A new electrical power converter design achieves a much higher efficiency at lower cost and maintenance than before. The direct current voltage boost converter is poised to be a significant contribution to the further development of improved electric and electronic components for healthcare devices.

The direct current power conversion circuit combines high-frequency switching with a technique that reduces electromagnetic noise and power losses due to heat dissipation. This technique, called soft switching, also reduces the number of components and, therefore, keeps cost and complexity low.

When the circuit changes between two states, there is a brief period when the switch is not completely closed, and at that point there is both a voltage and a current across the switch. This means that during this time, the switch acts like a resistor and thus dissipates heat. The snubberless design greatly reduced electromagnetic noise and provided a high energy efficiency of up to 91.3 percent, more than 1.5 times higher than existing designs. (Image credit: Mishima Tomokazu/Kobe University)

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