Dr. Annette Teng


Dr. Teng has worked for Promex for over 6 years and is currently the CTO. She is a key asset to our packaging technology. Her knowledge of the materials, equipment, and processes have enabled us to provide World Class wafer processing capabilities to Silicon Valley. Dr. Teng advocates, sponsors, and supervises Promex’s interns. Several have continued to work in the field postgraduation. Dr. Teng served as Chairperson of the Santa Clara EPS Chapter with a leadership role bringing together the packaging and assembly community through technical seminars and conferences. She also participated in the Technical working group for the Heterogenous Integration Roadmap, bringing experts together from various countries to author a packaging roadmap for public consumption.

Lisa Wen

Lisa Wen’s international study experience has proved beneficial in her career and personal growth. She was awarded a full scholarship to study at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing, and completed her BS Degree in Material Science, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, and earned her Master’s in Nanoengineering. She has been a knowledgeable and dynamic engineer at Promex for over three years. With her prior experience in semiconductor packaging process engineering, electronics, optical, and medical devices, Lisa has developed a customized dicing process for wafer to wafer bonding and packaging that supports unique customer applications.

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