Features : Medical
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Scaffolds for Orthopedic Applications: Design and Manufacturability

Metal additive manufacturing via laser powder bed fusion or electron beam melting has been used for several years for serial manufacturing of...

Features : Wearables
HANDHELD AND WEARABLE DEVICES: Paving a New Path for Healthcare

Technology is transforming many aspects of the healthcare industry, and the patient care experience is an important facet of the healthcare ecosystem. With the advent of the...

Features : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Transitioning from Wearables to Medical Devices

The population is aging, and more people need health support, which is having a big impact on the overall spend in medical care. Due to this situation, authorities and health insurance...

Features : Software
Bringing Glucose Monitoring to New Levels through Integrated Sensor Design

Close metabolic control through glucose monitoring is a well-known way for persons with diabetes to maintain good health and avoid medical complications. The current...

Features : Medical
Two-Component Molding Can Solve Medical Design Challenges and Reduce Costs

Device manufacturers count on their supply chain partners for answers. What can be adjusted, how can we add value, and what methods can be used to streamline...

Features : Medical
Diagnostics Manufacturing: Strategies for Outsourcing

When new assays or diagnostic tests are ready for commercialization, there can be tremendous hurdles to overcome, including significant investment in the infrastructure for automated...

Features : Medical
Automated Precision Grinding of PET/CT Scan Radiotracers

Computed tomography (CAT or CT) imaging is an incredible tool doctors use to help detect and diagnose patients noninvasively. Using specialized x-ray technology, the device has the...

Features : Medical
Medical Equipment Enclosures: Automated Manufacturing Improves Quality, Speed of Production

Most medical diagnostic and testing equipment involves some type of enclosure, cart, or cabinet that serves as a user workstation or protects...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Making the Switch from Manual Squeeze Bottles to Benchtop Fluid Dispensing

Depositing small, repeatable volumes of fluid in assembly applications spans a diverse range of industries. The ability to deposit precise amounts of material is an...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Running Titanium and Other Exotic Metals at Faster Speeds

High-speed machining is typically used in medical equipment manufacturing where machinists often work with exotic alloys and harder metals like titanium.

Features : Medical
Augmented Reality Helps Surgeons See Through Tissue to Reconnect Blood Vessels
Imperial College London
London, UK

In a series of procedures carried out by a team at Imperial College London at St Mary’s...

Features : Test & Measurement
Using Air Gaging for Measurement of Orthopedic Devices

For patients, high-quality orthopedic components mean that implants can be kept for as long as possible, reducing or even eliminating the need for further procedures down the road. In...

Features : Medical
Real-Time Diagnostics: Fast, Mobile, Health-Focused Information

As technology becomes increasingly mobile and information becomes more readily available, consumer demand for immediate answers continues to rise. This demand is coupled with...

Features : Software
The Digital Future of Medical Device Development

Digital design tools — computer modeling and realistic simulation — have emerged as key contributors to success in medical device product design and manufacturing, and increasingly in the...

Features : Medical
Critical Cooling in Medical Devices – Part 2

The need for thermal management continues to increase in the medical industry. Active thermal management is critical for applications such as patient core temperature management, skin cooling,...

Features : Materials
Key Factors for Choosing Silicone Solutions in Medical Device Lubrication

In working with various medical equipment such as needles, syringes, trocars, cannulas, guide-wires, catheters, and valves, medical device designers must account for...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Adapting Prototyping to Meet Rapid Advances in Medical Device Designs

Rapid prototyping has long played a vital role in the evolution of medical device technology. Effectively applied during a product's early design stages, it can generate...

Features : Medical
Rehabilitation Robotics and Prosthetics: Trends and Intellectual Property Considerations

Beyond an ability to merely act, today's medical robotics are increasingly able to sense and “think,” providing for an ever-growing list of...

Features : Connectivity
IoMT: Smarter, Seamless, Connected Medical Devices

Doctors often tell patients to “listen to your body and take note of what it is telling you.” Now, technology is being developed that will listen for us and process the signals to help...

Features : Medical
Software: Improving Risk Management in Medical Device Manufacturing

In an industry where people's health and wellness are on the line, manufacturers can't afford to let risk go unaddressed. As the International Organization for...

Features : Medical
Microextrusion Tubing Advances Help Push Medical Device Boundaries

Over the past five years, technological advances have enabled product applications for microextrusion to penetrate into the medical OEM arena. Simply speaking, micro now...

Features : Medical
Brainwave-Controlled Exoskeleton Restores Functional Grasp
École Polytechnique Fédéral de LausanneLausanne,

An extremely lightweight and portable hand exoskeleton may one day help the...

Features : Medical
Force-Sensitive Resistors: Making Medical Devices Easier to Use

For many of us, life is complicated enough without having to be constantly reminded about our medical situations. Living with a disease that requires frequent doctor visits and...

Features : Medical
Critical Cooling in Medical Devices – Part 1

Active thermal management is vital in a number of medical device applications including patient core temperature management, skin cooling, medical device cooling, and laboratory equipment...

Features : Medical
Package Engineering for Sterilization

After years of research and development, surveys and polls, functional device testing, and countless other preparatory actions, your medical device is almost ready to go to market. You have determined...

Features : Medical
Pre-Engineered Fluid Control: The Next Breakthrough in Dental System Design

A design engineer at a dental equipment company is handed a challenging assignment. The firm’s development team must devise a suite of products that includes a...

Features : Medical
Design Controls: Addressing Changes in ISO 13485

When ISO 9001 was produced by the International Standards Organization, it put forth the general quality standard that organizations could adopt to ensure that the organization is focused on quality, the basic structure is in place, and the product it is offering will be at acceptable levels. That...

Features : Medical
Considerations for Specifying Ultra-Engineering Polymers for Extruded Medical Applications – Part 2

With the shift in the medical industry to more minimally invasive, quicker, and more effective procedures, the goal is to minimize patient...

Features : Medical
Biocompatibility Evaluation of Breathing Medical Devices: Understanding ISO 18652

Traditionally, toxicologists and biocompatibility experts considered the materials in breathing gas pathways as external communicating devices and evaluated...

Features : Medical
Metasurface-Based Technology Enables Safe MRIs for People with Implants

An international research team has developed a device capable of improving the performance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units. The technology is based on local...


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