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From the Editor

From the Editor: September 2015


Piezo Mechanisms Improve Refractive Eye Surgery
Medical Device Manufacturers Are Relying More on Innovation Brought to Their Doors
Wireless Charging and Energy Harvesting to Revolutionize Medical Implants
Today’s Changing Healthcare Demands Have Big Impact on Power Supply Design Considerations
World’s First New Mercury-Free Light Source for Skin Treatment


Product of the Month: MRI-Safe Linear Position Sensor System
60V Synchronous Buck Controller
EV Series Automated Dispensing System
Fairloc Bellows Couplings
New S. Africa Plug for Cords & Cord Sets
Custom Mini Components
clipKIT Heat Sink Attachment
Durable Metalized Windows
BiSlide Modular Design
Fluoroscopic X-ray Imaging of Devices
GP-1812 Workstation
Specialized Centerless Grinder
PCB Vertical Card Guides
High Torque DC Brushless Motors
Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel
Ceramic Piezoelectric Actuators
Four New Series of TVS Diode Arrays
Modular Microliter Pump
Voice Coil Actuator
EM9301 Bluetooth Smart Controller
Tech Briefs
Live-Cell Microscopy and Traction Force Measurements with Simulated Microgravity “Clinochip”
Wireless Implant Could Deliver Drugs by Remote Control
Ensuring Your Medical Device Meets Sterilization Standards Throughout the Supply Chain
Smooth Compliance: Considerations for UDI Labeling Initiatives
Silicon Synthesized for Use with Medical Devices
How the Seahorse Tail Could Inspire MedTech