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Features : Design
Reimagining Innovation: Additive Manufacturing

In the injectable drug-delivery industry, expectations for improved patient experiences with administration and at-home delivery of therapeutic regimens are evolving. Products that combine the...

News : Markets
West Expands Presence in Korea with New Sales Office, Opens Digital Tech Center in India

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, has expanded its presence in the Asia...

Supplements : Medical
Medical Design Briefs: Technology Leaders
See who leads the pack in testing, additive manufacturing, electronics, and more.
Supplements : Medical
Medical Design Briefs: 2018 Outsourcing Directory
Your guide to today's medical contract manufacturers.
Briefs : Nanotechnology
3D Nanoprinting Strategy Opens Door to Revolution in Medicine, Robotics

Engineers at the University of Maryland (UMD) have created the first 3D printed fluid circuit element so tiny that 10 could rest on the width of a human hair. The diode...

News : Materials
Trelleborg Acquires Sil-Pro, Expands Product Line

With the recent acquisition of Minnesota based Sil-Pro, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has expanded its product and service offering in the healthcare and medical industry. The acquisition of...

News : Aerospace
Pluristem Collaborates with NASA to Study PLX Therapeutic Benefits in Space Missions

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing novel placenta-based cell therapy products, has announced a collaboration between...

INSIDER : Medical
Fire Ant Colonies Could Inspire Swarming Robots

Think of it as mathematics with a bite: Researchers at CU Boulder have uncovered the statistical rules that govern how gigantic colonies of fire ants form bridges, ladders and floating rafts....

Briefs : Medical
Nanodevice Delivers Immunotherapy Without Side Effects

Houston Methodist scientists have developed a nanodevice to deliver immunotherapy without side effects to treat triple-negative breast cancer. Inserted straight into a tumor, this...

INSIDER : Medical
New Hyrdogel Heals Wounds Faster

Researchers have created an easy-to-make, low-cost injectable hydrogel that could help wounds heal faster, especially for patients with compromised health issues.

INSIDER : Markets
Contact Lens Patch Treats Eye Disease

A contact lens patch with microneedles could provide a painless and efficient alternative to current methods of treating eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Briefs : Medical
Kit Containing Stem Cells and Cytokines for Use in Attenuating Immune Responses

Stem cells have two distinct characteristics that distinguish them from other cell types. First, they are unspecialized and can self-renew for long periods without significant changes in their general properties. Second, under certain physiologic or experimental...

INSIDER : Medical
Color-Changing Contact Lens Could Enhance Monitoring of Eye Treatments

A drug-delivering contact lens changes color as the medication is released into the eye. The researchers fabricated a color-sensitive contact lens using molecular...

Briefs : Materials
Tests Prove Immersion Method of Production of Implantable Devices is Effective

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a major, yet often preventable threat to patient safety, and they can have a significant impact on the survival rate of...

Briefs : Photonics/Optics
New Patch Boosts Brightness in Medical Diagnostic Tests

Fluorescence-based biosensing and bioimaging technologies are widely used in research and clinical settings to detect and image various biological species of interest. While...

Briefs : Materials
Low-Cost Plastic Sensors Could Monitor a Range of Health Conditions

An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide range of health...

News : Wearables
Soft Contacts Monitor Glucose, Deliver Medication

Researchers have developed soft contact lenses that not only correct vision but also can monitor glucose and medical conditions and be used for ocular pain relief or drug delivery. The team...

INSIDER : Markets
Smart Bandages Monitor, Treat Chronic Wounds

A prototype bandage has been designed to actively monitor the condition of chronic wounds and deliver appropriate drug treatments to improve the chances of healing. The research is aimed at...

INSIDER : Medical
Nanotech Device Enables Safe Growth of Stem Cells

A research team has developed a medical device with a specific nanotechnology layer for the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells (NSCs) in vitro. Compared with traditional...

Features : Medical
Advances in Nano-Therapeutics: Spotlight on Cerium Oxide

For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has focused its drug-development strategies around the use of organic or biologically derived compounds. Among numerous successes are also a...

Features : Packaging & Sterilization
Disposables Lead the Way to Fighting HAIs, Preventing Errors

A key driver of the medical disposables market is the desire to minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Healthcare providers are turning to disposable...

News : Medical
New Amgen Video Details How to Use its AutoTouch Injection Device

Amgen has released a new video detailing the use and operation of its Autotouch device for the company’s Enbrel arthritis drug. The eight-minute video describes how the automatic device allows a patient to administer the drug by simply placing it painlessly on the skin.

News : Medical
Drug-filled, 3D Printed Dentures Fight Infections

Researchers have turned to 3D printers, using the machines to build dentures filled with microscopic capsules that periodically release Amphotericin B, an antifungal medication. A study...

Features : Medical
A Regenerative Vascular Graft: Innovations in Textile Engineering and Advanced Biomaterials

The majority of cardiovascular devices are permanent and, with a few exceptions, are nondegradable. In general, these devices successfully fulfill...

Briefs : Medical
Therapeutic Gel Shows Promise Against Cancerous Tumors

Scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and NC State have created an injectable gel-like scaffold that can hold combination chemo-immunotherapeutic drugs and deliver them locally to...


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