Fluid Control Valve

Emerson, St. Louis, MO, offers a fluid control valve for medical devices. Advanced technologies have led to ever increasing functions in portable medical devices, which includes emphasis on miniaturization in fluid control components. In particular, the ability to manifold miniature valves side by side with minimal pitch has grown in importance. Series 076 is designed to meet these market challenges as a 7.6-mm general service valve able to be mounted directly side by side with overlapping mounting brackets and the functional performance (power consumption, flow, and pressure rating) equal to or better than many 10 mm valves currently on the market.

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Sinusoidal Pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Wilmington, MA, has launched a pump series to provide sustainable, high-quality, versatile fluid management for the pharmaceutical industry.

An innovative advancement over conventional lobe pumps, the Certa Plus technology offers manufacturers lower shear, lower power consumption, full traceability, and ultimate cleanability. Clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities enable ease of cleaning and allow the pump to be easily integrated into an aseptic fluid path.

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Thermal Oil Pumps

Circor International, Burlington, MA, offers thermal oil pumps with variable frequency drive (VFD) for use on medical glove production lines. The NTT 250-400 pumps can be installed in the heat transfer system to control the temperature while the gloves dry in their molds. At an operating temperature of 280 °C and almost atmospheric inlet pressure, the application requires a flow rate of 900 square meters per hour (m3/h) at 55 meters head. The pump’s compact design enables it to operate at 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm), which is necessary to achieve the required flow rate.

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Transfer Diaphragm Pump

Patented self-flushing valves from Iwaki, Holliston, MA, are ideal for pumping solutions with solids or debris. The company’s model APN-P60GD4-W provides flows to 2,400 ml/min, discharge pressure to 11.6 PSI, and vacuum to 14.17 inHg, 24V BLDC, with 5 VDC control voltage. The use of a special diaphragm design allows the pump to transfer both air and liquid efficiently. The valves give pump debris or slurries without clogging, reducing performance, or hindering priming capability. The compact, lightweight unit offers optimum sizing for analytical equipment.

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