Femtosecond Laser Processing Capabilities

LSA Laser, Plymouth, MN, announces the addition of femtosecond laser processing capabilities for medical device manufacturing. Femtosecond lasers are ideal in micromachining applications for drilling and cutting high-precision holes and shapes free from thermal damage. The ultrafast laser can process...

‘Ironman’ Actuator

BEI Kimco Magnetics, Vista, CA, validated its Voice Coil Actuator for life critical applications like ventilators and heart valves by building a permanent life testing station to assess and substantiate actual actuator life cycle capabilities. Initial testing of two of the Linear Voice Coil Actuator families resulted in...

Adhesives for MEMS Packaging

DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC, Sudbury, MA, presents new MEMS adhesives combining high flexibility and strength, while providing the best processing properties. The newly developed MEMS adhesives are highly flexible, do not get brittle, and reliably equalize tensions arising upon thermal stress. This ensures...

Products : Test & Measurement
7th Edition Low Level Measurements Handbook

Keithley Instruments, Inc., Cleveland, OH, has published the seventh edition of its no-cost Low Level Measurements Handbook: Precision DC Current, Voltage, and Resistance Measurements. This 250-page reference describes theoretical and practical considerations involved in the measurement of low DC...

LUVOCOM 8000, Series of PEEK Compounds

Lehvoss North America, Pawcatuck, CT, introduces LUVOCOM® 8000, a new series of PEEK wear compounds. By substituting traditionally used PTFE with new proprietary additives, the company has made it possible to further elevate the wear resistance of PEEK compounds for thrust washers, bushings,...

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