What led you to choose science and/or engineering as a career, particularly in the medical device field?

I have to thank my parents who inspired me to take the path in technology. Both of my parents had an engineering background and often talked about technologies at home. Ever since I was a little girl, I had the conviction that technology makes people’s lives better. There is no coincidence that I now work for a company whose motto is “Sensing is life”!

What has been your most rewarding moment/accomplishment as an engineer/scientist in the medical field?

It has been highly rewarding to know we can use our sensor technology to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I lead a global team based in Europe, North America, and Asia who are reimagining ams spectral sensing technology for use in devices that provide rapid testing and rapid results related to COVID-19 infections. My team is working with partners around the world on solutions that will help detect the presence of both COVID-19 antigens and antibodies in lateral flow or PCR tests. Highly accurate, disposable, and low-cost testing devices can play a critical role in enabling authorities, health providers, and care facilities to carry out much-needed testing at the point-of-care.

What advice would you give to other women looking to work in biomedical engineering and science?

Follow your heart, do something that you love and evokes your passion. There are different paths you can take in technology industry depending on your interests and aspirations. You can choose to take on the technical ladder and become an expert in a specific area, or you can choose to get on the management career path. Either one is great, the most important thing is that you know what you want and understand what it takes to succeed. Once you have your mindset, don’t look back. Have confidence in yourself. Build your support system and always be grateful to people who have helped and supported you along the way. And, never limit yourself with possibilities!

Are there other insights you would like to share?

It has been very rewarding to have women come to me after seeing my Woman of the Year award and tell me they see me as a role model and are inspired and that it’s inspiring to them. I am passionate about advancing women’s careers in STEM fields and believe this is a great venue for women to realize their potential for professional success!

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