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Medical adhesives and sealants can be used to bond medical products, such as syringes, dialysis filters, blood bags and tube connections. Browse technical briefs, new products, and the latest applications related to the medical bonding tools.

Latest Briefs & News

Features: Materials
Learn the history of this game-changing medical material and the latest hydrocolloid developments and applications.
Features: Materials
The advent of automatic drug-delivery devices has empowered patients to take their treatments in their own hands.
Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Touchless switches, biocompatible adhesives, 3D-printing materials, and more.
R&D: Green Design & Manufacturing
Chemists are studying shellfish to develop new, safer, and more sustainable adhesives for a variety of uses, including bandages and other medical applications.
News: Materials

Vigorous growth has enabled Panacol-Elosol GmbH, manufacturer of industrial and specialty adhesives, to build a larger facility for its corporate headquarters. With double the space for...

Supplements: IoMT
Our 2021 Resource Guide shows you the top manufacturers in materials, manufacturing, and a range of other medical-device categories.
Products: Materials
Silicone elastomers, polyimide tubing, heat-shrink materials, and more.
INSIDER: Materials

A team of researchers has developed a device that offers a quicker and less-invasive way to seal tears and holes in blood vessels, using an electrically activated glue patch applied...

Products: Materials
A new system ensures optimal synchronization between the adhesive, the dispensing system, and the UV LED curing equipment.
News: Medical

Mactac®, a LINTEC Company, has acquired Duramark Products Inc., previously known as Ritrama USA. The acquisition consists of the company’s Minneapolis, MN, and Moore,...

Briefs: Materials
The patch can be folded around surgical tools.
Features: Materials
Rueda and her team developed face shields and N95 respirators to support the need for PPE in hospitals.
Supplements: Materials
Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2020.
R&D: Medical
A new biomaterial significantly reduces scar formation after wounding, leading to more effective skin healing.
Features: Wearables
See how advanced adhesive compounds provide manufacturers with an effective alternative to mechanical fasteners.
Briefs: Wearables
The system looks for chemical indicators found in sweat.
R&D: Materials
Combining silk fabric with epoxy creates laminates that can be formed into shapes for medical uses.
Products: Connectivity
Simulation Software

Volume Graphics, Charlotte, NC, has added and augmented important functionalities to its software that help designers and manufacturers capture and...

Products: Materials
3M has released a new extended wear medical transfer adhesive.
Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Conduits, heat sinks, bioadhesives, and more.
Products: Materials
Micromolded components, liquid silicone rubber, 3D printing materials, and more.
Features: Medical
Collaboration and innovation, born of necessity, hold potential to improve the healthcare industry’s PPE product choices and supply reliability.
Products: Test & Measurement
Shaft collars, modular clean labs, hybrid motion controllers, and more.
Blog: Medical

In the midst of the current pandemic, time is of the essence. So, when the US Department of Health & Human Services tapped Hamilton Medical, Inc. to aid the...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Position sensors, power clamps, CT scanners, and more.
R&D: Wearables
To develop a better adhesive alternative, researchers turned to a polymer: poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA).
Products: Electronics & Computers
Gas valves, flame-resistant polymers, robot actuators, and more.
Products: Materials
Biomedical Coatings

Jaro Corp., Ipswich, MA, Jaro Corp has added the capability to apply an advanced two-component polyurethane coating. Polane 8400 provides a biocompatible, chemically resistant, and...

Briefs: Medical
The device made of heart tissue and a robotic pumping system beats like the real thing.

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