For almost 27 years, Ethicon a subsidiary of JNJ highly skilled Subject Matter Expert Jacqueline for materials has influenced the global agenda when it comes to material utilization for medical devices. Gifted to see both internal and industry wide unmet needs less visible to others and improving material selection and segregation in general. She is frequently invited to provide the keynote address at conferences, and she is a regular panelist at medical device and manufacturing trade shows. Her influence in the industry aided her in coaching and helping others, and she has successfully led large collaboration teams across continents.


Jackie possess a strong combination of strategic vision and hands-on leadership around material transformation engineering/innovation and product market dynamics in relation to base business while improving patient lives. Some of her industrywide award recognitions include a Global Excellence Award in 2009. She also won the JNJ excellence in Science Award in 2015 and most recently gained back-to-back recognition when the Professional Organization of Woman of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R) named her 2019 Engineer of the Year and Woman of Excellence/Industry Leader, respectively. Jackie is a reviewer of medical material process textbooks and holds several patents in this space.

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